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 11/30/2012 (Andrea's Restaurant)


Gathered a few friends together to try the 2010 Tempier Reds.


For starters:

The main event:

  • 2010 Domaine Tempier Bandol - France, Provence, Bandol
    Primary purple. Cool red and dark fruits. Medium body, good acid and tannin. Medium finish. Delicious.
  • 2010 Domaine Tempier Bandol La Migoua - France, Provence, Bandol
    Purple. Riper than the regular bottling. Dark fruits, white pepper, meat and persimmon. Much more like a northern Rhone wine than southern. Forward and expressive, but still in need of 5 years or so. Very nice.
  • 2010 Domaine Tempier Bandol La Tourtine - France, Provence, Bandol
    Purple. Nice red fruit. Mineral, tannin, acid, fruit all in prefect balance. Long finish. Elegant, classy wine. Delicious. I would give this 10 years bottle age. Excellent.
  • 2010 Domaine Tempier Bandol Cabassaou - France, Provence, Bandol
    Purple. Sweet fruit, mineral, earth and spice. Big wine. Surprisingly open. Big mouthful of wine. Finish like a freight train. Still, balanced and enjoyable. This is going to take 20 years to reach drinking window. Excellent.

To finish up:

In my opinion this is a very good vintage for Tempier. Excellent, balanced wines for the most part. The Migoua, needs a few years to settle down. Along with the normal flavors I associate with these wines, they had a added layer of interest with some northern Rhone flavors mixed in. They have more in common with the 08's that the 07's or 09's. Very clean wines, with great aging potential. All wines were finished day two and held up perfectly. The Tourtine was the first kicked... no surprise there.


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