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 8/7/2012 (Sydney)


Portuguese tasting with Peter Bourne...notes deteriorate from full to partial WSET through the evening.


Bracket 1 VR Estremadura, VR Beiras, DOC Alequer, DOC Dao

  • 2008 Casa Santos Lima Alenquer Quinta das Setencostas - Portugal, Lisboa, Alenquer
    Colour: Ruby, clean, medium intensity, some tears
    Nose: clean, medium minus intensity developing nose with aromas of dusty cherry, slight vanilla, alcohol heat, meat notes.
    Mouth: medium everything but medium minus flavour intensity of cherry, a bit dull, neutral and short
  • 2008 Casa Santos Lima Vinho Regional Lisboa Touriz - Portugal, Lisboa, Vinho Regional Lisboa
    Colour: Deep ruby, clear, legs
    Nose: Clean, medium plus intensity developing nose of cork, leather, meaty, slight cherry and oxidised notes
    Medium acid, Medium plus alcohol and tannin, juicy fruit, considerable tannic grip -especially on the front of the mouth with flavours of cherry, leather and meat
  • 2008 Luis Pato Baga Vinho Regional Beiras - Portugal, Beiras, Vinho Regional Beiras
    Colour: Pale ruby, clear, tears
    Nose: Clean, medium intensity, developing wine with aromas of meat, farmyard, stewed generic fruit that is more savoury than sweet toned and slight medicinal herbs.
    Mouth: Medium plus tannin that is grippy and translates as astringent with slightly bitter elements on the finish. Sour black fruit.
  • 2009 Àlvaro Castro Dão - Portugal, Beiras, Dão
    Colour: Pale ruby, clear, tears
    Nose: Clean, medium intensity, developing wine with aromas of leather and slight cherry
    Mouth: Medium everything, simple cherry flavours underpinned by talcy tannin
  • 2009 Boas Quintas Dão Boas Vinhas - Portugal, Beiras, Dão
    Colour: Medium intensity ruby, clear with tears
    Nose: Clean, medium intensity developing wit with aromas of jammy red fruit including strawberries, cherry and raspberry.
    Mouth: Medium plus acid, medium plus tannin, jammy generic red berry and cherry fruit, slight oak, slight tannic grip. The wine finishes a little bitter.

Bracket 2 VR Alentejano, DOC Alentejo

The Monte Velho was just so enjoyable and easy to drink. Simple, effective and about 10 AUD.

  • 2009 Herdade do Esporão Vinho Regional Alentejano Monte Velho - Portugal, Alentejano, Vinho Regional Alentejano
    colour: clear, medium intensity ruby with tears
    Nose: Clean, medium intensity developing nose with aromas of cherry, herbs, cream and vanilla
    Mouth: medium everything, cherry, clean, fresh, very nice. Eminently quaffable.
  • 2010 Herdade do Esporão Quatro Castas - Portugal, Alentejano, Vinho Regional Alentejano
    Colour: medium intensity ruby, tears and clear
    Nose: clean, medium intensity developing wine with aromas of cherry, herbs and leather
    Mouth: Jammy fruit, alcohol heat, oaky tannin.
  • 2008 Herdade do Esporão Esporão Reserva - Portugal, Alentejano, Alentejo
    Colour: Deep ruby, tears and clear
    Nose: clean, medium intensity wine with developing with aromas of vanilla, cherry, chocolate and, contrariwise, herbs
    Mouth: Porty flavours with plenty of alcohol. Herbs, black fruits, cherry, vanilla. Chunky

Bracket 3 DOC Douro 09/10

  • 2010 Secret Spot Douro Vale da Poupa Reserva - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Pale Ruby
    Nose medium minus intensity aromas of strawberries, sweet spice, cream and cedar
    Mouth: Medium plus intensity acid, medium minus flavour intensity with flavours of strawberry, sweet spice, cream and cedar. A bit obvious
  • 2009 Herdade do Esporão Douro Assobio Quinta dos Murças - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Medium ruby
    Nose: medium intensity aromas of cream, red berry and cherry, slight leather, vanilla
    Mouth: Medium plus alcohol, tannin and body, concentrated red berry and cherry, leather and chewy tannin
  • 2009 Quinta do Vallado Vinhão Douro - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Deep Ruby
    Nose: Medium intensity, clean and developing wine with aromas of leather, meat, farmyard, herbs and red cherry
    Mouth: Medium plus acid and tannin, leather, cherry, chewy, big!
  • 2009 GR Consultores Douro Secret Spot - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Deep ruby
    Nose: Medium plus intensity aromas of oak, vanilla, red and black fruit
    Mouth: Flavours of aniseed, leather, red fruit, black fruit and vanilla. Lacks acidity - the fruit is flabby - and the oak is intrusive.

Bracket 4 DOC Douro 08

Two flawed wines in this bracket - Borges Quinta da Soalheira 2008 & Quinta do Vale Meao Meandro 2008. The latter of these I've had other vintages of and enjoyed so I think they are both probably isolated incidents

  • 2008 Vinhos Borges Douro Lello - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Pale ruby with tears
    Nose: medium intensity with aromas of leather and farmyards
    Mouth: leather, savoury, simple but some tannic backbone without being bitter on the finish. Not much fruit but, for what it is, I rather like it - good balance.
  • 2008 Ramos Pinto Douro Duas Quintas - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: medium intensity ruby, some tears
    Nose: concentrated cherry, leather and savoury notes
    Mouth: chewy tannin and cherry fruit
  • 2008 Niepoort Douro Sempar - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: pale ruby, tears, bright
    Nose: cherry, leather, rounded, subtle vanilla and oak spice, slight herbal nuances
    Mouth: cherry, leather, spice, medium plus acid and tannin, beautifully balanced…not masses of complexity but still a bit of a baby. Lovely.

Bracket 5 DOC Duoro 07

That Quinta do Vale Dona Maria is meant to be a bit special but this bottle just seemed to be completely dominated by oak. I'm not sure if this is a flaw or not and how that kind of flaw would occur.

  • 2007 Quinta do Crasto Douro Flor de Crasto - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: pale ruby, tears
    Nose: Medium minus intensity developing aromas of leather, cheese, cream, slight red fruit and slight spice - clove - notes
    Mouth: Juicy fruit, slight tannin…disappoints after the promise of the nose.
  • 2007 Quinta Vale D. Maria Douro - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Deep ruby, clear, tears
    Nose: Vanilla then red fruit and touches of leather
    Mouth: Oak, tannin, more oak, some oak…a touch of oak. And we're done. Needs more than a little while. Not really any fruit that I can detect at this stage.
  • 2007 Secret Spot Douro Vale da Poupa Reserva - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: deep ruby, clear, tears
    Nose: leather, cherry, sweet spice, slight herbal notes
    Mouth: leathery tannin, slight fruit, some spicy notes. A little simplistic
  • 2007 Quinta do Portal Douro Tinto Reserva - Portugal, Douro
    Colour: Medium intensity ruby, clear , tears
    Nose: leather, sweet spice - clove and nutmeg - farmyard
    Mouth: Plenty of grippy and firm tannin…there is fruit there as well. Okay.

Interesting tasting...A couple of badly flawed bottles didn't mar the tasting. that Niepoort Sempar was a lovely drop.


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