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In 1994 the Italian authorities made an unprecedented decision to grant DOC status to the region of Bolgheri in Tuscany and mandate non-traditionally Italian grapes. The roots of this decision go back to 1968 and the first commercial vintage of Tenuta de San Guido's Sassicaia, a wine comprised entirely of classic Bordeaux varietals and so forced to use the humble Vino da Tavola designation. Despite (because?) of its non-traditionality, this wine and others like it quickly grew to eclipse the traditional wines of the Bolgheri DOC (white and rosato.) The 1994 granting of DOC status to DOC Rosso Bolgheri and DOC Rosso Bolgheri Superiore only codified what the market place had determined. At the same time, Sassicaia was granted a unique distinction of having the only DOC dedicated to a single wine. Two elements to remember when entering either Sassicaia or other wines from Bolgheri into Cellartracker:

  1. Only Tenuta de San Guido's Sassicaia is allowed to use the 'Bolgheri Sassicaia' DOC. Even their second wine, Guidalberto, is not allowed this distinction.

  1. Any red wine from Bolgheri before 1994, including Sassicaia, will have the Vino da Tavola designation.

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