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Limestone Coast

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Sub-Region - Limestone Coast

Welcome to a rare region - home to some of the best wines made in Australia, if not the world.

This region, located in the south east of South Australia and now becoming widely known as the Limestone Coast, is rare thanks to the legacy of its ancient geological history.

150 million years ago an ocean covered the area that is now home to vineyards that are building a global reputation for the quality of their wines. Over millions of years the shells of the crustaceans and shellfish in this ocean accumulated and formed a limestone residue. It is these limestone deposits that influence the region's soil types and drainage, contributing to the unique growing characteristics of the region's grapes and obviously providing this truly blessed country with its descriptive name.

While the name Limestone Coast is still relatively new within the Australian wine scene it will become very well known due to the increasing numbers of premium wines emerging from this part of southeastern South Australia. (The title 'Limestone Coast' was formally recognised as one of Australia's wine regions in a bilateral agreement between the Australian Wine Industry and the European Community that identified the boundaries of Australia's wine producing regions.)

More and more of Australia's high quality wine will come from this area as winemakers both large and small, new and old are taking advantage of the quality they can produce in an area blessed with a unique set of growing conditions.

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