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Ornellaia is one of the best known "Super-Tuscan" wines and its fame was only taken to greater heights by the 1998 being named the Wine Spectator Wine of the Year in 2001. There are two issues of concern for entering this wine in CellarTracker:
  1. While Ornellaia may be one of the flagship "Super-Tuscan" wines, the varietal is properly set to "Red Bordeaux Blend." From its inception in 1985, Ornellaia has always been made with nothing but classic Bordelais grapes. It is not a Sangiovese - Bordeaux blend which is what is described by "Super Tuscan Blend."
  2. In 1994 something significant happened for Ornellaia and many of the highest quality wines from Bolgheri in Tuscany. After years of laboring under the humble 'Vino da Tavola' label, these wines were granted a new and unprecedented new DOC which not only permitted, but mandated non-traditional Italian grapes. From the 1994 vintage on, Ornellaia has used the DOC Bolgheri Rosso Superiore.
  3. Please also note that 1997 and older vintages of the flagship Ornellai often have "M.L.A." on them which is short for Marchese Ludovico Antinori", the owner of the winery. For cross-vintage consistency we use the modern Tenuta dell'Ornellaia name. There is no wine called MLA. Rather, this is just the Ornellaia flagship wine.

Please also note that the same producer's (Tenuta dell'Ornellaia) Masseto is classified as 'Toscana IGT' (it is 100% Merlot) as is their "Le Volte" which is a Sangiovese-Merlot-Cab blend. The "Le Serre Nuovo,' a Cab-Merlot blend, is DOC Bolgheri Rosso and is properly attributed as being a 'Red Bordeaux Blend.'

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