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From producer's web site http://www.tylerwinery.com/
The Growing Season
The 2009 Vintage growing season was unusually stress free. Winter brought a nice
level of rainfall, which led to fruitful and abundant buds renewing their vegetative cycle.
Spring was pleasant to the vines and the amazing bloom-time weather graced us with
vibrant flowering, followed by a highly successful crop. As I toured one of my plots, the
vineyard manager remarked how he had not seen such brilliant pinot flowers in his entire

We anticipated a late start to the harvest due to the mild summer; yet, a hot
weekend late in August pushed the fruit forward quickly. The pinot noir harvest started
after one particularly warm weekend on September 4th. The Santa Maria Valley pinot was
right on schedule, only a return of the cool weather elongated the harvest, stretching our
picking season in the Santa Rita Hills until October 5th. The chardonnay harvest began in
the Santa Rita Hills at Clos Pepe on September 19th and we finished the Vintage just down
the road at Zotovich on October 8th.

2009 La Encantada Pinot Noir- Santa Rita Hills, 166 cases produced
Certified Organic fruit from the most windswept planting I work with; always a small crop,
and in turn, a truly powerful wine.
Rhubarb, cola, vibrant acid, black cherry, high toned red fruit, chalky tannin, sandalwood,
leather, and earth.

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