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Vineyard and Winemaking:
Our 2011 Aubert Lauren Estate Vineyard Sonoma Coast Chardonnay leads the way again with what we would deem a “Grand-Cru wine site.” Lauren Estate produces a wine of fabulous concentration layered with extract, complexity, aromatics, and a great mouth feel not found in many wines. Lauren Estate has four of the most distinct Chardonnay clones. Each is harvested and kept separate to the barrel then blended only before the final racking to bottle.
The moderately-cool weather in 2011 influenced the grape flavors and gave us a resultant wine of multi-dimensional parameters. Again, as with all of our vineyards, the grapes were handpicked in the early morning and immediately moved in our refrigerated trucks to the winery. Fermentation was conducted in barrel and took a lengthy seven months to complete. The final result is something of a revelation—complex Sonoma Coast Chardonnay with just some hints of White Burgundy. This wine was aged in 100 percent new French oak barrels for 12 months, and then carefully racked to tank. As with all of our wines, we let them rest and clarify in tank for another three months before bottling.

Mark Aubert’s Tasting Notes:
The 2011 Lauren Estate Chardonnay always reminds me of a hypothetical vintage blend of Sonoma Coast meets White Burgundy. This 2011 Lauren is naturally clear with green chlorophyll tints on edge. Aromatics are classic Lauren with nuances of lemon-mineral, dried pear and even some green tea-like tones. The pronounced aromatics of fruits and minerals give an organic sense of place. The bouquet is multi-faceted with hints of apple-baked goods and wet stones. The mouth feel presents a glycerin top note, followed by an acid structure only found at Lauren. The 2011 Lauren Estate Chardonnay will age on a very slow path, and by my assessment should drink well for 5-10 years. The wine has a slight hazy clarity showing our commitment to minimal interventional winemaking.
Bottled in December 2012
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