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Vineyard and Winemaking:
Our 2011 UV-SL Vineyard Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is once again, simply a stunning wine. With each year that goes by, this site continues to prove to be a special place. The vineyard’s highlight is its unique location—a warm spot in a cool place. UV-SL is located in the westerly reaches of the Sonoma Coast Appellation, and to date it is our most remote and rugged vineyard. We asked Ulises Valdez to plant only our rarest Chardonnay clones in establishing this vineyard. Once again, in early 2011 we noticed that the UV-SL vineyard had such distinct site driven nuances, it would be difficult to ignore its overwhelming terroir.
The 2011 UV-SL yielded a tiny crop of intensely flavored grapes. We have a total of four acres, which produced under two tons per acre! The result here is just as we imagined—incredible aromatics which have to be experienced. We take many steps to ensure that quality is always preserved. We harvested in the dark of night, and moved the grapes in our refrigerated trucks to ensure the utmost attention in preserving the flavor nuances of the berries. As with all of our Chardonnays, primary fermentation is conducted in barrel and took nearly six months to complete. This long and arduous process results in wines with outstanding freshness, lively aromatics, and telltale nuances that are intriguing and retain site specificity. The 2011 UV-SL was aged in 100 percent new French oak barrels for 11 months, then carefully racked to tank for another three months of aging to concentrate freshness before bottling.

Mark Aubert’s Tasting Notes:
The 2011 UV-SL Chardonnay struck me as very similar to some past Chardonnays that I made in the early 1990’s. The wine exhibits dried fruit such as lemon, pineapple and even dried tree fruits in the aromas. Strong minerality and acidity frames the body with a vin du garde-like personality. Initially, there is a floral, high-toned elevation to candied fruits with heaps of wet stones. A wonderful green tint is in the edge of the color; this is reflective of the clonal material that we selected for this vineyard site. The wine has a slight hazy clarity showing our commitment to minimal interventional winemaking.
Bottled in December 2012
Unfined and unfiltered

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