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Bottles in inventory: 947 & 287 pending = 1,234

Bottles consumed: 255

Tasting notes written: 255 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 2/12/2016 8:40:00 PM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of Cheungtp: aegerter, austinbeeman, beezer6, BenBlu, Benj, blanquito, Brmaso, BUBBA DAWG, capacious, cbuhlman, cephomer, chablis28, Charlie Carnes, chatters, City Wine Journal, clementwolf, Collector1855, CWang, Dale M, dcwino, djdaqm, drcoop, DrinkBordeaux, DSimmons, edub7, eharkins, emzee.mc, englishman's claret, Eric, farinas, Faryan, fingers, Goldstone, GRAPE JUICE, gsquireh, hargy, ilee, JamesTye, Jamie Manley, Jeff Leve, Jeffrey Silver, jkoenen, JMLoree, John McCabe, johnh1001, JulianSkeels, JustinHandlin87, KeithAkers, kenhoeve, kr522, KR66, Kriz, La Cave d'Argent, Life At Your Leisure, Lipsman, Lord Rayas, majamke, markelln@bellsouth.net, MarkMich, Matt Scott, Merzbow, Motz, MrBrege, NostraBacchus, Nutty08, oldwines, pacificoast, PanosKakaviatos, Papies, Paul S, pavel_p, pclin, Pebben, pikemasterflash, Primordialsoup, PSPatrick, RayOB, Remony, Reptibark, RGCM Gananda, Richard Jennings, Robert Pavlovich, robertdtwo, robertgoulet, rocknroller, rossi.wine, rsbeck, sehill, SonnyChiba, StefanAkiko, svdheijden, tbabes, tbuysse, the player, theusualsuspect, TightLettuce, tyvoodoo, Uncle John, Vin Lover, Vino Me, vinopa, Vintomas, William Kelley, Wine Canuck, wine strategies, Wine_lvr, Wineguy76, Yagil, Yiannis, Zweder

These tasters list Cheungtp among THEIR favorites: Arcturus, capacious, cookiefiend, curtr, dhpo, DrinkBordeaux, edub7, farinas, fingers, ilee, JamesTye, Jamie Manley, jefiset, KR66, La Cave d'Argent, Lublu, oldwines, Papies, pavel_p, pclin, pilot360, robertdtwo, SonnyChiba, StefanAkiko, wineotim, Yiannis

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