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Bottles in inventory: 1,388 & 21 pending = 1,409

Bottles consumed: 1,780

Tasting notes written: 1,908 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 5/21/2015 9:52:00 PM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of David_T: AndrewSGHall, bkel44, BradboBaggins, BrunelloBob, BuffaloLou, cbbrown3, cjsavino, connwino, corkscrews, Coupe 60, Grape_ape, isaacjamesbaker, Johnny C NYC, K is for Kate, kahuna75, Kirk Grant, LPskeleton, Mig22, njc2o, Nursing a Hangover, NY Pete, Pats-Pwr, pete s., Phil Oxera, Phredd, Prof B, RDHudak, redman77, Ron&nina, smorris291, SS Chris, Steve Jones, studleytrey, tooch, Uglypinga, WaitinginManassas, Weston3220, WineKnurd

These tasters list David_T among THEIR favorites: alr6767, arthrovine, AZ Cat, Beerzebub, blakel, BradboBaggins, BrunelloBob, BuffaloLou, cbbrown3, Ceo, ChipGreen, cjsavino, cococafe, corkscrews, Coupe 60, dsgris, DSimmons, dwaynelm, eltejano, Florin, Giggs, gwkozar, ilmvino, jefiset, Johnny C NYC, JOJ, jpakma, K is for Kate, KCProper, KyleMittskus, laxman, LeGaulois, ljl203, Mig22, mjg300, Mootsie, mr21cbs, njc2o, Nursing a Hangover, NY Pete, Ombibulous, Pats-Pwr, Patton, paulziemba, pete s., Phredd, Prof B, RDHudak, redman77, Rich S, scott w, smorris291, SS Chris, studleytrey, Taylor56, tbriggs, theavisides, TheRikker, troutmonster, Tyson Hughes, USRRZB, viking60, WaitinginManassas, What I'm Drinking Now, WinePT

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