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Bottles in inventory: 465 & 28 pending = 493

Bottles consumed: 239

Tasting notes written: 447 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 2/8/2016 4:38:00 PM

User profile:

  • Real name: John Trombley
  • Locale: Piqua, Ohio, United States
  • Favorite region: Mosel, Nahe.
  • Dream wine: Perfectly stored and aged Riesling from old vines, made in late-harvest style or the dry style.
  • Biography: Retired parmacist, decades-long pursuit of European wines, Germans, Rieslings, and 'sweet-stuff'.

    Do some cellar management for those who don't have time for the most fun part of the pursuit (other than imbibing). Other hobbies: calligraphy, spiritual theology, cosmology and astronomy.

Favorite tasters of sweetstuff: acyso, Ahuntsic, Alexis A, andrewstevenson.com, Argrath, ArieS, Arinbraghe, balassis, boldntannic, christophee, d'Artagnan, dant, davestenton, David Strange, dkfinancial, drwine2001, dzitt, ed-d, Eric, Faryan, fblais, fclarity, gelliott, godx, grafstrb, heythatslife, IanL, JamesTye, jamiekutch, JerM, JimVan, jlm, johnwine, Keith Levenberg, kingkanu, ljl203, Man in Black, mjfaulkner, MrSnooty, nortonnose, Old_Winyards, OneLastSyrah, Paul D, Paul S, Richard Jennings, Roughl, roygui, salil, schwank, Terkel, TheRikker, Umay Ceviker, vanpe003, Vino Me, Winebeemer, wombat, WST, Yagil, yossarian.livez, Zweder

These tasters list sweetstuff among THEIR favorites: balassis, Bordeauxman, Carniolan, ColinR, cookiefiend, DanR, DHJ1968, donhoffman, Eric, fclarity, footloosiety, Franklin 10, grafstrb, heythatslife, jlm, lightning, ljl203, mattyboy_, MK Vienna, mobowines, nortonnose, Old_Winyards, Papies, Patton, Phredd, prism, RationalDenial, Remony, Richard Jennings, Rob_Sutherland, Roodawg, Roughl, short and confused, SteveG, TheRikker, Vino Me, wormfarmer, WST, Zweder

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