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Bottles in inventory: 182 & 13 pending = 195 (by region, by producer, by varietal)

Bottles consumed: 1,609 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Tasting notes written: 1,783 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 7/31/2015 8:36:00 AM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of Gargantua: 60ouvrees, A-Dawg, acyso, behm0027, Ben H., Biggsy, brooklynguy, Burgundy Al, d'Artagnan, David J Cooper, DClement, fredb, gordoyflaca, isaacjamesbaker, Jeremy Holmes, Keith Levenberg, mauropallido, pjaines, QwertyMIDX, reuptake, Riccardo Malocchio, Richard Jennings, S1, seoulchef, stadler, thomasito2001, tooch, WST, Yiannis, yofog, zbsussman

These tasters list Gargantua among THEIR favorites: acyso, Al Ehrhardt, AndrewR, Antti, AV2012, Awohlers, bags, bderiger, Beerzebub, Ben H., bikerkayaker, Bisty, boogeyone, brooklynguy, bullmrkt, Charlie Pendejo, cma82, danstrings, desedmon, DK Amateur, drinkfunkyanddance, DruStemm, DSimmons, Eckie, G.M., GalvezGuy, Giggs, Greg_O, ianinvirginia, jeffal66, jerwin1943, jhannah27, jkline, jpasmore, jpn, Julius Squeezer, KCProper, Keith Levenberg, littlebear, M.Batard, marcelk, mauropallido, maxmanx, maybe4less, Milliontown, mlgroves, muchomaas, nadoum, Papies, pclin, Pierre-Yves, pifcho, pjaines, poptart_nyc, QwertyMIDX, redwhiteandrich, Replevin, Rieslunder, seoulchef, short and confused, sleepyhaus, SteveG, strno, tbone, tdelorme, theronware, thomasito2001, troutmonster, vbprog, vino vidi vici, walkerjfw, Wamrod, weygandtwines, wicozani, williamturck, wine-strategies, wineshlub, WST, Yiannis, yofog, Zbear, zbsussman

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