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Bottles in inventory: 556 & 15 pending = 571 (by region, by producer, by varietal)

Bottles consumed: 1,191 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Tasting notes written: 2,185 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 7/18/2015 7:20:00 PM

User profile:

  • Locale: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Favorite region: Northern Oregon, Bordeaux, Germany (Nahe, Pfalz, MSR)
  • Dream wine: 1990 Elk Cove Pinot Noir 'Reserve', 1982 Eyrie Pinot Noir 'South Block Reserve', 1966 Château Ducru-Beaucaillou
  • Biography: It all started for me with Oregon Pinot Noir, up to this day it still commands most of my buying dollar. I also love Bordeaux and German Rieslings.

    'gripnsip' on instagram, 'grip_n_sip' on twitter.

    My friend (CT user "subtlet") and I film a video wine blog focused on NW wines. Check out "Wine is Serious Business" on facebook and throw us a 'Like' for our latest updates. You can also check us out at http://www.wineisseriousbusiness.com or search us on Youtube.

    "He's sippin drank? Oh, that's just a playa doin his thang"

Favorite tasters of gripNsip: *Vine*, andtheodor, Anthony Lombardi, arthrovine, briandavispdx, bschwindtcoffee, BSpdx, cgrimes, ChrisinSunnyside, ctew, Cunningham, dbp, doglover, dsgris, ebohling, fredman, fullpour, gnosis, Grinner, Hollowine, huse, ikkaariainen, isaacjamesbaker, jimbomatic, jshearer, Keith Levenberg, KeithAkers, Kirk Grant, kstoddard, kwalitsch, Lopaka, mattdev, MBannon, MoserJP, noppakit s., oldgrowth45, Papies, paradigmblue, Paul S, PDX-S, plitton, pwillen1, qryan, RedNewt, Richard Jennings, Ron Felthoven, rosesandthorns, Serge Birbrair, sethmlong, subtlet, Sundesertcactus, tahaus, tanglenet, thatbrian, Tkbennett, tomandlu, tooch, ucbeau, UpfromtheCellar, vanpe003, VinoAddict, WallNib, wineaboutit, WineAggregate, Wineasaurus Rex, Yamadori

These tasters list gripNsip among THEIR favorites: *Vine*, AMC Eagle, andtheodor, Anthony Lombardi, arthrovine, Atwellian, bajayngo, BlackIce, briandavispdx, Bridgett and Bear, bschwindtcoffee, cartime, cgrimes, ChipGreen, ChrisinSunnyside, cmkjbs, cookiefiend, ctew, Cunningham, CWilliam, dcprincess, doglover, dsgris, DSimmons, DSP, duffy-kosusko, eclipse_3g, Englishman's Claret, Erik12903, europat55, Ewhite30, fingers, flashvictor, flydcjets, Friends Of Funk, GypsyChimps, h110hawk, headdocs, Hollowine, jay6791, jerwin1943, jfox724, Joho1564, jordanwinery, jorge777martinez, jshearer, KCProper, KeithAkers, Khamaj, kingkanu, Kirk Grant, KKR75, kmack, LaMorra, logos, Lublu, mark_m_owen, MarkDaSpark, mattdev, mbsterling, Mel-o-Vino, merryberry, mjg300, MoserJP, mquinn22, Oh Dae-su, oldgrowth45, orwines, osufan, overhill, Papies, Patton, paulst, paulyp, pawa, Pdxwinegeek, pjaines, pk44, poptart_nyc, Portland Pinot Pigs, pwillen1, RedFilth, Richard Jennings, Ron Felthoven, roninm, RPerro, RussG, SAND, schrager, schwank, Seth Rosenberg, sethmlong, snaporaz, SoundInBetween, spmulligan, stevemn, subtlet, Sundesertcactus, tanglenet, td7340, The Eyrie Vineyards, TheDonB, TJolley, tomandlu, Tyler_at_WWD, ucbeau, vanpe003, VinLancaster, Vinomark, WagesOfZin, wineaboutit, wineshlub, Winetex, z_willus_d, zscheiner

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