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Bottles in inventory: 2,143 & 197 pending = 2,340

Bottles consumed: 1,018

Tasting notes written: 772 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 7/27/2015 3:49:00 PM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of kingkanu: abh, alanh13, Alex H, andrewstevenson.com, Angus Macnab, bacchus of knockholt, Barbara B, Biggsy, brooklynguy, Burgundy Al, Caldascm, campingfleurie, CamWheeler, Captain Haddock, cgrimes, Champagneinhand, ChateauTooting, christhewino, Clos & Cru, Colonel Lawrence, Comte Flaneur, cookiefiend, coteamor, CT Santa, cybergod, D Brown, davestenton, David Strange, dhuman, DonalOB, dustbuddy, empire80, Englishman's Claret, Eric, fingers, gilesm, gilrbo, grafstrb, grayfont, gripNsip, HandPickedBurgundy, Herschel Krustofski, HowardNZ, Jeff Leve, Jeremy Holmes, jerwin1943, Keith Levenberg, Kevin H, Khamen, king-bing, Kirk Grant, lozatron, MacLizardking, martamatt, mattyboy_, maxim, MC2 Wines, MEKWINE, NiklasW, ob2s, oldwines, PanosKakaviatos, Papies, Paul D, Paul S, PBM, PC73, pclin, pjaines, PSide, Rani, recotte, Richard Jennings, Rob-Rah, rossi.wine, Rupert, shawnh, short and confused, SimonG, Sjontoft, SteveG, subtlet, TheMajor, thierrynz, TobyAnscombe, UncleBuncle, underwds, vespasian, vewheeler, wadcorp, wine-strategies, winefool, Xavier Auerbach, Yiannis, yofog, Zazzaman

These tasters list kingkanu among THEIR favorites: alanh13, Caldascm, cgrimes, christhewino, cookiefiend, coteamor, dhuman, Englishman's Claret, fingers, gilesm, gilrbo, grafstrb, grayfont, jerwin1943, Kevin H, Khamen, MC2 Wines, NiklasW, oldwines, Papies, pclin, pjaines, PSide, recotte, short and confused, SteveG, sweetstuff, thierrynz, vewheeler, wadcorp

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