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Bottles in inventory: 1,623

Bottles consumed: 2,647

Tasting notes written: 1,291 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 6/1/2015 3:16:00 PM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of Anonymous: baroloboy55, Brix, futronic, jakuda, jimbomatic, JonathanP, jpijg, Keith Levenberg, KSWinegeek, Milos, Paul D, pgordon62, Pknut, PSUSteve, Rechrom, rjag, ronnieroots, sethmlong, slaton, soyhead, steffenpelz, xwine

These tasters list Anonymous among THEIR favorites: abbulf, abh, achim_m, Al Ehrhardt, andtheodor, Ary, bags, Bellissimo, Bordeauxman, brigcampbell, Brix, brjb7, Bruno, BurgTongue, campingfleurie, Chomsky, dannyk8232, DK Amateur, DoubleMagnum, dubdub, EatWine, Eckie, Eric Guido, Fielding, Fitzi, Giggs, glaze3, gnosis, goudy, grafstrb, guitarguy, IFeito, il_diavolo, Italiana, jakuda, jasonh, jay6791, Jazzman, jerwin1943, jflegler, jkline, jlee, JonathanP, jtinto, Junior, KCProper, Keith Levenberg, LarryS, lbrent, licorice, Lorien, M&D24, marc d, MBannon, Mindmuse, Mostly_Red, oldgrowth45, OTTnMIA, paulst, Pdxwinegeek, pgb67, pghgator, PIntag, Pknut, riccodog13, Richard Jennings, Rupert, sethmlong, slaton, SteveG, TampaDan, tcfishler, TJolley, Villon, violistus, wabi47, WC-ME, WetRock, WineLackey, wondersofwine, zscheiner

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