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Bottles in inventory: 200 & 12 pending = 212

Bottles consumed: 375

Tasting notes written: 185 (by time, by region, by producer, by varietal)

Last accessed: 7/29/2015 6:17:00 PM

User profile: not public

Favorite tasters of fcolonna: Allan Reid, allenAchilles, Bardamu, bcherniavsky, biggie, BrandiLove, crowino, DarrenM, DaveBoyd, David J Cooper, dmalcolm, domestic_primate, DrEdwardo, eelgerg, Eric, Evil Homer, footloosiety, Fowler52, fries, gemvancouver, Gentleman's Cellar, geppetto, GJCVancouver, hakushi, headline, ikkaariainen, J Pas, JFortier6, jmht, jwmarkvoort, kablerc, ken, knuckles1970, lassus, LelouchViBritannia, Lulu2007, Mac's Daddy, Magnum Jim, MarkC, millerarner, mutlynch, njg6gs, noseb4palate, Noto Bene, OregonWineGeeks, pbowden, phenricsson, pianist718, quanmeister, richardhod, RMundell, roma., rwpalmer, sharonandroland, Sleuth Booth, thatrick, Tubbs, ucbeau, vancouvermatt, vertex663, viadomitia, VinToronto, Weston3220, wickdwabbit, WineAggregate, winecouver, winot, Yankee, YWG Wine Guy

These tasters list fcolonna among THEIR favorites: DaveBoyd, footloosiety, geppetto, headline, ikkaariainen, pianist718, thatrick, ucbeau

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