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 Vintage2009 Label 1 of 4 
ProducerMiner Family (web)
DesignationLa Diligence
VineyardStagecoach Vineyard
SubRegionNapa Valley
AppellationNapa Valley

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2011 and 2015 (based on 2 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 88.4 pts. and median of 89 pts. in 18 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by corkscrews on 4/21/2014 & rated 89 points: A nose of citrus fruits and spice, medium yellow in color. A medium to full bodied Rhone white, with pineapple, apple, hazelnut and spice on finish, good acidity. www.winelx.com (1070 views)
 Tasted by JOJ on 7/3/2013 & rated 92 points: Even better than a prior bottle of three months ago, and again better upon warming slightly from cellar temperature. On the nose, peach, pineapple, and papaya, with a creamy, yeasty note. On the palate, lemon/lime and papaya with notes of creme brulee and nutmeg. Great. (1707 views)
 Tasted by JVG on 4/17/2013 & rated 75 points: Color: Light gold.

Nose: Pretty muted; I really have to concentrate to get much of anything. Faint mixed tropical fruit aromas of pineapple, cantaloupe, and mango. I don't really get any secondary notes except for some oak. And some alcohol.

Mouthfeel: Bloated and oily.

Palate: Really just nothing going on. Vacant from the initial attack through to the finish. No real fruit to speak of, watery due to lack of concentration, and flabby due to lack of acid. There are vague flavors of buttery vanilla oak and alcohol, and a short, bitter finish.

I have nothing good to say about this wine, which is really disappointing considering the reputation of the winery and the vineyard, the price, and the fact that I love the Rhone wines of Francois Villard, who collaborated on this project. This would be bad at half the price, to be honest. (2051 views)
 Tasted by JOJ on 3/30/2013 & rated 90 points: Aromas of freshly cut green apple and lemon curd evolved into nutmeg, pear and canteloupe as the wine warmed in the glass. On the palate, a similar experience -- starting with tart green apple and spritz of citrus, and opening to pear and creamy notes. Nice acidity; a touch hot. An interesting wine. (2017 views)
 Tasted by studleytrey on 12/31/2012 & rated 91 points: This was a really interesting wine. Light golden color with an almost light brown tint. Nutty, bready, vanilla and stone fruit nose, and a touch of alcohol. Full bodied, oily, and viscous on the palate, with nut oil, marshmellow, and a bit of an herbal note. Alcohol is definitely spiking on the finish as well. Low to moderate acid and long finish, but the alcohol is carrying it on the back end. I'm really torn on this wine; on the one hand I want to give it 92-94 for its interesting qualities, texture and finish, but on the other the heat detracts and I'd love to trade some of it for some acid instead. This is a big boy, hedonistic white that I think will be polarizing. Wish I had more to age a bit and see what happens. (2394 views)
 Tasted by tomherer on 12/7/2012 & rated 91 points: Pale gold, long legs. Slightly reticent nose of pear and caramel popcorn. Feels both fat and light in the mouth, with a round texture and delicate flavors. Caramelized pear, orange marmalade, bitter almond, and a little white chocolate s'more. Has that thing going on that I've only felt with fine Marsanne where the finish floats forever somewhere between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Even if they're pressed together. Only complaint is that it ends just a little raw and hot.

My stated score is by the book. Subjectively, this is more like 92-94 points, mostly because it's such a unique and fascinating wine to come out of Napa. Then again, Francois Villard is a unique man to be making wine in Napa. (1616 views)
 Tasted by ecola on 11/3/2012 & rated 89 points: Medium to full body. Peach fuzz and some other melon type fruit. Dry with a pronounced minerality and dusty mouthfeel. May make a versatile food wine with the weight that is present. (1049 views)
 Tasted by BklynNeophyte on 9/22/2012 & rated 85 points: Simple, too sweet, with a saccharine aftertaste. No acid. (1032 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 7/27/2012 & rated 88 points: Unique and enjoyable white wine. As it warmed in the glass, I got a bitterness on the finish that I have only associated with some reds previously, but this was not so present when a cold glass was freshly poured. Overall, nice wine, glad I tried it, but not the greatest qpr (1160 views)
 Tasted by pete s. on 6/9/2012 & rated 88 points: Solid white rhone, but not sure I would've paid full price. Weighty on the palate with notes of white peach and honey. Nice concentration, but I was hoping for more acid on the finish to balance out the thicker mouthfeel. (1127 views)
 Tasted by ecola on 5/26/2012 & rated 89 points: Aromas of light white fruit and subtle dry hay. Medium to full body. Ripe but mellow fruit with mild acidity. Very nice example of the varietal with a touch of CA sunshine. (1105 views)
 Tasted by Colima74 on 4/3/2011 & rated 91 points: This came in this week, and now its gone. Very good overall, with right amount of acidity and tart fruit. Medium bodied, it actually went well with a tomato-base vegetable soup. (1496 views)

Professional 'Channels'
By Jeb Dunnuck
The Rhone Report, Issue #10 (12/4/2011)
(Miner Family Marsanne La Diligence Stagecoach Vineyard) Login and sign up and see review text.   91 points
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