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 Vintage2009 Label 1 of 8 
ProducerKongsgaard (web)
DesignationThe Judge
SubRegionNapa Valley
AppellationNapa Valley

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2013 and 2021 (based on 6 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Kongsgaard Chardonnay The Judge on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 93.2 pts. and median of 94 pts. in 26 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by gotwine on 2/8/2015: not spectacular but elegant and Aubertish - fully mature, I would not wait longer, at peak - light but seamless with everything in balance - my best Kongsgaard yet - perfect with molecular cuisine at Commonwealth - 96 (1087 views)
 Tasted by Dnathanson on 1/13/2015 & rated 94 points: Bee's wax, pear rind, honeysuckle. Elegant from top to bottom. (1140 views)
 Tasted by SYR on 12/20/2014 & rated 95 points: Stunning. Shocked me on the first sip. Beautiful wine. (1222 views)
 Tasted by Collector1855 on 11/16/2014 & rated 95 points: Tasted at Wine Advocat event - A matter of taste. Medium yellow. Expressive and complex nose of vanilla, oak with lots of white fruit, nuts and other aroma. Multidimensional on the palate as well combining freshness and aromatics. Hefty price tag though. (1646 views)
 Tasted by Kemo Sabe on 10/23/2014 & rated 95 points: Probably the best Chardonnay in all of California. In all of the US. This is amazing. Richness, flavorful, crisp and balanced. This will get better over time. 95+ (1381 views)
 Tasted by BigNightOut on 10/14/2014 & rated 93 points: Yowza. Blew away both bottles of 2008 Judge we've had. This is a beautiful, luxurious wine that has a serious side but it's hard to notice with all the fun, tropical fruit. Possibly the fastest wine ever drunk between The Wife and I. Gorgeous ripe pineapple and banana (Monstroso fruit?) with beautiful salinity and minerality. It paired well with most foods - especially a cumin, tomato, Midnight Moon amuse bouche as well as a roasted golden beet/wild rice side. I will covet our other bottle. (The wife's review was "Yum!".) (805 views)
 Tasted by Kemo Sabe on 5/4/2014 & rated 95 points: Wow. Amazing. Crisp with third and fourth dimension flavors. Plenty of summer fruits on this but also a hint of butter and slightly nutty. But then also some minerality to go with the rest. Good long finish. This is superb and in a great place right now. (1275 views)
 Tasted by dcwino on 1/19/2014 & rated 96 points: Marks duckhouse – Beaucastel VV, Le Pavillon & a lot of domestic wines (Marks duckhouse, Falls Church, Va): Butter popcorn, banana, pineapple, papaya and a hint of heat. Excellent concentration, bright acidity, excellent mineral expression and a bit of heat. Big hedonistic style of chardonnay that keeps a good definition. (2026 views)
 Tasted by cepageyakima on 12/9/2013: Bottle was corked...Very disappointed (1400 views)
 Tasted by mariorod on 5/1/2013 & rated 95 points: We took this to Herons for our anniversary. This wine was amazing ... completely different than any Chardonnay we have tasted from Napa. The power in this wine is one of a kind. Fruit, oak, minerality (like in some wines from Burgundy). I would say we probably opened the bottle too early so we are going to look for an older vintage and see how the wine evolves. (1994 views)
 Tasted by Giggs on 11/22/2012 & rated 93 points: Very good; very young. Full-bodied, broad across the palate, slightly salty, then creamy, popcorn, nutty and toasty, lemon-orange creamsicle fruit. Will benefit from bottle age. (2357 views)
 Tasted by cadams on 10/7/2012 & rated 93 points: Tried second day after 24 hours open in bottle.
Medium golden color
Honeyed nose, Carmel green apple, lemon zest, some mine reality.
Pure silk on the palate, less oak driven than last night, creme brulee, medium acidity, white flowers, passion fruit.
Long finish
Probably could use 3-5 years on its side
93+ (2124 views)
 Tasted by petitblanc on 10/6/2012: CT Wisconsin Offline 2; 10/5/2012-10/6/2012 (Madison, WI): Slightly cloudy, medium yellow color. Faint mothball notes, generally muted, possibly flawed. Not scored. (2655 views)
 Tasted by IWineAlot on 10/6/2012 & rated 89 points: CT Offline WI Take 2: Judgement of Madison(Paris) Tasting & BYOB Dinner (Madison, WI): Very tight nose on this, I noted some butter coming through with a little apple scent.
Hazelnut, lemon are apparent in the mouth. Clean on the palate, with decent acidity.
Just didn't have the depth or complexity I was looking for.

SS 89pts. (2587 views)
 Tasted by Mondial on 6/25/2012 & rated 85 points: I have been a bid fan of Kongsgaard The Judge and have loved the '03, '04 and the '05 vintages. The 2007 and the 2009, both quaffed last weekend, tasted over-oxidized. Both bottles were not decanted before being consumed. They had a funny after-taste and a bit of a burn on the palate that neither my wife nor I expected. As fans, they were a big disappointment. (1927 views)
 Tasted by GalvezGuy on 5/19/2012 & rated 94 points: CT Texas IV - A Hill Country Treat; 5/18/2012-5/19/2012 (Austin, Texas): I got the pleasure of catching this later in the evening as well as at the beginning. After being open for three hours, this was signing with a nose of sea air, lemon zest, oyster shell, apples, a floral note, and pear. On the palate, white peach, meyer lemon, pear, and a great saline quality I find in higher end Chablis. Finishes long with vibrant acidity. The only nit pick I have is that there is noticeable alcohol at room temp. (2338 views)
 Tasted by ckinv368 on 5/19/2012 & rated 92 points: CT Offline IV--Hill Country Edition; 5/18/2012-5/19/2012 (Austin / Texas Hill Country / Castleman Ranch): Spicy on the front of the palate for sure! Crazy spicy! Sweet and lovely! (2239 views)
 Tasted by dcwino on 2/26/2012 & rated 93 points: 15+ years 95+ RP Bordeaux dinner at Ruth’s Chris, Tysons (Ruth’s Chris, Tysons Corner, VA): Dominant honeysuckle note upon opening. Seashell, quite mineral, bright acidity as well as jalapeno. The palate is clean, mineral, although nowhere near the Auberts, and oily and displays bright acidity. This is somewhat restrained style and especially at the moment. With time, the fruit becomes slightly more expressive, white peaches and pears. It shows a bit more balance. It is interesting to compare against the very expressive 07 which displays more ripe tropical fruits. The alcohol is noticeable for me despite the dense fruits. Impressive wine but my sensitivity to alcohol makes the wine less enjoyable. If one enjoys Kongsgaard style, the rating would be at least 2 points higher I imagine. (2315 views)
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