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 Vintage2010 Label 1 of 15 
ProducerDomaine de la Pépière (Marc Ollivier) (web)
VarietyMelon de Bourgogne
DesignationSur Lie Vieilles Vignes
VineyardClos des Briords
RegionLoire Valley
SubRegionPays Nantais
AppellationMuscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine
UPC Code(s)815541000392

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2013 and 2025 (based on 13 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 89.1 pts. and median of 90 pts. in 132 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by isaacjamesbaker on 5/31/2015: MuscaDay 2015: So brisk, briny, salty, full of lime and flowers. Intense, alive, nervy, but showing some refinement. I wish I had a half case of this to cellar and pop a bottle every year. (1155 views)
 Tasted by Vinsant on 2/21/2015: Matched perfectly with some pasta topped with clams. Salty citrus, sea, quince, fresh herbs, and some secondary nuts rounding out the wine. Pepiere is always a good choice for a sip with anything from the sea. (1578 views)
 Tasted by WetRock on 11/9/2014: Rainy pavement nose with a strong shot of herby lychee and grapefruit. The palate is mostly about the minerality and gentle acidity as the fruit density is on the lower side. The fruit expression, which is like that of the nose only less so, seems the actually follow the expressive mineraly acids. Fantastic to a certain kind of or the right pairing. The lower fruit concentration limits this but it's certainly still a string wine of the kind. Probably not one for a long term aging curve. (3564 views)
 Tasted by ksmith on 11/2/2014 flawed bottle: Slightly corked -- not enough to discard, but with a noticeable taste and aroma. (3346 views)
 Tasted by cweiss on 9/6/2014: Sorry for the cliche, but excellent with Chatham oysters on the half-shell. Still drinks beautifully with just a little roundness compared with release. (3838 views)
 Tasted by tbriggs on 8/27/2014: This bottle was the best of the lot. lemon and seashell nose, good acid on the mouth with a salty finish. yum. (3924 views)
 Tasted by RobertDwyer on 8/9/2014 & rated 78 points: This wine has gone south into the land of peanut butter. Undrinkable. Either this wine is a "drink immediately" kind of affair or this is an off bottle in a unique way. (3724 views)
 Tasted by Vinsant on 8/4/2014: Seashells, salty minerals, citrus, light cheese, and dried herbs. Excellent match with mussels in a wine/herbs sauce. Really enjoyed the combo of the wine and fennel in the broth. Great value. Tart and crisp. (1857 views)
 Tasted by dzop on 8/4/2014 & rated 87 points: Innocuous, but simple. Lemony, light, short. Bit saline at the end, but doesn't have any real back palate mineral power. Poor QPR with the price inching up. (2185 views)
 Tasted by rsbeck on 8/3/2014 & rated 88 points: Drinking okay, but feels a little dumb right now, will probably be better in a year or two. (1440 views)
 Tasted by coremill on 8/3/2014 & rated 88 points: Out of magnum. Quite nice, lemony and chalky and seashelly, but without the intensity of Clisson, which IMO is clearly a better wine. (1474 views)
 Tasted by rsbeck on 6/2/2014 & rated 91 points: Another great vintage for this wine. (1896 views)
 Tasted by tooch on 7/27/2013 & rated 91 points: Saturday Get Together (My Place): Another great bottle. As I've said before, this stuff is hard to beat. (4327 views)
 Tasted by brooklynguy on 7/14/2013: Coming along beautifully. A bit of licorice, the whole seaside thing, and a purity and freshness that is really moving. Lovely lovely wine. (5124 views)
 Tasted by DougLee on 6/10/2013 & rated 90 points: Served quite chilled. White gold color. Nose of sea air, white flowers, sea air, granite. Great acidity and a hit of tartness out of the gate, then with time turning more bone dry laced with subtle layers of grapefruit and white peach. Flinty finish with some grip. Just terrific paired with slightly acidic food course (tomato soup). (4303 views)
 Tasted by jsherdc on 3/9/2013 & rated 88 points: Day 1: light and etherial, but lacks any fruit
Day 2: fruit peaked out
Day 3: Acid came roaring in
I dont know, maybe needs time, maybe just needs the right food. (4908 views)
 Tasted by Kitura on 2/24/2013 & rated 89 points: Probably the cleanest, lightest wine I've ever had. The nose had what might be best described as blue cheese like, but the taste was all lemony and briny. I now get why people rave so much about Muscadet. Wish I could find more. (2965 views)
 Tasted by cweiss on 2/24/2013: Sorry for the cliche, but excellent with Wellfleet oysters on the half-shell. (3201 views)
 Tasted by manonthemoon on 2/24/2013 & rated 87 points: Nose of floral, citrus, salt.
Palate was lemon, flroal, not as much cut. (4591 views)
 Tasted by isaacjamesbaker on 2/24/2013 & rated 90 points: MuscaDay 2013 (Tom's House - Washington, DC): Salty and briny on the nose, with faint perfume and white flowers. The palate shows a salty, pure mineral aspect, a briny oceanic theme mixes with sweet citrus. Rich and long, and full of life for the cellar. Another taster wrote "Fuck yeah!" I concur. (3002 views)
 Tasted by stubbie999 on 2/23/2013: My usual note for this wine: Fuck yeah! Not so useful, I think , for the social media aspect, but this wine just makes me grin from ear to ear, particularly when paired with a few perfect oysters as an appetizer. If we're going to get into it though, it does seem like this is quieter than it was even 6 months ago - stick it in a corner and drink the '09s; I think this has the legs for the long haul. (1964 views)
 Tasted by paulst on 2/12/2013 & rated 90 points: Slatey with smoothness; nice lean and precise lemony zesty smooth light peach and vanilla with a nice finish. (2245 views)
 Tasted by jmht on 2/10/2013 & rated 90 points: Nose that hints of saline, lemon pith, palate of lemon, honey, floral and mineral tang. Delicious now, expect it will be much better with age. (2133 views)
 Tasted by farinas on 2/4/2013 & rated 90 points: Fresh floral and fruit scents underscored by chalky terroir. Dry and crisp with salted finish. Good aperitif wine. (2425 views)
 Tasted by Pierre-Yves on 1/14/2013 & rated 90 points: Opened one as my usual pairing with oysters.
Salinity, precision, and long finish. Already very good.
The surprise came 6 hours after opening. The nose really blossomed! some floral and wood notes, and still that long finish.
Outstanding one, and goog omen for the future. (2620 views)
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Professional 'Channels'
By John Gilman
View From the Cellar, Jan/Feb 2012, Issue #37, The Annual Loire Valley Report: The 2010 Vintage and Other Recently Tasted Gems
(Muscadet-sur-Lie-de-Sèvre-et-Maine “Clos des Briords”- Dom. de la Pépière) Login and sign up and see review text.
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (3/30/2012)
(Domaine de la Pépière (Marc Ollivier) Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie Vieilles Vignes Clos des Briords) Light yellow color; tart apple, reduction, leesy, green peanut nose; tart apple, mineral palate; medium-plus finish 90+ points (over 50 yr old vines)  90 points
By Chris Kissack
Winedoctor, March 2012
(Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie Clos des Briords) This is my first taste of the wine since it was bottled. It has a good colour in the glass, bright but pale. The nose is fresh and defined, showing lemon-citrus and pear fruits, all gritty and aromatic, and this certainly has a very confident style. It has a very slightly saline note, but perhaps it is a slightly too rich and bold style for this character to show through too strongly. This is followed by rather a full character on the palate, with a rich depth to it, but with an appealing substance and firm, full and rather solid acid backbone. There is nothing filigree or delicate here, this is a wine with tangible extract and a big, dense, minerally core. The lively zestiness of youth has given way to a firmer, more substantial character on the palate. Good now, with solid minerality, really clamping down on the finish, and full of future potential. A different style to 2009, which I think I preferred very slightly (having been sucked in by the ripe exuberance of the wine) but this vintage should keep classicists, and those looking to age the wine, very happy indeed.  17.5 points
By Chris Kissack
Winedoctor, January 2011
(Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie Clos des Briords) Another sample from cuve. A very appealing mineral substance here, showing a bright and very classic character, with touches of thyme, lemon zest and a crunchy mineral undercurrent. A supple start on the palate, although it is bright, with a slightly perfumed structure, and there are lots of zesty minerals at the core. There is certainly plenty of potential here, with good substance to the midpalate and a fine, fresh character into the finish.  17-18 points
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Domaine de la Pépière (Marc Ollivier)

Producer Website


Vins de France (Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins ) | Pages Vins, Directory of French Winegrowers | French Wine (Wikipedia)

Loire Valley

Vins du Val de Loire (Interprofession des Vins du Val de Loire)

Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine

Muscadet (mus-ka-DAY) is a region in the western part of the Loire valley, near the city of Nantes. White wines from Muscadet are made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape. They tend to be light in color and body, and are intensely mineral driven. They are thought to be a perfect complement to raw oysters from the nearby coast. Muscadets are gleefully paired, though, with any fresh shellfish or other seafood.

There are a couple of appellations in Muscadet, the best of which is considered to be Muscadet de Sevre et Maine. And the best bottles from that appellation are aged sur-lie, or on the lees, the musty mix of yeasts and other post-fermentation solids. This aging provides flavor complexity that can be missing in other bottles.

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