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 Vintage2010 Label 1 of 13 
ProducerRivers-Marie (web)
VarietyPinot Noir
DesignationOld Vines
SubRegionSonoma County
AppellationSonoma Coast

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2014 and 2020 (based on 9 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Summa Vineyard Old Vines on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 91.2 pts. and median of 91 pts. in 15 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Tel007 on 5/11/2015: Very nice. In a great spot right now (405 views)
 Tasted by twelch on 1/31/2015 & rated 94 points: Beautiful wine. Nice fruit spice, orange peel (1110 views)
 Tasted by jmull on 12/28/2014 & rated 94 points: Popped and poured at Crop Bistro. The nose here just leaps out of the glass, with an alluring mix of red fruit, orange peel, eucalyptus (or maybe pine) and a savory tomato aspect. The same flavors carry through to the palate. There was little apparent tannic structure after opening, but by the last glass the tannins were more pronounced and the affability of this became obvious. A "wow" wine for me. I love R-M but don't always buy the OV. I will now.94(+?) (1173 views)
 Tasted by Wine_in_HD on 10/16/2014 & rated 87 points: At first taste kind of acidic followed by nice red fruit. But, as the glass went along, the acid sort of began to build up and make you not want to drink more. The second day it just tasted of sour cherry. Obtained on winebid.com which probably had nothing to do with it. (1624 views)
 Tasted by EhrlichDY on 2/16/2014 & rated 92 points: Popped and poured and consumed over two days. Frank Murray nailed this one with the pine needle and purple flower on the nose. Follows through on the palate with cola, pomegranate and red fruit. Didn't budge much over two days but there isn't any real tannic structure either. This is open and ready to go. This is really nice wine and distinctive from other Cali Pinot. Still, my heart and soul belong to the old world. (2338 views)
 Tasted by Barbaro on 2/14/2014 & rated 92 points: Pop and pour. Drinking beautifully right now. Very interesting mix of fruit and forest floor. (1957 views)
 Tasted by cubswinws on 10/25/2013 flawed bottle: Sour stinky stew-like mess. (2416 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 2/24/2013: Well, I burned myself on this bottle. I thought it was the 2010 Sonoma Coast, and I had that bottle in the same cellar slot. I didn't realize it was the Old Vine until I was waxing onto my dinner group about how well the SC does every year for $25 and then I noticed the vineyard designation on the label! Funny. Anyway, this bottle of Summa OV disappeared within about 15 mins of being shared to the glasses. I had opened about an hour prior and popped it into the fridge to take it down just a couple degrees in temp. Pouring into the glass, has the signature RM aromatic--the purple flower, pine needle, 5 spice. The palate is similar to the way I recall a few of the last bottles, with the strawberry, pomegranate, caramel red apple and the cool pine needle in the finish. And, of course, the orange rind note. We paired with a stuffed mushroom that was topped with a chooped italian sausage and parmesean--really went great, with the richness of the appetizer marrying so well with the texture and signature RM acidity and fruit. I only had one of these bottles so that's all she wrote for the 2010 OV! (3020 views)
 Tasted by Fulcrum on 1/21/2012 & rated 89 points: Burnt purple, very delicate color. Very mellow bouquet red fruit, bramble and raspberries. Pallet follows the nose, reserved and light. (3337 views)
 Tasted by WetRock on 1/21/2012: Rivers Marie Summa Old Vines Vertical (Elks Tower Penthouse, Sacramento, CA): Tight, minerally nose. Juicy black cherries with mouth cleaning acids. Prominent acidity and lean feeling wines seems to be the theme of the 2010 show. This needs to awaken some but I'm not certain the fruit concentration is here for something long lived in terms of development. Should be very nice in a shorter window. (4293 views)

Professional 'Channels'
By Allen Meadows
Burghound, October 2012, Issue #48
(Rivers-Marie Wines Pinot Noir - Summa Old Vines Villages Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, May/June 2012, IWC Issue #162
(Rivers Marie Pinot Noir Summa Vineyard Old Vines Sonoma Coast) Subscribe to see review text.
By Antonio Galloni
Vinous, The Best of Sonoma (Feb 2012)
(Rivers-marie Pinot Noir Summa Old Vines Sonoma Coast) Subscribe to see review text.
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Producer website

2010 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Old Vines Summa

2010 Rivers-Marie Summa Old Vines Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast - 137 cases, 13.0% alc., 80% new oak
A few weeks ago after getting both kids to sleep, Genevieve comes down stairs, picks up the glass of wine I've poured her, takes a quick smell and says “this is Summa Old Vines.” That in a nutshell is what we try to achieve with this site. We've always been drawn to its distinctiveness and we don't ever to want to do anything to get in its way. Checking my notes from last year, the 2010 edition comes across very similarly: expansive nose, red fruits, orange peel, sweet hay, pine needles, black tea and red/white floral elements. Young, it's always a wine more about potential and breadth than depth. Picked October 20th just shy of 1 ton per acre, it possesses remarkable weight for a wine that struggled to hit 13% alcohol.

Pinot Noir

Varietal character (Appellation America) | Varietal article (Wikipedia)
Pinot Noir is the Noble red grape of Burgundy, capable of ripening in a cooler climate, which Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will not reliably do. It is unpredictable and difficult both to grow and to vinify, but results in some of the finest reds in the world. It is believed to have been selected from wild vines two thousand years ago. It is also used in the production of champagne. In fact, more Pinot Noir goes into Champagne than is used in all of the Cote d'Or! It is also grown in Alsace, Germany, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, and so forth, with varying degrees of success.

Old Vines

Old Vine/Vieilles Vignes (Wikipedia)


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California Wines (Wine Institute of California)

California is one of the most diverse wine regions in the world, with almost 100 grape varieties grown in over 100 viticultural areas, including dozens of ­different microclimates and soil types, as well as a very individualistic set of ­winemakers, many with international experience, which adds to and deepens that diversity.

Sonoma County

Sonoma County Vintners

Sonoma Coast

* Sonoma Coast AVA (Wikipedia)
* Sonoma Coast AVA (Wine Institue)

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