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 Vintage2010 Label 1 of 5 
(NOTE: Label borrowed from 2009 vintage.)
ProducerNovy Family Wines (web)
SubRegionCentral Coast
AppellationSanta Lucia Highlands
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UPC Code(s)877591002603

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2012 and 2017 (based on 2 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 89.8 pts. and median of 90 pts. in 37 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by EvanJB on 2/26/2015 & rated 90 points: Light fruit, but nice. Front palate excellent, mid is good, drops off at finish. Overall very pleasant. (372 views)
 Tasted by timbobwhite on 11/3/2014 & rated 90 points: PNP. Nose gets a little perfumed at 1 hour. Still olive tapenade, but very good with dinner. I hope these last long enough for me to see what comes over time. (550 views)
 Tasted by timbobwhite on 10/25/2014: Black to deep purple edges. Nose of Olive Tapenade (first time for this for me) with a bit of blackberry. Rich, ripe with a nice finish. Very good with roast beef sandwiches and cheese. Note from memory so no score. We both liked this. Glad we have 8 more left. Will be interested in seeing how this develops over the next 2-3 years. (563 views)
 Tasted by Mootsie on 10/4/2014 & rated 93 points: In a great place right now. Deep, smoky and intense. (696 views)
 Tasted by klezman on 9/20/2014: This was doing very well - lots of pepper, meat, and fruit with a great acid backbone to hold it all together. Went very well with tri tip. It may improve, but why wait? (1100 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 8/19/2014 & rated 90 points: Nice effort. Darker fruits with some smoke and earth. (575 views)
 Tasted by MRichman on 6/20/2014: Dense & chewy. Black coffee. Some blueberry, mud, earth. Could use some age. (557 views)
 Tasted by klezman on 5/12/2014: Dark red and black fruit. Great acid, nice bit of meatiness and smoke. Minerality and tannins are present as well, lending a nice other layer to the wine. Tasty wine, and will look forward to the next bottle. If you don't mind the tannin, this is drinking really well right now. (1151 views)
 Tasted by tomherer on 2/26/2014 & rated 90 points: Surprisingly intense and complete. Violet, smoke, black pepper, raw beef, vanilla, black/blueberry. Very aromatic. Smoky/gaminess comes on strong but mellows out after an hour or so. A little gritty and not much on the finish, but I'm with arch57 re: case-worthiness at $15. Twist the top early and let it breathe any weeknight. (766 views)
 Tasted by Arch57 on 1/17/2014 & rated 92 points: An absolutely gorgeous wine packed full of fresh dark fruit, smooth tannins, smoky notes and a long finish. Case worthy as a "power buy" in NH state stores. Great weekday wine and the screwtop makes it easy to handle after a long day at work. (957 views)
 Tasted by Mootsie on 12/21/2013 & rated 92 points: Smooth, smoky, sweet blue fruit, medium tannins. Some pepper emerges after about an hour. Suprisingly good. Great QPR at $9 for a 375. (815 views)
 Tasted by dmatley on 12/13/2013 & rated 89 points: Aromatic. Some meaty, gamey notes with an underlying smokiness. Soft tannins and medium acids. Rounded and smooth. Very pleasant. (695 views)
 Tasted by bundydavis on 11/21/2013 & rated 91 points: Really opened up nicely after about 30 minutes. (793 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 6/20/2013: My last bottle, again a 375 here. Just the right amount of wine for a 2 night experience. Opened yesterday. As I sit with the aromatic, reminds me a little of the 2002 Rosella's, has that sweet leather, merde quality to it, along with smoke. The palate has filled in since last night too, less juicy, more rounded now. The barnyard-like note I commented in my last note is subtly hovering in the background of the palate--very unique. There is refreshing acidity here and as expected, regarding the oak I commented on with the bottles I drank early on, that has settled out now and I don't find any amount of wood anymore so the aging proces is doing its thing. Blue fruit, roasted red, char and lots of citrus, a little rugged in the finish actually, still tight. With more air, the 'steak sauce' note comes into the wine, which I would associate normally with Garys', which is in this blend, too. I bet the drink window on this is probably two years from now, then 3 more past that, so 2015-2018. Some nice stuffing here and while not overly complex, for around $25 bucks, what's not to like! (1116 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 2/28/2013: Needed a small bottle for dinner, this is a good go-to 375 for me, although I'm running low of these now. Opens aroamtically with same funky/horsey note as the previosu bottle. For certain, nothing like a Beaucastel or CdP stable but a little thread of it here, that also weaves into the palate. Starts off soft, juicy, creosote, inky and citrus but keep all these notes in a more delicate or less treble context. As this wine gets a little older, it also seems to drink better right from the cork coming out. Really dark and shows same dark, plush fruit, too. I'll finish the bottle tomorrow given its size and update the note but this wine will have a shorter aging window and will drink best young, enjoyable nicely now. (1388 views)
 Tasted by Michael Davidson on 2/12/2013: Really enjoying this. I definitely don't get gobs of fruit, and I don't get new oak. Some reduction after popping and pouring, but it faded with air. Definite smokiness on the palate and the finish, dark fruits mixed well with moderate acidity. I do get a citrus note, but that might just be from reading all of FMIII's notes on this appellation.

In any case, this definitely tastes like a wine of its origin, which is high praise for such an inexpensive wine. I don't drink much SLH syrah, but it's nice to have some Novy around for something different! (1014 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 12/15/2012: I took this bottle to a company dinner, I got one glass. This bottle had an interesting horsey, barnyard-like note laying in the background, a note I have not previously found in Adam's syrahs. Not sure what to make of it as I didn't get to drink much of the bottle and it was finished pretty fast but I post this comment as a placeholder to see if in a future bottle I find this note again. (1385 views)
 Tasted by Shelby Ledgerwood on 9/18/2012 & rated 90 points: The 2010 Novy Syrah was one of my favorite wines from the SLH Wine Artisans tasting. I liked this "lower end" Syrah best - sourced from 4 different vineyards. This wine is inky purple, loads of ripe fruit and just a satisfying, juicy mid-palate. Sort of like a big, friendly black lab, wagging it's tail at you - just try not to smile. Loads of black cherry and blackberry fruit, but still has nice acidity giving the wine good lift and structure. The finish is soft and pliable. My last note on this wine was simply "... gobs of blackberry pie." (1369 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 9/12/2012: Needed a 1/2 of something tonight, to work over the next few nights. Love the 375s. I have written this wine up before recently but it's cool to have confirming notes, too. Pop and pour. Fragrant, with smoke, pepper, potpourri, some new oak. The palate has nice acidity, good balance, tar, lirorice, tell-tale Rosella's grapefruit. Seductive in tone too, suspect from the Susan's and then the steak sauce, which I would peg for Garys'. Classic Novy SLH cuvee, love it......well, it lasted 2 nights. Finishing tonight on a warm but comfortable OC evening, sitting in the backyard. Pretty similar to last night but the richness shows a bit more tonight, some darker fruit but the same good level of grip and sense of place. What I like about Adam's syrahs, and my focus with his remains squarely in the SLH, is the flavors, color and pleasure I get from these wines. This wine, the way it expresses itself, offers a great entrance into CA syrah and he does it every year. What a blend can do, and a terrific price. Drink now through 2015. (1508 views)
 Tasted by affordableCollector on 8/16/2012 & rated 89 points: red, purple, in the color. warm, chemical, cherry, berry, spice, on the nose. black cherry, blackberry, spice, oak, on the palate. medium acid, medium tannins, on the finish. (374 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 6/9/2012: Opened last night from 375, finished today. Smoke, hint of stem?, dark fruit, bit more rustic this bottle seems, a bit drier in tannin with a nice roasted note in the finish to go with the bitter chocolate. I like the rustic note this time. (1290 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 5/12/2012: Drank another one of these on the fly when guests came over, finished the bottle in about an hour. I offered a more complete note earlier this month but I noticed last night that the wine needs about 45 mins to shake off new oak aroma. Once that gets loose and the aeration sets in, the terroir and SLH notes get into bloom. Just an FYI. (1352 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 5/5/2012: Opened last night, finishing a small amount with lunch today. Paired with a fava bean from the garden, done with salt, cracked pepper, olive oil, garlic and lime juice. Lised alc 13.9%. I have drank this cuvee for many years, appreciating the price Adam has maintained on the wine. I paid $13 for this 375, which represents a terrific value. Nose is comppsed of stone fruit, light pepper and stalk. The palate is juicy but carries along with it a sexy, medium plus weight. Blackberry, the terroir of SLH citrus and a finish of dark chocolate. This is rock solid and very good. (1253 views)
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By Josh Raynolds
Vinous, November/December 2012, IWC Issue #165
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By Antonio Galloni
Vinous, California's Central Coast: Better than Ever (Aug 2012)
(Novy Family Winery Syrah Santa Lucia Highlands) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jeb Dunnuck
The Rhone Report, Issue #12 (6/23/2012)
(Novy Family Wines Syrah Santa Lucia Highlands) Login and sign up and see review text.   92 points
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