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 Vintage2012 Label 1 of 14 
ProducerVietti (web)
UPC Code(s)748789500044

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2014 and 2017 (based on 1 user opinion)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 88.1 pts. and median of 88 pts. in 40 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Ecb1456 on 3/21/2015 & rated 89 points: Faint nose mineral with a hint of pineapple perhaps. Light body almost light chardonnay in its texture. Citrus notes with the dominant flavor of lemon on the back end. Lingers brightly on the tongue. (449 views)
 Tasted by RamsesTheGreater on 1/3/2015 & rated 85 points: Drank the 2012 with chicken and strong cheese. It had strong hints of almond and a depth that brought it to a particularly strong finish compared to other white wines I've had. I wouldnt say my palate is as knowledgable and complex as some here, but to me it was an excellent wine that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try something out of the ordinary. (740 views)
 Tasted by khmark7 on 11/21/2014: Either corked or a non existent aromatic expression. Disappointed. (877 views)
 Tasted by Lekkerbek on 10/31/2014 & rated 85 points: Kleur: stro geel, helder.
Geur: kruidig, stro.
Smaak: fris zure aanzet, abrikoos, kruidig, bitters.

Algemeen: eerste indruk is prettig, jammer dat de bitters uiteindelijk overblijven.. (967 views)
 Tasted by Jack11211 on 10/24/2014 & rated 88 points: Light in the mouth, really nice on its own - may be easily overpowered by food but all in all would be great for many situations (999 views)
 Tasted by rustyRudy on 10/11/2014 & rated 89 points: Drank at a restaurant . Nice peach, grass, apricot and depth of fruit. Went well with the scallops and fried oyster appetizer. Floral nose. (840 views)
 Tasted by bill00 on 9/13/2014 & rated 87 points: Somewhat straightforward. White peach and minerals. Light effervescence on the palate. (693 views)
 Tasted by dahaglund on 8/16/2014: Becky had at Vidalia - DC (695 views)
 Tasted by geeky? not sure on 7/10/2014: Almondy (bitter-ish) element as it warmed up. Not as zingy as I expected. Good. (851 views)
 Tasted by rocknroller on 6/24/2014 & rated 86 points: Light gold color. Drank 1 glass over an hour plus. I have to say this wine was a bit of an enigma. At times it was perfectly acceptable and at others it was downright bad. The issue was in part pairing with a variety of dishes that didn't serve to enhance the wine. The foods that one would expect to work didn't largely due to the spiciness of the preparation. The wine came off as sharp and akin to mineral spirits. Later with a dish traditionally served with a red, it showed more balance and some degree of finesse. All over the board, but not descript on the nose and at best mediocre on the palate. (905 views)
 Tasted by kylerogers on 6/4/2014 & rated 85 points: Lemons and pears (794 views)
 Tasted by wineismylife on 4/5/2014 & rated 90 points: WIML90

Tasted non blind at a wine tasting.

Straw color in the glass, clear looking throughout. Nose of lime, lemon and wet stones. Flavors of lime, kumquat and grapefruit. Bright acidity, light bodied. Drink now. (1203 views)
 Tasted by duchamp on 1/5/2014 & rated 90 points: Pale yellow, floral nose of white pear, peach, orange blossom and lemon curd, crisp and citrus driven on the attack followed by spicy stone fruit, finish is lean and bit metallic with lingering lemon notes (1196 views)
 Tasted by Vinnut on 12/17/2013 & rated 88 points: Pale, light straw in color. Fragrant, attractive and well-defined nose of ripe citrus fruit aromas of lemons/limes, pear, with a hint of orange rind, floral notes, stony, minerals and a hint of herbs. Light bodied with a good concentration of balanced, ripe fruit flavors of tart lemons/limes, sweet pears, stony and minerals. Tart, crisp lingering finish. Drinks well at present although it may round off & soften with an additional year or two of further aging. (1111 views)
 Tasted by Rezy13 on 9/9/2013: Rich and in need of a bit more acid, good though. (1198 views)
 Tasted by rartexas on 9/4/2013: Jenny and Craig tasted in Santa Fe NM (1186 views)
 Tasted by EMichels on 9/3/2013 & rated 88 points: Not bad; A bit green and yet deep fruit at the same time (1095 views)
 Tasted by wmccone54 on 8/17/2013 & rated 89 points: BTG restaurant purchase. Light, clear almost white golden color, fairly light body. Very aromatic and somewhat sweet, floral nose.. Mixed citrus, and tart stonefruit on the palate, underscored with a dry, stoney minerality. Very nice finish. (879 views)
 Tasted by NineteenEightyTwo on 8/8/2013 & rated 87 points: Pale maize color with green spring bud glints. At first, this has a densely floral nose and tastes a bit sweet, like New World Sauvignon Blanc. Allowed to aerate and warm up, this broadens out a bit into more ripe fruit flavors, with a lingering stone note. Tangy acidity, very young. I'd suggest giving this a few more years to settle down. Easy to sip with moderate complexity and concentration. (927 views)
 Tasted by kstoddard on 6/13/2013: Blind NIght (Jeff): Fizzy. Undrinkable. (1020 views)
 Tasted by nzinkgraf on 5/3/2013: full and fresh. pear fruit with slight herb to the nose and palate. additional floral complexity on the palate. (781 views)
 Tasted by MarcelloW on 4/2/2013 & rated 86 points: Typical Arneis nose. Fresch lemon taste, but lacking complexity. Bitter. Not like the crisp 2011. (799 views)
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Professional 'Channels'
By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, November/December 2013, IWC Issue #171
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Producer website


Arneis a white grape variety indigenous to the Roero area of Piedmont.

Arneis, meaning "Little Rascal," was discovered in Roero in the 17th century, it wasn't until the 1980's that this grape was viewed as true quality when a few championing winemakers from Roero began increasing plantings and focusing on make quality wine. Before that, it was often called, "white nebbiolo" and was planted to distract birds from taking the Nebbiolo grapes and also blended into the Nebbiolo wines. Today there are 700 hectares of Arneis planted in Roero and more in Langhe.

A typical Arneis will be medium bodied, with medium acidity, and contains notes of notes of white peach, pear, and other stone fruits, citrus, and a distinct minerality, especially when grown on sandy soils. Best examples can age and develop nutty character, but many are meant to be consumed within three years.

Official designations:
Roero Arneis DOCG: Min 95% Arneis, min 11% abv.
Roero Arneis Spumante DOCG: Min 95% Arneis, can be made at any sweetness level, min 11.5% abv.
Langhe Arneis DOC: Must be 85% Arneis

Arneis is also grown in cooler climate areas such as Oregon.

More links:
Varietal character (Appellation America)

The Freshmaker (PA Vine Co)


Italian Wines (ItalianMade.com, The Italian Trade Commission) | Italian Wine Guide on the WineDoctor


Vignaioli Piemontesi (Italian only)


Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Roero

Alba is a town and comune of Piedmont, Italy, in the province of Cuneo. It is considered the capital of the hilly area of Langhe, and is famous for the white truffle, peach and wine production. Piedmont is in the Northwestern region of Italy, bordering France and Switzerland. Piedmont is predominantly a plain where the water flows from the Swiss and French Alps to form the headwaters of the Po river. The major wine producing areas are in the southern portion of the region in the hills known as the "Langhe". Here the people speak a dialect that is 1/3 French and 2/3 Italian that portrays their historical roots. Their cuisine is one of the most creative and interesting in Italy. Nebbiolo is the King grape here, producing Barolo and Barbaresco. In addition, the Barbera and Dolcetto are the workhorse grapes that produce the largest quantity of wine. Piedmont is predominantly a red wine producing area. There are a few whites made in Piedmont, and the Moscato grape produces a large volume of sweet, semi-sweet and sparkling wines as well.


Roero DOCG was established in 2005 and includes the following wines:

Roero DOCG: Min 95% Nebbiolo, aged min 20 months with 6 months in barrel, min 12.5% abv.
Roero Riserva DOCG: 100% Nebbiolo, aged min 32 months with 6 months in barrel, min 12.5%abv.
Roero Arneis DOCG: Min 95% Arneis, min 11% abv.
Roero Arneis Spumante DOCG: Min 95% Arneis, can be made at any sweetness level, min 11.5% abv.

Roero is located in the northwest corner of the Langhe region of Piedmont next to the city of Alba in the province of Cuneo. The official winegrowing area runs from the north bank of Tanaro and runs along the river between the areas of Bra and Govone. There are 23 villages in Roero, with Canale being the largest. Each area may contain more or less sandy soils; not all areas are deemed suitable for winemaking.

In 2014, Roero was named a Unesco World Heritage site.

Soils: An ancient sea, called the Golfo Padano, once covered the area of Roero in its entirety. As a result, many fossilized marine creatures and large amounts of sediment are still found in the soils. The soils are primarily sand with limestone mixed in, in certain areas, and/or clay.

Climate: Roero has a cold and temperate climate with harsh, cold winters filled with snow and an unpredictable spring and autumn, which can be very wet. Summer is hot, but can be humid.

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