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 Vintage1961 Label 1 of 199 
ProducerChâteau Lynch-Bages (web)
VarietyRed Bordeaux Blend

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 1993 and 2007 (based on 18 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Lynch Bages on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 93.3 pts. and median of 94 pts. in 75 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by tinybubbles on 6/29/2015 & rated 90 points: Suspect nose with wet cardboard, wet dog, faint white pepper, and whiffs of vanilla. It gets better on the palate with red plum notes. Overall thin but persistent while it lasts, which isn't long. Somewhat unkempt and past peak, drink now. (244 views)
 Tasted by fclarity on 6/12/2015 & rated 94 points: From a nice looking bottle with a high shoulder fill, this wine had orange rims and a deep red center. The nose was quite funky and off at first. Later, it developed an attractive cherry and mint quality but this bottle was not 100% on.

In the mouth, this wine had a lush, round mouthfeel, rounded tannins, and great length. It was rich and ripe with lovely balance. It was just held back by a bit of a bitter edge. However, you could see that if that flaw had not been present, the wine would have catapulted up the scoreboard into the 96ish range.

I believe this wine suffers from some bottle variation. (383 views)
 Tasted by Jeff Leve on 12/9/2014 & rated 90 points: Cigar box, wet earth, cedar chest and cassis on the nose. The wine is better on the palate with its fresh, sweet cherry, spicy cassis flavors and medium bodied, fully developed character. Each bottle is different, especially with 50 years of age. It’s important to note, I’ve had much better bottles and a few that were worse. Such is life. (2364 views)
 Tasted by dimdic on 11/5/2014: Not much left. Some aroma of tea, leaves, humid earth. Some sour plum and berry taste. Completely soften structure and tannin, nearly watery. (2013 views)
 Tasted by PinkMoonWinery on 10/18/2014 & rated 96 points: Double blind tasting at Farnsburg (Restaurant Farnsburg, Switzerland): Fruits in rum, camomile, very very long cooked beef stock, some blood, orange peel, grand marnier. Plums, super concentrated and ultra long.

Can you imagine that this wine is served at a restaurant by the glass for as little as 15$ a taste? You have to love the Farnsburg restaurant for doing that! (2283 views)
 Tasted by Ivan Ma on 8/9/2014: Obviously has already passed the peak for this bottle. Watery with acidity. No fruits. (2571 views)
 Tasted by nikos on 7/26/2014 & rated 94 points: Great wine. fruit still dominating with a mix of earth and minerality. Beautiful cassis and cabernet. Nice change up after all that burg. (2578 views)
 Tasted by rocknroller on 7/14/2014 & rated 97 points: Anniversary Dinner with '61 Lynch Bages (La Belle Vie, Mpls): Very dark/purple red color, 1mm slightly clear meniscus, no bricking, mid shoulder fill. Coravined into glasses, drank 2 glasses with a big anniversary dinner at La Belle Vie. WOW, I am flat out stunned by this wine. Absolutely pristine condition, I would never guess this to be 53 years old if drinking blind. More importantly, it was a truly memorable wine on multiple levels. It just kept blowing up in the glass and getting better and better. Great nose! Saddle leather, funk, savory, red fruits initially, graphite, mushroom, subtle cedar, blueberry, just amazing fruit on the nose which takes on an incredible floral perfume over about 15-20 minutes. The palate is equally impressive, full bodied, concentrated and layered, tobacco leaf, cassis, black cherry, cedar box,funky earth, wet saddle leather, blueberry, ample round tannins and a ridiculously long 90 second plus finish. So complex and nuanced. Clearly, well stored bottles have got significant longevity left as this improved over time and has excellent supporting structure. The tannins are gorgeous and round and evident and the fruit is big and bright yet. Fabulous. 96+ to 97pts. (1986 views)
 Tasted by Alex G. on 2/24/2014: This wine was cloudy, I believe from all the sediment being jostled in flight. So, it may really have suffered from some travel shock. That said, the '62 Latour was right next to it on the same trip and no problem there.

Light garnet opaque color, elegant nose at first, it drank more like a Burgundy or old Barolo than a Pauillac. I was delighted upon the first sip, quite elegant, and an utterly different style than I was anticipating.

Alas, the good times didn't last and it fell apart in the glass pretty quickly. This bottle appeared to be very well stored, fill was perfect. So, not really sure what to make of this, but on the basis of this experience I would drink it again, but I wouldn't pay much for the privilege. (2492 views)
 Tasted by esburgundy on 1/22/2014 & rated 95 points: Drank in LV with OT. Wow, great treat! Bottle was in perfect condition. Great nose, very spicy and woody. In mouth wine had great weight and was superbly balanced. Great secondary flavors of mushroom, tobacco and cedar. (2413 views)
 Tasted by wdcwine on 12/25/2013 & rated 92 points: Anytime you get a chance to drink a '61 is a special day, never mind a '61 Lynch! That being said, it is a nice wine but no longer a great wine. Definitely still a little fruit left, but the wine (I suspect) is a shadow of its former self. It peaked about 15 minutes in and the finish was really nice and long with lots of classic Paulliac cedar and cigar box, but the wine started to decline after about 45 minutes and after 90 minutes it was gone. I don't regret spending $400 to try this with family on Christmas, and am thankful for the opportunity, but I wouldn't buy another bottle at that price point. (2385 views)
 Tasted by bordeaux61 on 9/14/2013 & rated 85 points: The '61 Lynch Bages was strange. The cork had fallen down into the neck of bottle. When I took the foil off, I thought there was no cork at first! Then, when I went to use a corkscrew, just touching the cork made if fall into the bottle! I was sure it was ruined. It ended up not having gone bad, but the flavor was not as good as all the other '61 Bordeaux I've had. It was kind of boring. (3088 views)
 Tasted by dcwino on 8/16/2013 & rated 95 points: Bring something really good dinner – FGs, Pomerol, Y’quem, Leroy, Vogue, Dujac and etc. (The Grill Room at Capella Hotel Georgetown): Tertiary dominating nose of sweet dry black fruits, cassis, leather, wet tobacco, lead pencil mushroom and earth. Excellent concentration, round silky palate, still noticeable tannins and good length. At the peak but will remain excellent for awhile. (3762 views)
 Tasted by Philippe_C on 7/11/2013 & rated 97 points: WOW nose of cedar, cèpes de Bordeaux, creamy, leather... wet horse, wild poultry, loads of leather and cigar box... amazing for a 52 year old Bordeaux!! (2971 views)
 Tasted by salil on 6/24/2013 & rated 95 points: An absolutely stunning bottle; powerfully fragrant with layers of mature savoury earthy, leathery, tobacco, graphite and cedar notes framing a core of red and dark fruited flavours that still show plenty of freshness and intensity. The palate presence is remarkable, there's an incredible sense of polish and harmony here with all the flavours coming together seamlessly, and a really refined, silken texture. This was double-decanted for sediment an hour before serving, and only kept getting better with air. Fantastic. (2889 views)
 Tasted by indiscriminate palate on 6/24/2013 & rated 95 points: Carrots & Chicken (Vernon, CT): This was far-and-away the bottle of the night for me and, I think, everyone else. A beautiful nose of sweet cherries, leather, a perfume of spice and cedar. A silky entry, light+ tannin, medium+ acid. Dark cherry and spice with a delightful note of fruit sweetness. Polish. Class. Amazing. My 1/7 (2887 views)
 Tasted by tbabes on 6/16/2013 & rated 100 points: Had the good pleasure of tasting two '61 Lynch Bages side by side; the first bottle had been recently purchased at retail, and the second bottle purchased at auction 20+ years ago. Both bottles were stunning, but different, which is not surprising given they were 50+ year old! Solid ruby core, turning to brick red at the rim. Notes of truffle, grilled meat, decaying flower, forrest floor; still with good ripe dark fruit aromas. Medium bodied, with a silky texture, unreal depth and balance; a long, complex and savory finish. (1878 views)
 Tasted by ChaineMatt on 6/15/2013 & rated 95 points: We opened this bottle (absolutely top fill, pristine condition, no label wear, cork came out in one piece), immediately decanted it and found almost no sediment. Didn't want to do anything in advance in case it wasn't going to hold up.

Immediately on the nose the classic Lynch Bages funky, hamburgers. That blew off quickly and this wine did not need any time at all to open up. Two hours later it was exactly the same. Also held up well the next morning, although some pruniness crept in.

Color was youthful, with just a touch of amber around the rim.

Tannins were just about gone, but acidity was high. The first impression on the palate was bright, fresh black cherry fruit. Extraordinary finesse for a Lynch Bages, almost delicate and feminine. Flowers on the nose, almost imperceptible oak, a touch of smoke. Length was medium, body was medium. A joy to drink, and absolutely perfect. Not 100 points because it wasn't a big beefy complex crusher, but probably the most positive surprise in a wine I have ever consumed. (1626 views)
 Tasted by PinkMoonWinery on 5/26/2013 & rated 95 points: Richter Raritäten Degu (Restaurant Farnsburg, Switzerland): Asparagus, malt, honey, peanuts, funky but good. Very similar surprisingly to Mission 75. Still some fruit left but secondary like plums and figs. Should be drunk relatively soon... (1961 views)
 Tasted by acyso on 5/18/2013 & rated 88 points: "A Significant Cellar" tasting at Flickinger (Chicago, IL): Classic nose of aged Bordeaux with some ripe hoisin sauce flavours to boot. A little vinegary, this bottle has seen better days. (1928 views)
 Tasted by Burgundy Al on 5/18/2013 & rated 91 points: Flickinger "Significant Cellar" Tasting (Chicago IL): Tasting, brief note. Very good spice works with tobacco and mature fruit. Still large and firm, perhaps with fruit a bit more mature than I'd prefer for the structure. (2071 views)
 Tasted by Philip Yang on 4/23/2013 & rated 94 points: Low shoulder fill. Cork came out in bits and pieces. A ted cloudy with sediments even after filtering. Nose kicked off with leather, wet socks before a nice, intense perfume took over. Medium body, rounded and silky smooth palate which lasted almost 2 hours. Well made and well stored. Would have no problem keeping it for another 5 years. (2000 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 4/16/2013 & rated 98 points: Spectacular nose, mature red cherry. Still very young looking in color. The wine has a steely taste on entry but it blew off as the night went on. On the palate, mature cherry, silky tannins with a firm backbone that took the wine from front to back of palate. Hints of cedar, oak and loam but not in the way. Great long finish. Great long finish. No sediment. Started to fade in the second hour. One of those wines I will always remember where, who and why we drank it. The generosity of wine friends always amazes me and the whole night was one in which each participant brought something they wanted to share. (1904 views)
 Tasted by BradE on 10/21/2012: Low level, but this was rocking. Last bottle, end of an era. Always have liked this wine, very sexy. (3237 views)
 Tasted by GRAPE JUICE on 9/26/2012 & rated 91 points: 2012 - Old: A light herbaceous note kicking off the mature, quite broad bouquet of cedar, pencil leads, crushed rock intermixed with some dried blackcurrant and blackberry fruits. On the palate this was indeed appealing, still has a touch of tannin grip. It slowly reveals more power toward the finish. Still fresh and energetic but this is certainly not packs with the depth and scale for a top tier claret. However, I ain't complaining as this is drinking well for the 1st hr of serving. (3663 views)
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Professional 'Channels'
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (10/20/2011)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (5/11/2011)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Richard Hemming
JancisRobinson.com (10/27/2008)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (11/8/2007)
(Château Lynch-Bages) Dark red color with pale meniscus; beautiful shitake mushroom and cassis nose; gorgeous, youthful, cassis and tart red fruit palate; long finish (WOTF)  95 points
By Chris Kissack
Winedoctor, June 2007
(Chateau Lynch-Bages Pauillac) A lovely depth of colour here, quite a youthful appearance for a wine now in its fifth decade. The nose has an attractive, smoky, minerally, iron and blood character, with complex nuances of roast lamb, eucalyptus and coffee. The palate is full, slightly chalky, but with a good texture nevertheless. Rather firm, with some good grip, a really nice presence on the palate overall. A lovely, complete wine. Very good indeed.  17.5 points
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Château Lynch-Bages

Producer website - Read more about Chateau Lynch Bages

BACKGROUND: The wine of Château Lynch-Bages is part of the lineage of the great Pauillac wines. Blended mostly from Cabernet Sauvignon, it combines structure and finesse, elegance and longevity. It is further distinguished by its opulence. Generous right from its youth, it develops more flavours and greater complexity as it matures.

The affirmation of the Lynch-Bages style came with the arrival of Jean-Charles Cazes to head the estate in 1934. An innovative winemaker, emblematic of a new generation of owners willing to break with tradition and taking risks to ensure truly ripe harvests, he was known for often being the last to harvest in Pauillac. From 1945 onwards, the fame of the château emerged thanks to a series of great vintages. Some, despite being considered difficult to grow in Bordeaux, are particularly successful at Lynch-Bages. His wines are characterized by their deep colour, their tannic structure, their controlled concentration and elegant sensuality. The vintages vinified by André Cazes, and after him Jean-Michel Cazes, confirm this trend.

The style of the wines has refined over the years, gaining suppleness and softness, whilst their consistency has been established over time. Then as now, Château Lynch-Bages has been characterised by its extraordinary qualitative homogeneity. Powerful, elegant and open, vintage after vintage, the wine has acquired greater accuracy, adding distinction to the hedonistic character that made its reputation.

Red Bordeaux Blend

Read about the grapes used to produce Bordeaux The variety Red Bordeaux Blend in CellarTracker implies any blend using any or all of the five traditional Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. As such, this is used worldwide, whether for wines from Bordeaux, Meritages from California and Canada, some Super-Tuscan wines etc.


Vins de France (Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins ) | Pages Vins, Directory of French Winegrowers | French Wine (Wikipedia)


Bordeaux Wine Guide

Vins Bordeaux (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux)

History of Bordeaux

History of 1855 Bordeaux Classification


Vins du Médoc (Conseil des Vins du Médoc) - Read More about the Medoc
The eight precisely defined appellations of the whole of the Médoc (from Blanquefort Brook to the north of the Bordeaux built-up area, almost to the Pointe de Grave) may claim the Médoc appellation. But there is also a specific territory in the north of the peninsula which produces exclusively wines with this appellation. In the great majority, the Médocs come from the north of the peninsula. The great individuality of this region is that the number of vines has increased more recently here than elsewhere, apart from a few isolated spots where vines have grown for many years. Today, the size of the small estate has brought about the development of a powerful co-operative movement. Four co-operatives out of five belong to the group called Unimédoc which ensures aging, bottling and marketing a large proportion of their wines.


Read more detailed information about Pauillac Looking full onto the river from the earliest days, with an important port activity, traces of which go back to ancient times (shipment of bronze as long ago as 2000 B.C.), Pauillac's life has always been intimately linked to the history of wine. Although port activities were at the root of its prosperity, Pauillac had to wait until the eighteenth century when Bordeaux ceased to hold its privileged position to become a wine port. The town then became the natural outlet for the wine production of neighbouring cantons before reaching its zenith in a period when the vineyards were exceptionally prosperous.

The characteristic of the Pauillac terroir is its exceptional relief: the many undulating ridges make it unique morphologically speaking. Highly favourable conditions facilitate the dissection of the layer of gravel. This thin, Garonne gravel from whose very poverty springs great richness, has an extremely effective natural drainage.

With their velvet red colour with a hint of amber, the wines from the Pauillac appellation, full-bodied and rich in tannin, are vigorous. Powerful when young, their aromas of red fruits (black-currant, raspberry) or flowers (violets, roses, irises) melt with the passing of time into a bouquet which is long in the mouth.
Rich and complex, the wines of Pauillac deserve to be laid down for a little longer.

Production conditions (Decree dated November 14, 1936)

In order to have the right to the Pauillac appellation of controlled origin, red wines must:
- come from the commune of Pauillac and from precisely defined parcels in the communes of Cissac, Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe and Saint-Sauveur, "excluding the parcels situated on recent alluvium and sand on impermeable subsoils",
- satisfy precise production conditions : grape-varieties (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc, Carmenère, Merlot Noir, Petit Verdot, Cot or Malbec), minimum of sugar (178 grammes - 6.27 oz. - per litre of must) degree (an acquired 10°5) base yield (45 hectolitres per hectare).

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