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 Vintage2004 Label 1 of 6 
ProducerDomaine Robert Chevillon (web)
VarietyPinot Noir
VineyardLes Cailles
SubRegionCôte de Nuits
AppellationNuits St. Georges 1er Cru

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2009 and 2018 (based on 5 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See R. Chevillon Nuits St. Georges Les Cailles on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 88.7 pts. and median of 90 pts. in 24 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Cote d'Or on 5/3/2015: PopnPour, tasted over 3 hrs
-moderate bricking - quite faded and browned
-moderately expressive beetroot vegetal '04
-med+ acidity, deep core of sappy mature cherry earthy stewy tomato herbal pine, moderate length with very slightly dried out tannins
-complex and deep though very '04, fully mature (411 views)
 Tasted by ccn on 4/4/2015 & rated 87 points: Hard wine to score as it mixes great qualities with significant defects. Worth noting that I've experienced a lot of bottle variation with 2004s and while there's no indication that this was an atypical bottle, I can't rule out that possibility.

Orangey rim.

Immediately upon opening: noticeable '2004' character to the nose (whether you call that coccinelle/ladybird/ladybug taint or pyrazine). This faded over 2 hours to be a minor note of complexity and not unpleasant

Wine was at first short with metallic elements both nose and mouth. After 15 minutes the wine was at its best - sweetness, light red fruits, good length. I would have scored it 82 at that point.

After 60 minutes the hard/ metallic element started creeping back in to ultimately dominate by which time we abandoned the wine.

It seems to be declining based on my TN from 4 years ago. This was my last bottle but if I had any more I'd drink up. (356 views)
 Tasted by nc99 on 12/23/2014 & rated 90 points: It had hints of greenness like most 2004 red, but it had slowly faded gradually as times went up. Very nice red fruits, tea leaves, and herbs. It's drinking nicely now, but I doubt that it will improve further. (681 views)
 Tasted by Pinotnut on 2/23/2014 & rated 92 points: Beautifully aging NSG. Still Very lively fruit, no hints of any of the 2004 blight. Good finish. (888 views)
 Tasted by Pinotnut on 1/7/2014 & rated 91 points: Very nice example of what an 04 NSG should be. Fruit still alive, nice balance, good acidity, not showing any signs of fading. (956 views)
 Tasted by western on 8/25/2013 & rated 89 points: Herbal/green flavors. (989 views)
 Tasted by western on 5/30/2013 & rated 89 points: Greenish herbally flavors on the nose but if you can get over this it is not a bad wine. Second day greenish flavors had resolved! (1089 views)
 Tasted by Edclr on 5/2/2013 & rated 94 points: Wish I hadn't taken my last 2 bottles to a dinner at another house....wine was way too good - I would have preferred to drink it alone. This is one of those 04's that totally outperformed it's vintage. How can you beat great fruit, great acidity and very good finish for not much money... (1002 views)
 Tasted by WillersC on 12/18/2012 & rated 86 points: Not a good wine. Exceptionally brown, it looks more like a 1994 than a 2004. The nose is a lot better than the palate. Very evolved yet simple nose but with a ‘strange’ flavour on the palate. Showing green, astringent and thin. (774 views)
 Tasted by prism on 3/31/2012 & rated 87 points: Popped and poured. Deep magenta, clear-ish meniscus; a little murky. Light to medium body. Not much on the nose besides sandalwood and a touch of cedar; what fruit aroma there is is closer to red currant. Seems older than 2004. Fine with food (in this case, roasted cod, potatoes and tomatoes with charmoula), but not much in the way of fruit on the palate. Four hours later, the final sips were somewhat acidic and the fruit had pretty much faded. Not recommended, especially not in the $60 range. (1083 views)
 Tasted by salil on 1/14/2012 & rated 92 points: Drinking really well right now, though surprisingly advanced both in colour and flavour. There's a touch of greenness here, but it's not aggressive and comes across as a fresh herbal accent on top of the bright red fruited flavours and mature earthy and brothy undertones. There's a polished, finessed texture here with the tannins quite gentle and a bright acid spine keeping it very refreshing, with each sip inviting another. (1250 views)
 Tasted by ccn on 12/29/2011 & rated 93 points: Showing beautifully from the beginning -- very spicy wine, ample. Seems at peak (very early). (1119 views)
 Tasted by cartime on 10/15/2011: I had this served to me at L2O in Chicago as a pairing for a Shabu-shabu course. I was disappointed to see a 2004 be brought out and was unimpressed on tasting it as this was lacking fruit and had a pretty nasty green streak running right through the middle of the palate. I wasn't quite sure what the sommelier was thinking. It paired reasonably well with the food, but neither did much for the other. Then after the Shabu-shabu, they brought back the dashi we had just cooked our food in (various fish and some chunks of foie gras) with some buckwheat noodles and jazzed up with some yuzu. Something about the earthy dashi and the green citrus flavor of the yuzu made the most amazing pairing with this wine. The pairing was so good, I have no idea what to score this wine, as it was somewhere in the mid to low 80s by itself, but the pairing was extraordinary. Its really a testament to the skills of the sommelier at L2O. I'm really glad I got to try this wine. (1169 views)
 Tasted by sehill on 9/4/2011 & rated 70 points: Opened and poured, this did not show well and has little if any chance of improving with additional bottle age. The aromatics show a strong / dominating green streak with underlying notes of leather and mushroom. This lacks any forward, youthful fruit to balance the detracting elements on the bouquet. The color is a tarnished dark brick that is not correct for the wines age. The color appears to prematurely advanced. The medium bodied palate continues the negative features of this wine. There is a shrill, unbalance and disjointed element. The wine lacks any youthful fruit. Having tasted a number of '04's from Chevillon since release, these wines appear to be fading (deteriorating) quickly and are likely past their prime. (1058 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 3/21/2011: Odd wine. Sweet and a bit cloying..looks like a 15 yr old bottle..very advanced color and taste lacks freshness and verve. '04's are growing old fast. Drink 'em up. (1038 views)
 Tasted by stephane on 6/26/2010 flawed bottle: Flawed (1481 views)
 Tasted by winenewb068 on 8/22/2009 & rated 90 points: Upon opening the wine seemed to be devoid of all fruit...I wondered whether it was flawed, but fortunately with some decant time it came around. Advanced in color - light brownish...just based on this I would've guesed the wine was much older. Barnyard, earth, strawberry...medium bodied. Decent but unremarkable - and definitely not worth the price. On this night it was outclassed by an '05 OR pinot. (1491 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 4/10/2009 & rated 92 points: Unique leather, oak bark, and light dandelion and citrus aromas. Smooth tannin profile along with a unique earthy flavor profile. A little Brett? If so a great strain. Very enjoyable evolving wine. Will age another 10 years. (2001 views)
 Tasted by docvin1107 on 3/14/2009 & rated 89 points: Popped and poured. Light red colour. Good bright friut of strawberries and rashberries on the nose. Some greenness and barnyard aswell but that blew of after some time in the glass. Gained more depth, body, earthiness and darker fruit flavours after 1 hour. Modest acidity and tannins, medium bodied and medium finish. Solid good stuff and okay QPR. Drink now and the next 3-5 years. 89+ (1563 views)
 Tasted by drwine2001 on 12/15/2007: Very pale with watery rim. Thankfully, none of the offputting greenness of the Roncieres, but then again, not too much of anything else either. Light, angular, and short. (1843 views)

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By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, March/April 2007, IWC Issue #131
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By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, March/April 2006, IWC Issue #125
(Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits Saint Georges Les Cailles) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (1/12/2006)
(Dom Robert Chevillon, Les Cailles Nuits-St-Georges Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Allen Meadows
Burghound, 1st Quarter, 2006, Issue #21
(Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits St.-Georges Les Cailles 1er Cru Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By John Gilman
View From the Cellar, Jan/Feb 2006, Issue #1, 2004 Burgundy Vintage
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Domaine Robert Chevillon

Producer website

The adventure started with Symphorien Chevillon who started working approximately thirty acres of vines at Nuits-Saint-Georges in his own name.
Then, Eugène-François (around 1914), following 2 years of military service and 5 years of war, took over the domain and bought a few plots as Premier Cru.
In 1946, the vines were taken over by the 2 sons (they separated later on).
Maurice bought 2 stills (39) and (46) and became an itinerant distiller. He continued to expand the Domain by buying new plots of Premier Cru.

Pinot Noir

Varietal character (Appellation America) | Varietal article (Wikipedia)
Pinot Noir is the Noble red grape of Burgundy, capable of ripening in a cooler climate, which Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will not reliably do. It is unpredictable and difficult both to grow and to vinify, but results in some of the finest reds in the world. It is believed to have been selected from wild vines two thousand years ago. It is also used in the production of champagne. In fact, more Pinot Noir goes into Champagne than is used in all of the Cote d'Or! It is also grown in Alsace, Germany, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, and so forth, with varying degrees of success.

Les Cailles

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Vins de France (Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins ) | Pages Vins, Directory of French Winegrowers | French Wine (Wikipedia)


Les vins de Bourgogne (Bureau interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne) (and in English)
Burgundy - The province of eastern France, famous for its red wines produced from Pinot Noir and its whites produced from Chardonnay. (Small of amounts of Gamay and Aligoté are still grown, although these have to be labeled differently.) The most famous part of the region is known as the Cote d'Or (the Golden Slope). It is divided into the Cote de Beaune, south of the town of Beaune (famous principally for its whites), and the Cote de Nuits, North of Beaune (home of the most famous reds). In addition, the Cote Chalonnaise and the Maconnais are important wine growing regions, although historically a clear level (or more) below the Cote d'Or. Also included by some are the regions of Chablis and Auxerrois, farther north.
Burgundy Report |
Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne - na stejné téma od Heleny Baker

Côte de Nuits

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Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru

A.O.C. Nuits-Saint-Georges (Syndicat Viticole de Nuits-Saint-Georges)

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