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 Vintage1982 Label 1 of 217 
ProducerChâteau Lynch-Bages (web)
VarietyRed Bordeaux Blend

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2000 and 2015 (based on 54 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Lynch Bages on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 93.8 pts. and median of 94 pts. in 238 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Hemingway on 8/23/2015 & rated 92 points: This wine has lost lots of its luster. Admittedly, I didn't store it properly for a good few years, it was in my garage in California, but it was dark and on its side. The past 1.5 years it has been in my Haier wine cooler as it should be.

Tannins and acidity have all but disappeared. The nose is still very lovely, aromas of tobacco, dirt, leather, and mushrooms. Velvety, soft mouth feel. Earthy flavors are prominent. Some dark fruit, smooth finish but short. Still a very nice complex wine. This wine should be drank in the next year if you have a bottle. Drinking window is closing. (376 views)
 Tasted by Englishman's Claret on 8/22/2015: Better than the last bottle. Rested over 3 months before drinking. Briefly exciting; an hour into the decant it showed such beautiful crystalline black, blue, and purple fruits with lashings of cedar, pencil, mineral, and a touch of mint. But then it really slid downhill; couldn't sustain the heights. Remained ripe, round, correct in a fat 1982 kind of way but eventually uninteresting. Hm. 96ish at peak but, low 90s the rest of the night - so not much point in tacking a score onto this. (403 views)
 Tasted by RockinCabs on 8/21/2015: Nose: Gorgeous nose, and best part of this wine tonight. Blackberry, Cherry Liquor, Tobacco, and some herbal/burnt ember notes. So polished with great glossy edges of Red/Black Fruit. Palate: Rounded mouth feel with black/red fruit and some mint. A good earth component as well. However there is not much complexity, and it seem to lack the depth I expected. Finish: Blackberry, Tannin and some acidity.

After a rather so/so bottle of this over the winter Marc wanted another crack at 82 Lynch. Although better, I am still scratching my head about when the big score might show up for this wine.

91+ for much of the night. (328 views)
 Tasted by David J Cooper on 7/31/2015 & rated 95 points: Medium, light red with clear edges. Great claret nose, hardwood floor dust, cassis, earth and something almost floral. Very intense nose, keeps building. Dry but rich flavours and a dry but lengthy finish.

Just another great 82! It's so nice to drink this vintage, ripe beautiful wines made before there were rock star consultants. (771 views)
 Tasted by tinybubbles on 6/5/2015 & rated 91 points: I wasn't the biggest fan of this wine this evening. Difficult to say whether bottle condition or just the tough competition of the other '82s. Raspberry, honeysuckle, musty and sweet spice, light vanilla and white pepper. Palate has elements of the same with darker fruit and notes of black pepper but overall falls short with a slightly bitter back. (1178 views)
 Tasted by MWiking on 5/23/2015 & rated 99 points: Stall, skog, rökig väldigt balancerad doft. Även läder och ceder- Doften är extremt bra balancerad och jag skulle nästan vilja säga att doften är perfekt.

Smaken är så härlig, med tobak, blommor, cigarrlåda, höstskog, vädligt djup balancerad och faktiskt helt perfekt. Detta är ett vin som jag tycker är helt fantasistkt bra. En ynnest att få dricka. (1571 views)
 Tasted by Ramberg on 5/21/2015 & rated 97 points: Wonderful mature left bank nose rises from the glass.
Talk about fine claret.
Lovely stable, dust, pencil lead and shavings, cedar wood, cigar box, leather, animal, smoke, forest floor, mushrooms, graphite, wet gravel and fine red cassis with some blackberries.
Palate is developed and silky, with good length, and excellent balance.
Acid and wonderful ripe cassis, dust and tobacco leafs with a touch of herbs.
Ripe and fine, with a long and complex layered finish.
Will easily be a vigorous wine for at least another decade, since the material in this fine wine is still very much alive.
Anonymous voted as wotn, from all nine persons present at the table.
(96 – 98) (1340 views)
 Tasted by Patrik H on 5/21/2015 & rated 98 points: On the nose, stable, leather, sadle, cedar, forest, wet leaf. cigarr box
On the palate, stable green herbs, ceder, forest, sadle, licorice
Long finish

This is a wine to have and just sit and sniff a little bit. Taste it and sniff. Brilliant this can hardly get any better. (1433 views)
 Tasted by FamilyLarsson on 5/21/2015 & rated 98 points: Det här vinet visar verkligen hur exceptionell årgång 1982 var i Bordeaux. Det har verkligen alla de egenskaper man känner igen från 1982. En helt underbar och mogen doft av söt mogen frukt, häststall, höstskog, läder, cigarrlåda, piptobak, svamp och en dammig, stenig mineralitet.
Fortfarande en otrolig spänst och fräschör trots de mogna tonerna och en helt underbar balans och längd. Jag förstår inte hur Bordeaux kan anses omodernt av många. De har troligtvis inte haft förmånen att dricka riktigt bra och mogen Bordeaux. Detta är en excellent flaska som har förvarats perfekt alla år. Satan va gott!!! Och det håller många år ännu. (1327 views)
 Tasted by svdheijden on 4/22/2015 & rated 96 points: Stunning 1982 Lynch Bages, containing all that makes 1982 so great. (1265 views)
 Tasted by Hemingway on 4/11/2015 & rated 93 points: Aromas of dirt and crushed rose petals. Tannins have all softened. Smooth all the way through, low acidity. Wine has lost a bit of its power and tasted slightly flat, but not to a fault. Medium bodied, but an abundance of flavor still there, long finish. Complex, a mixture of dark fruit and earth, very slight spice of cinnamon. A very good bottle. Have one left, will have to drink soon. (1262 views)
 Tasted by floridawinedrkr on 4/9/2015 & rated 94 points: Excellent Bordeaux . Typical nose of musty forest floor, pencil shavings, cedar. Very smooth. Got crushed by the 83 chateau margaux we drank with it. tasting notes were consisting with the nose of this wine. Short 10 min decant. (1603 views)
 Tasted by taiwan on 3/21/2015 & rated 96 points: Sweet (163 views)
 Tasted by ilee on 3/13/2015 & rated 95 points: Dinner with Mrs L, Becky and Rob (Neighborhood, Hong Kong): Dark and intoxicating nose of cassis and pencil shavings that is so comfortingly Pauillac. From the depth of the nose, the richness of this wine is already evident. Dark and brooding at first, then opening up and brightening noticeably with aeration, this wine is really at a wonderful stage of its life. The rich layers of cassis fruit have a firm but velvety texture, thanks in no small part to the subtly exquisite tannins that time the master craftsman has spent over three decades refining. Happily, Mr. Time seems in no big hurry to finish the job -- this wine has at least another decade of evolution ahead. (1453 views)
 Tasted by Gabbby on 3/6/2015 & rated 94 points: Revisiting this wine after 10 years, and it's a beautiful mature wine that never disappoint me. Wonderful aroma with tobacco, herbs and vanilla. A rich full body wine and still taste young. (1634 views)
 Tasted by Steve Hutto on 2/28/2015 & rated 93 points: This wine is still very youthful and powerful and stands up very well to 1st growth 82s. (1217 views)
 Tasted by Purple Tooth on 2/28/2015 & rated 93 points: Lots of espresso and Pauillac in this bottle and still beautiful, but drifting out of the balance of its better days. Long finish, great acidity keeping things fresh.. (1406 views)
 Tasted by R. Hung on 2/23/2015 & rated 95 points: Opened alongside with 81 Vega Silica Unicon, 83 Las Mission Haut Brion, 86 Pichon Lalande, 85 Ducru-Beaucaillou and 88 Mouton Rothschild. The best was Lynch Bages! Then VS, Mouton and PL, then La Mission, and DB. The ones in the best vintage showed better structure and complexities. Garnet in colour with brick rim. This is surprisingly young on the nose. I could still find blue berries, bacon, and black currants! Lots of dark berries, spices, graphite, tobacco and hints liquorice with smooth structure and long finish. Best 82 Bordeaux I have ever had! (1384 views)
 Tasted by Dicker on 2/6/2015 & rated 97 points: - Brick color. (1599 views)
 Tasted by paul195 on 1/17/2015 & rated 95 points: First bottle of a sixpack purchased on release. Beautiful deep ruby core with a slightly mahogany rim. Initially a relatively closed nose which slowly yielded notes of cedar, graphite, tobacco, dark fruit and spice. Remarkably young on the palate, still somewhat primary with pronounced grip and structure. A balanced and lively wine with a compelling finish and a bright future. Clearly improved with an hour in the glass. (1677 views)
 Tasted by Englishman's Claret on 1/5/2015 & rated 91 points: Disappointing. High shoulder, saturated cork with mold on the top. Drinkable just not recognizably Lynch or 82. Oh well, will try again. (2024 views)
 Tasted by RockinCabs on 1/3/2015 & rated 91 points: Getting 2015 Started Right (Concord, MA): Nose: Overripe blackberry and cassis notes right off the bat. As this opened, coffee, allspice, currant and clove came out. Deep and brooding nose still. Palate: Dark blackberry & cassis fruit are accented by leather and green pepper. Very sweet chewy tannins and a polished, but not over done mouthfeel. Finish: Dark fruit, leather and coffee notes.

This eventually showed some of the complexity that is in reserve, but you couldn't help but want more Pauillac style here. Tight perhaps? Bad timing? Thanks to Englishman's Claret for sharing.

UPDATE: This bottle may have been slightly cooked. The fruit in retrospect was a bit stewed here. A second bottle, consumed 8/21 showed better. (1930 views)
 Tasted by Harry Cantrell on 10/19/2014 & rated 95 points: Dark garnet. Nose all that, great aged Pauillac, tobacco, cedar, that tired old phrase Asian spices. Smooth mouthfeel, fills all corners with well aged Bordeaux tastes. This is at pinnacle and aging more won't add much if at all. (2799 views)
 Tasted by humagne on 10/13/2014 & rated 90 points: The nose was rather below expectations. Some pepper and smoke, but no complexity. Palate was voluptous and dense, low acidity,good length. (2649 views)
 Tasted by ilee on 10/11/2014 & rated 92 points: This was part of a box that just came in from the UK, and looking at the upper shoulder fill, I had some misgivings. The cork came out easily, and looked to have been soaked right through at some point in time. After wiping off the residue, I poured it out gently. Ruby with a brownish hue, the wine looked distinctly evolved. The nose had a faint trace of oxidation, but otherwise it was fine. In fact it was very nice, still fruity, just very evolved. Medium bodied with almost no trace of alcohol or tannin, this genteel old wine came through some poor storage conditions with enough fruit and mineral character to provide some very enjoyable drinking. My only complaint is there wasn't a lot of complexity, but hey it could have been a lot worse! (2439 views)
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Professional 'Channels'
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (3/31/2015)
(Ch Lynch-Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Ian D'Agata
Vinous, January 2012
(Chateau Lynch Bages Pauillac) Subscribe to see review text.
By Julia Harding, MW
JancisRobinson.com (3/4/2010)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (5/17/2009)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Richard Hemming
JancisRobinson.com (10/27/2008)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (8/15/2007)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By John Kapon
Vintage Tastings, 1982 Bordeaux Retrospective at Age 25 (5/20/2007)
(Lynch Bages) Login and sign up and see review text.
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (7/15/2002)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, July/August 2002, IWC Issue #103
(Chateau Lynch Bages Pauillac) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jancis Robinson, MW
JancisRobinson.com (6/28/2002)
(Ch Lynch Bages Pauillac Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (11/4/2010)
(Château Lynch-Bages) Slightly bricking medium dark red violet color; bacon fat, smoke, beef bouillon, cigar box nose; gravy, porcini mushroom, bacon fat, pepperoni palate; medium-plus finish (group's # 2)  90 points
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (12/6/2007)
(Château Lynch-Bages) Garnet red color; beef jus, lamb jus and mushroom nose; tasty, plum, ripe fruit, beef and lamb jus and sage palate; medium-plus finish  94 points
By Lyle Fass
Rockss and Fruit (5/3/2006)
(Lynch Bages) This showed fantastically. Just pedal to the medal old-school Bordeaux love in a bottle. Great freshness and delineations. Loads of pencil lead, tobacco and wild flowers. Tremendous minerality and precision. Very well made wine.
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (3/20/2003)
(Château Lynch-Bages) 1982 Bordeaux Tasting - 1st Growths & Super Seconds (Los Angeles, California): Slightly musty, herbal nose; very tasty spicy cassis palate; medium-plus finish  93 points
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Château Lynch-Bages

Producer website - Read more about Chateau Lynch Bages

BACKGROUND: The wine of Château Lynch-Bages is part of the lineage of the great Pauillac wines. Blended mostly from Cabernet Sauvignon, it combines structure and finesse, elegance and longevity. It is further distinguished by its opulence. Generous right from its youth, it develops more flavours and greater complexity as it matures.

The affirmation of the Lynch-Bages style came with the arrival of Jean-Charles Cazes to head the estate in 1934. An innovative winemaker, emblematic of a new generation of owners willing to break with tradition and taking risks to ensure truly ripe harvests, he was known for often being the last to harvest in Pauillac. From 1945 onwards, the fame of the château emerged thanks to a series of great vintages. Some, despite being considered difficult to grow in Bordeaux, are particularly successful at Lynch-Bages. His wines are characterized by their deep colour, their tannic structure, their controlled concentration and elegant sensuality. The vintages vinified by André Cazes, and after him Jean-Michel Cazes, confirm this trend.

The style of the wines has refined over the years, gaining suppleness and softness, whilst their consistency has been established over time. Then as now, Château Lynch-Bages has been characterised by its extraordinary qualitative homogeneity. Powerful, elegant and open, vintage after vintage, the wine has acquired greater accuracy, adding distinction to the hedonistic character that made its reputation.

Red Bordeaux Blend

Read about the grapes used to produce Bordeaux The variety Red Bordeaux Blend in CellarTracker implies any blend using any or all of the five traditional Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. As such, this is used worldwide, whether for wines from Bordeaux, Meritages from California and Canada, some Super-Tuscan wines etc.


Vins de France (Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins ) | Pages Vins, Directory of French Winegrowers | French Wine (Wikipedia)


Bordeaux Wine Guide

Vins Bordeaux (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux)

History of Bordeaux

History of 1855 Bordeaux Classification


Vins du Médoc (Conseil des Vins du Médoc) - Read More about the Medoc
The eight precisely defined appellations of the whole of the Médoc (from Blanquefort Brook to the north of the Bordeaux built-up area, almost to the Pointe de Grave) may claim the Médoc appellation. But there is also a specific territory in the north of the peninsula which produces exclusively wines with this appellation. In the great majority, the Médocs come from the north of the peninsula. The great individuality of this region is that the number of vines has increased more recently here than elsewhere, apart from a few isolated spots where vines have grown for many years. Today, the size of the small estate has brought about the development of a powerful co-operative movement. Four co-operatives out of five belong to the group called Unimédoc which ensures aging, bottling and marketing a large proportion of their wines.


Read more detailed information about Pauillac Looking full onto the river from the earliest days, with an important port activity, traces of which go back to ancient times (shipment of bronze as long ago as 2000 B.C.), Pauillac's life has always been intimately linked to the history of wine. Although port activities were at the root of its prosperity, Pauillac had to wait until the eighteenth century when Bordeaux ceased to hold its privileged position to become a wine port. The town then became the natural outlet for the wine production of neighbouring cantons before reaching its zenith in a period when the vineyards were exceptionally prosperous.

The characteristic of the Pauillac terroir is its exceptional relief: the many undulating ridges make it unique morphologically speaking. Highly favourable conditions facilitate the dissection of the layer of gravel. This thin, Garonne gravel from whose very poverty springs great richness, has an extremely effective natural drainage.

With their velvet red colour with a hint of amber, the wines from the Pauillac appellation, full-bodied and rich in tannin, are vigorous. Powerful when young, their aromas of red fruits (black-currant, raspberry) or flowers (violets, roses, irises) melt with the passing of time into a bouquet which is long in the mouth.
Rich and complex, the wines of Pauillac deserve to be laid down for a little longer.

Production conditions (Decree dated November 14, 1936)

In order to have the right to the Pauillac appellation of controlled origin, red wines must:
- come from the commune of Pauillac and from precisely defined parcels in the communes of Cissac, Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe and Saint-Sauveur, "excluding the parcels situated on recent alluvium and sand on impermeable subsoils",
- satisfy precise production conditions : grape-varieties (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc, Carmenère, Merlot Noir, Petit Verdot, Cot or Malbec), minimum of sugar (178 grammes - 6.27 oz. - per litre of must) degree (an acquired 10°5) base yield (45 hectolitres per hectare).

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