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 Vintage1979 Label 1 of 20 
TypeWhite - Fortified
ProducerBodegas Toro Albala (web)
VarietyPedro Ximénez
DesignationDon PX Gran Reserva
OptionsShow neither variety nor appellation
UPC Code(s)737686160048, 8421319341196

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2008 and 2019 (based on 6 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 91.9 pts. and median of 92 pts. in 40 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by stadler on 4/4/2014: Vin très particulier, aux senteurs intenses de caramel, d'orange sanguine macérées dans l'alcool, de torréfaction, long et très doux, marié avec un dessert au cacao, c'est toujours aussi réussi. (1921 views)
 Tasted by Wamrod on 12/4/2013 & rated 96 points: My last two 750 ml bottles tonight, split among 20 of us - absolutely sublime. We ended the dinner on this and didn't want it to end (2185 views)
 Tasted by Wamrod on 5/28/2013 & rated 97 points: Love, love, love this wine. Exceeds every expectation, every time. I want a separate cellar just for more bottles of this. Darn, down to my last two bottles now... (2870 views)
 Tasted by stadler on 10/6/2012: Mariage réussi avec un gâteau au chocolat à la chantilly maison; notes constantes par rapport à la première dégustation. (4071 views)
 Tasted by Nunwei on 8/25/2012 & rated 96 points: Tried this last weekend, then bought all of the remaining bottles in my local wine shop. One of the more unusual dessert wines I've had ... seemed to like it way better than everyone else. Sherry, cedar / tobacco and prune on the nose. Molasses-like appearance. Tastes of licorice, prunes, lots of caramel and some dark fruit behind. Loved this! (4248 views)
 Tasted by Johnd@alloceanyachts.com on 3/26/2012 & rated 94 points: what a wonderful complex wine, opens with raisin, then leather and red cherry all sweet but not to so, lingers. 9 of us enjoyed a full bottle, it just seemed to go away. (3640 views)
 Tasted by wineshaman on 2/19/2012 & rated 90 points: Very rich, very dark, quite sweet, with dried fruits, caramel, tar, expresso and vanilla cream. (3401 views)
 Tasted by Chefthome on 2/11/2012 & rated 88 points: Rich Prune like character. (2872 views)
 Tasted by Wamrod on 9/3/2011 & rated 95 points: Black as night, looks incredibly rich, and this is borne out in tasting, too.

Huge tones of raisin, figs, plums, molasses, toffee, roasted nuts and wood. And yes, as crazy as it sounds, I noted motor oil in the first smell as well - but in a very good way.

This is a dessert wine, and as such is very sweet, as you would expect - however, it has such massive tones and flavours on the palate, and sufficient acid, that it makes for extremely enjoyable sipping.

Best sherry I have had to date. I also tried a 1971 half-bottle last week, which had been open for about a year and a half, and found it to be in perfect condition!

As a final note, I mixed some of this sherry with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream last night, on a whim. Incredible. My next batch of home-made ice cream will include this. (3491 views)
 Tasted by stadler on 7/26/2011: Robe caramel, nez de réglisse, deuxième nez d'infusion (verveine ?), mariage réussi avec des bonbons au chocolat noir qui laisse ressortir uniquement la douceur de ce vin long. (3435 views)
 Tasted by hankj on 4/3/2011 & rated 95 points: phenomenally fresh and deeply layered with aged character. Fig, raisin, molasses, toffee, exotic wood. (3694 views)
 Tasted by David Meddings on 3/26/2011 & rated 91 points: Finished an open half bottle of this tonight to the great satisfaction of everyone around the table. Figs, caramel and deep macerated raisin notes on bouquet and palate with a long satisfying final. Does not leave one unmoved and well balanced. Enough complexity and acid not to be a sugar bomb. (3900 views)
 Tasted by Dave Dalluge on 3/10/2011 & rated 95 points: Winter's Weakening Death Grip: I had no real interest in tasting this given all the wine already consumed, but that would have been a mistake. This was most impressive with dark fruit, fig and plum on the nose. The intensity of the flavors on the palate are almost unequalled in my experience. Deep, complex and thrilling. Pairing this with the bread pudding was brilliant. I may have to seek out some half-bottles of this to enjoy over a longer period of time so I can carefully confirm my appraisal. (4233 views)
 Tasted by jhvilas on 2/19/2011: Probably the darkest wine I've ever poured out of a bottle. (3704 views)
 Tasted by wineshaman on 11/21/2010 & rated 90 points: Figs, raisin, some heat, molasss, toffee and quite luscious. Tasty after dinner wine, however one glass is about all I can do. (3874 views)
 Tasted by philosophygeek on 6/3/2010 & rated 95 points: Fabulous. Figs. Drink now. (4520 views)
 Tasted by RussK on 3/17/2010 & rated 92 points: RUSSK WWiz at Valentinos. Manny brought. Tastes like Turbinado Sugar syrup. Don't need to buy. (4526 views)
 Tasted by wineshaman on 1/1/2010 & rated 90 points: New Years Eve for 4 @ my house (Midlothian, VA): Thick, intense, rich, concentrated, chocolate covered raisin's, some sweetness, like fortified syrup. Took my palate a few sips to get use to the intensity of this wine, then it started to sing in the new year. However one glass was about all I could take, this early in 2010. (4984 views)
 Tasted by rallie on 12/31/2009 & rated 89 points: Sadly I opened this bottle and did not take notes at the time and do not remember too much about it other then it was excellent but overly sweet. We actually used it as syrup the next morning with french toast. I know this sounds like a waste but it was likely twice as sweet as any dessert wine I've had. Very nice, just overly sweet. There was also a greenish hue to the rim of the wine. (4708 views)
 Tasted by WinoTim on 10/18/2009 & rated 92 points: Very rich and decadant. Small portions are appropriate. (4246 views)
 Tasted by SFWineKolohe on 9/2/2009: Perfect. Worth the close to 30 year wait. Looks like soda syrup, massive legs, perfect raisin flavor. Fabulous. (5140 views)
 Tasted by DRobinson on 8/24/2009 & rated 92 points: This is a great fortified wine. It looks like motor oil and tastes molasses, toffee, and caramel. A thick wine that is very sweet and has an incredible nose. Very persistent finish. This is the fourth bottle I've had, and thankfully I have another one in my cellar! (5011 views)
 Tasted by Mindmuse on 8/15/2009 & rated 92 points: Dense dark brown. Concentrated and aged stuff. Raisins, molasses, caramel, fig preserves, maybe some macadamia nuts. Rich, viscous molasses-like but not so very sticky in the mouth. Surprisingly non-hot for ETOH content. (5188 views)
 Tasted by MHildbold on 4/25/2009 & rated 94 points: Great concentration and depth- figs, orange blossom, prunes, raisins, petrol, and a bit of nuttiness. A delightful wine. Can't drink more than 1/2 glass per go but excellent nonetheless. (5305 views)
 Tasted by kenthargis on 3/1/2009 & rated 90 points: Caramel and toffee flavors, hard to believe it is a 30 year old wine, would get again, good price to quality ratio (5370 views)
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Vinos de España - Wines of Spain (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior) | Wikipedia

Spain is the third largest wine producing nation in the world, occupying the majority of the Iberian Peninsula with vast diversity in climate, culture, and of course, wine. From inky, dark reds of the [Priorat] to dry, white Finos from Andalusia, Spain can easily boast of elaborating a wide variety of notable styles. Within Spain there are currently 62 demarcated wine regions, of which a handful have gained international recognition: [Rioja], Priorat and [Ribera del Duero]. Yet these regions are only a small sample of the high quality wines Spain produces. Regions such as Cava, Penedes, Somontano, Galicia, Rueda and Jerez are only a few of the numerous regions worthy of exploration throughout Spain. Spain can also lay claim to having the most land under vine in the world, growing up to, by some accounts, 600 indigenous varietals of which Tempranillo is their most well known. Other popular varietals include [Garnacha], Bobal and Monastrell for reds and for whites; the infamous Palomino Fino grape which is used in the production of sherry wine, Pedro Ximenez in Montilla Morilles, Albarino used in the creation of the bright, effervescent wines of Galicia, and Verdejo in Rueda. - Source: - Catavino.net

Spain is not in the forefront of winemaking for its dessert wines, other than for its sweet wines from Sherry country including the highly revered Olorosos and Amontillados. But apart from Sherry Spain has a range of styles of dessert wines, ranging from the those made from the Pedro Ximenez grape primarily in Jerez and Montilla-Moriles) to luscious, red dessert wines made in the Mediterranean from the Garnacha (Grenache) grape. Some good Moscatels are made in Mallorca, Alicante and Navarre. The northwest corner of Spain, Galicia, with its bitter Atlantic climate, is even making dessert wines, called “Tostadillos” in the village of Ribadivia (similar to France’s “Vin de Paille”). The Canary Islands have made interesting dessert wines for centuries (they are mentioned by Shakespeare, for example) and in recent years the quality of winemaking has been improved and the Canary Islands wines are being better marketed now. The winemaking styles for “Vinos Dulces” are also diverse, from “Late Harvest” (Vendimia Tardía) to “Fortified Wines” (Fermentación Parcial). Based on in-spain.info.

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