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 Vintage2004 Label 1 of 9 
ProducerJuslyn Vineyards (web)
VarietyRed Blend
DesignationPerry's Blend
SubRegionNapa Valley
AppellationNapa Valley

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2009 and 2019 (based on 6 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Juslyn Vineyards Perry`s Blend on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 92.4 pts. and median of 92 pts. in 66 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by davemj on 2/21/2015 & rated 92 points: At long last I get to open this: sour cherry and deep cedar notes, took many hours to open up; back end rounded and soft; can't see how this could improve; bring remaining bottles out of storage this year (449 views)
 Tasted by BklynNeophyte on 2/5/2015 & rated 90 points: This one redolent of plums plus. The cork was dry and crumbled, requiring straining as part of the decant. The scent of plums filled the kitchen. Very enjoyable. (513 views)
 Tasted by uffedaniel on 1/30/2015 & rated 95 points: Still hist the spot for me, only two bottles left... What to do... (538 views)
 Tasted by GalvezGuy on 12/25/2014 & rated 92 points: Nose of red currant, sour cherry, bell pepper, cedar, graphite. On the palate, red currant, blackberry, tobacco, cedar, spice. Finishes with a nice balance of tannins and acidity. (701 views)
 Tasted by hawkeye54 on 3/2/2014 & rated 94 points: Drank with friends. This continues to over deliver. Would compete with wines twice the price. Sorry no tasting notes. We were dealing with three sets of twins at the time...it was consumed quickly! (1907 views)
 Tasted by Annie1 on 3/1/2014 & rated 94 points: Sadly, this was the last bottle. I've written about almost all of the bottles I purchased of this vintage. It only improved with time and it was already outstanding. (1557 views)
 Tasted by carlsport on 2/3/2014 & rated 91 points: Still very solid, but not quite as well-rounded as the bottle I had in 2011. Wouldn't say it is fading, but is at least at its peak. (1583 views)
 Tasted by GalvezGuy on 11/29/2013 & rated 92 points: Nose of red currant, sour cherry, bell pepper, tobacco, cedar, graphite. On the palate, red currant, blackberry, tobacco, cedar, spice, bell pepper. Finishes with a nice balance of tannins and acidity. (1897 views)
 Tasted by uffedaniel on 11/18/2013 & rated 96 points: Same as always, damn good wine!! (1788 views)
 Tasted by spv on 10/18/2013 & rated 94 points: Wonderful. Rich garnet color with very slight amber edge. Beautiful nose of dark fruits. Lots of fruit - cassis, blackberries. Not over the top but really together. Expected the alcohol to be more of an issue at 15% but was really in the background. Glad I have a few more of these! (971 views)
 Tasted by Kdog on 7/14/2013 & rated 94 points: Had against an 06' Rubicon. Perry's whipped it, if you prefer bright fruit, so bright for a 9 yr old wine. Lovely, elegant, fruity, good acid, bright. D-elicious. (1321 views)
 Tasted by bkrup on 6/10/2013 & rated 94 points: @MDKRAFT99 hit it on the head. I would add some definites notes of tobacco intertwined with the leather. I brought this to a local restaurant and had it with a rare flat iron steak over asparagus and roasted Yukon gold potatoes. I've had one bottle each of the last 3 years on our anniversary and this was by far the most accessible. One bottle left. (1299 views)
 Tasted by mdkraft99 on 4/21/2013 & rated 92 points: In short, delicious! Opened and aerated in glass for about 30 minutes, drank over ~ 2 hours. Nose with dark fruits, maybe a hint of leather; flavors of blackberry but not overly fruity, hints of caramel, graphite, tobacco, maybe a touch of olive and white pepper at the end; nicely integrated tannins, served with lamb steaks. Really nice, glad we have one more bottle! (1354 views)
 Tasted by Annie1 on 2/27/2013 & rated 92 points: Decanted for about 1/2 hour. Nose of plums, raspberries and coffee. Delicious berries and plums on palate. Very smooth with long enjoyable finish. One more bottle....maybe will open in a couple of years. (1480 views)
 Tasted by Suss on 11/28/2012 & rated 93 points: has come together nicely. Rich and delicious. Definitely needs AT LEAST and hour of decanting for it all to come together. Would probably buy again but in this price range their is so much goodness to be found. (1975 views)
 Tasted by danielbleier on 10/1/2012 & rated 92 points: PnP. Aromas of tobacco, spice and berries. Lovely blend of candied cherry, cranberry, and sharp sweet spices. The tobacco on the nose does not seem to be present, nor are there any other earthy qualities or this would rate even higher. Still, the flavors are very well integrated and have real depth. Good long finish as well. (1538 views)
 Tasted by The King on 7/27/2012 & rated 80 points: Bite. Just not good. (1756 views)
 Tasted by BklynNeophyte on 3/19/2012 & rated 91 points: 91+. Smoooooth! Outstanding taste, a little reticent on the nose, however. Comparable: Jonathan Niese. (2157 views)
 Tasted by rickspicks on 1/31/2012 & rated 92 points: Similar to, but much smoother than a prior bottle. PnP thru aerator, did not take notes. Very rich, ripe flavors of dark berries with spice, licorice and oak. Full bodied and smooth with nice balance and a long fruity finish. Very nice. (2165 views)
 Tasted by Fpkjr on 12/8/2011 & rated 95 points: My favorite of Juslyn blends. Current, blackberries and a hint of slate! In addition, the refine tannins make this Spring Mountain Jem a pleasure to drink! (2234 views)
 Tasted by Annie1 on 10/5/2011 & rated 93 points: Outrageous....again. (2470 views)
 Tasted by mrabinowitz on 9/26/2011: Drinking very nicely (2601 views)
 Tasted by GalvezGuy on 9/18/2011 & rated 92 points: Back to form. Nose a little more secondary with red currant, sour cherry, bell pepper, tobacco, cedar, graphite. On the palate, red currant, blackberry, tobacco, cedar, spice, bell pepper. Finishes with a nice balance of tannins and acidity. Hold for a couple more years and this will be in a great spot. (2444 views)
 Tasted by aaronfeigin on 9/2/2011 & rated 94 points: The wine looks Brick colored.
The legs are Slow.
It smells like Blackberry, Black currant (cassis), Mineral, and Oak.
It tastes like Blackberry, Black currant (cassis), and Mushroom.
The body is Medium/Full.
The wine is textured Smooth.
The wine finishes Long. (2409 views)
 Tasted by Annie1 on 8/23/2011 & rated 92 points: same as last bottle...simply a delicious wine. (2478 views)
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Juslyn Vineyards

Producer website
When British ex-patriots Perry and Carolyn Butler moved to California in 1982, they never dreamed they would own 42 acres of prime vineyard land in the heart of Napa Valley.
They arrived in California as high-tech pioneers and founded their own computer company in the San Francisco Bay area. After routine 80-hour work weeks, the couple relaxed
during weekend trips to Napa Valley, where they were bitten by the wine bug. Dreams of high-tech dominance soon turned to thoughts of returning to the land and grape growing.

In 1997, their dream became a reality when Perry and Carolyn sold their computer business and founded Juslyn Vineyards on a site overlooking the renowned Spring Mountain Winery.
(The name, Juslyn, is derived from the names, Justine-the Butlers' daughter-and Carolyn.) In 1998, they made their first vintage of Juslyn from grapes purchased from Andy Beckstoffer
as they waited patiently for their own vines to mature. Their patience paid in 2000, when they were able to harvest their estate for the first time to produce 80 cases of Spring Mountain
cabernet sauvignon. Perry and Carolyn are committed to making the best wine possible in the heart of Napa Valley's acclaimed Spring Mountain District.

Red Blend

Red Blend is used for any combination of red grapes that does not fit into CellarTracker's preset blends (Red Bordeaux Blend, etc). Actual blend composition for a given wine should be entered under the per wine or per wine vintage wiki articles.


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California is one of the most diverse wine regions in the world, with almost 100 grape varieties grown in over 100 viticultural areas, including dozens of ­different microclimates and soil types, as well as a very individualistic set of ­winemakers, many with international experience, which adds to and deepens that diversity.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley Wineries and Wine (Napa Valley Vintners) | Article in CellarTracker

Napa Valley

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