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 Vintage2000 Label 1 of 177 
TypeRed - Fortified
ProducerTaylor (Fladgate) (web)
VarietyPort Blend
UPC Code(s)084692000012, 084692000029, 084692300846, 5013626110102, 5013626110881, 5013626110928

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2012 and 2039 (based on 145 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Taylor Port on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 93.6 pts. and median of 94 pts. in 72 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by KCBrian on 12/27/2015 & rated 93 points: Great vintage port. (3548 views)
 Tasted by Xavier Auerbach on 10/19/2015 & rated 91 points: A private tasting (Jan-Dirk Taams' residence, Groot-Ammers, Netherlands): Stalky and difficult nose, cocoa and violets; rather dry on the palate, seems to lack the power and ripe fruit I was expecting; liquorice finish, lacks some length. We will have to wait a long time for this one and the waiting may well be in vain. (5120 views)
 Tasted by drjb on 6/26/2015 & rated 96 points: As in my previous note from 2013 this is a wonderful Port ! Perhaps somewhat more closed on this occasion but still with that cassis, lavender and dark chocolate character on both the nose and palate. Intense fruit and structure on the palate with fine but evident tannin backbone. Fine spirit finish. Very young but losing some of the primary lusciousness that was previously present. (5985 views)
 Tasted by jmoon on 4/4/2015 & rated 95 points: stunning rich juicy red and black fruit. Fresh tannins not too heavy - needs a 1 he decant ideally 2+... Amazing with a long life in front but very enjoyable now. Mouthfilling (6695 views)
 Tasted by mto75 on 3/6/2015 & rated 93 points: taste develops into more complex notes after 2-3 hours of decanting, red fruits, some cedar wood, not yet at its peak, might need some more years in the cellar (7048 views)
 Tasted by gzim on 1/24/2015 & rated 94 points: First from a case. Served as a pop 'n pour which is obviously not the way to go. Gorgeous fruit, but a little obscured by heavy tannin. Saved half the bottle to follow .... (5977 views)
 Tasted by Timbalimba on 11/22/2014 & rated 94 points: Taylor's Port: More feminine, oak, nuts. This is the first in the line-up that feels settled. Deeper exotic fruit underneath the perfume, quite a lot of oak but it doesn’t detract. Settled and balanced on the palate, fine fruit, good acidity, but there’s still an edge to it, needs more time. 94++ (5952 views)
 Tasted by Lazaruk-Schwyter on 11/8/2014 & rated 95 points: Steve Alexander's 50th birthday at the cannery in Newport Beach (4793 views)
 Tasted by Wizaard1 on 10/19/2014 & rated 93 points: very nice with nice fruit, but vintage should be drunk within 5-10 years unless it turns out to be in a sleepy stage. Time and tasting in a few years will tell. (4193 views)
 Tasted by ghood on 9/9/2014 & rated 94 points: Half bottle, drank while watching "Karate Kid." Lots of cassis, cedar spice, bitter chocolate. Way too young. Unforgiving like a front kick from Daniel San. (4182 views)
 Tasted by cliffkol on 9/9/2014 & rated 93 points: Decanted 4 hours. Needed 10. Way too tannic, and too young. But flavors were bursting from the glass and amazing. (4663 views)
 Tasted by msimoes on 8/31/2014 & rated 92 points: still tons of berries showing. The tannins have largely faded. After 24hrs in decanter was at its best and I can see why rated so highly. Still far too young for me to fully enjoy. Fear it may be another 15+ years... (3085 views)
 Tasted by sweetstuff on 3/4/2014 & rated 95 points: Young, grippy, tannic; some variation in bottle development, this being a youthful one. (6098 views)
 Tasted by sweetstuff on 3/4/2014 & rated 95 points: Considerably less developed when poured for the piano tuner Gene Rolfe (who brought over some nice cheeses, including Stilton and Roquefort). It seems that these bottles are bifurcating--some quite overtly grippy and alcholoic, big and with ripe, dryish fruitiness, and others more delveloped, forward, sleek, and giving more immediate pleasure. It's hard not to conclude that the one is of lesser quality than the other. I believe it's not--just needs more time. Drink 2019-2040. Full retail $115/750; wholesale $76/750 ml. Refer to recent notes by this critic and others. (5297 views)
 Tasted by cliffkol on 3/3/2014 & rated 95 points: Bursting with bouquet and flavors. Dark, brooding color. Rich, intense deep fruits, earth, cassis, floral. Tannins still grippy, a slight amount of heat. Decanted 10 hours and softened considerably but still shows the signs of its youth through the tannins and intense forward fruits. This was a great port and dazzled our guests. (4777 views)
 Tasted by msimoes on 2/23/2014: It is full of berries and a pleasure to drink. The tannins are there but balanced well w the fruit. Still comes across v young though not "thick" from all the fruit anymore. Can only imagine how wonderful it will be like in 30+ years time. (4844 views)
 Tasted by mwanasheria on 2/15/2014 & rated 92 points: Odds and ends in Munich (Munich, Käfer's): Holding its own after the 1963 with attractive fruit, honey, candied fruit. Needs some little more time. (4027 views)
 Tasted by millesime66 on 12/17/2013 & rated 90 points: Le bouchon désèché par un trop long entreposage à la verticale en succursale s'est complètement désagrégé et est tombé en petits morceaux dans la bouteille à l'ouverture. Une fois filtré, on s'est rendu compte qu'il avait souffert et ne pouvait donner qu'un petit aperçu de ce qu'il aurait été. Dommage... (4641 views)
 Tasted by jeanluc07 on 8/7/2013 & rated 94 points: Drink at atlantis reef hotel (6321 views)
 Tasted by FYC on 8/4/2013: From a 375. Lots of sediment in the bottle. So dark it's almost black. Rich dark fruit and spice. Substantial tannins but not obtrusive. Not much sensation of alcohol either. Surprising approachable for a young Taylor. Very nice. (5763 views)
 Tasted by lvjohn on 8/2/2013 & rated 95 points: Beautiful with abundant fruit with great depth. No defects at all. Dark fruits and joy in the mouth. Drank it over several days and each episode was better than the last. We probably drank it too soon. (5707 views)
 Tasted by mtaczak on 6/17/2013: still sleeping. (6339 views)
 Tasted by drjb on 6/15/2013 & rated 96 points: Dark crimson-purple, dense. Nose reticent at first but opened quite quickly to reveal deep bouquet of blackcurrants, violets, dark chocolate and lavender. Palate intense and deep flavors of blackfruits, chocolate and lavender again with a spine of beautiful fine spirit and tannin with touches of earth and mineral character that keeps on and on. This is a great Port. 96. (5449 views)
 Tasted by mijnamfauk on 2/5/2013 & rated 96 points: 96 for estimated potential.cork on its way out..closed, barely fragrant,tannic. Tasted an ounce or so and decided to put it away for another 15 years, topped it off with an ounce of so of Cockburn 2000 and put in a newish cork. Will visit it again in 2028. Thinking it will shine.
Talk to you again in a decade and a half. (5502 views)
 Tasted by sweetstuff on 1/28/2013 & rated 98 points: Taylor Fladgate Vintage Porto 2000, bottled 2002, Bottled by Taylor, Fladgate, and Yeatman, Vinhos SA, VNde Gaia, Portugal; imported by Kobrand, New York, NY, purchased at Sams Club, Ann Arbor, MI. $85/750 ml (2003). 20.5 pavb.

EXTRACT of TN: Deeply purple with unresolved sediment and only the beginning of an edge clearing, a port more like a mixture of a great Taylor VP and a great Graham VP. Rich, much less dry than usual, with complex and exotic fruit in the nose, quite sweet, with nearly hidden alcohol, blended resins, somewhat tarry, and gentle-textured and juicy-fruity acids. Great, expressive length dominated by tobacco smoke and violets. Great high tones over the whole scale. One of the most intensely pleasurable Taylors of recent memory, but with a serious side that takes time in decanter to show. Now-2030, 97-98/100.


Cork long but beginning to lose flexibility and diameter; fairly tight but extracted in one piece. Deep purple cork bottom, rest clean, six-banded. Perhaps 10 ml liquid left after decanting; heavy, gloppy, sediment, with little crustiness at this time--lower tartrate than some other Tayor VPs?

Deep purple color in a Riedel Zin glass: 2 mm transparency with 1 mm dusky band, rest deeply opaque purple, has not yet fallen bright--considerable bittiness. Thick coating to glass with tears developing.

TN on opening and for 1st hour: Beginning harmonious complex of oyster broth, thyme/cassis, sweet dried plum, cherry, rich anise, smoky minerals, dried bitter flowers, a little vanilla, wood sap.

Rich, sweet, with pleasantly ripe and full tannins, energetic, with a fatty, saline fried potato note, throwing off cool fresh air impressions with only a hint of heat from underlying brandy. Considerable and impressive length, with 'violet' notes (more Graham-like) and fine secondhand cigar smoke.

After more air: Throws off additional scents of apple flowers and sweet, sailing light Cameroon-wrapper Habana smoke. Slightly bitter clove and umami notes undergird other taste sensations, with an unusually fine and delicate palate and finish.

At 12 hours, the nose is more integrated, everthing in place, with an umami-and-meadowgrass, minty old-vines style emerging like the chordal opening of a big Mahler symphony movement, across the entire audio spectrum, with great presence. Starting to show some more sap, but this is not an extremely long-term ager, but a more serious side is certainly emerging. A prototypical cigar port, I'd imagine.

This port was very difficult to assess when young and seemed very clumsy and clunky. A few years in the cellar shows what port experts saw in it ten years ago, but with even a few more surprises in style and quality. Really singing after only two hours of air. I might hesitate to cellar such a ripe, lush wine beyond the next 20 years. Drink now--2030. (98 pts.)

I should, however, note that after 2 days in decanter I could percieve that there is an iron fist emerging==showing that this one may have two or three, if not nine, lives, and may last longer than the above estimate. (5462 views)
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Taylor (Fladgate)

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Taylor's vintage ports are renowned for their massive structure, concentration of flavour and distinctively masculine style. Taylor's Port is also renowned for being amongst the longest lived of all ports.

Robert Parker: "This house must certainly be the Latour of Portugal. Their ports are remarkably backward yet still impressive when young. Of all the vintage ports, those of Taylor need the longest time to mature and even when fully mature seem to have an inner strength and firmness that keep them going for decades."

Port Blend

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ViniPortugal (Associação Interprofissional para a Promoção dos Vinhos Portugueses/Portuguese Wine Trade Association)


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