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Drinking window: Drink between 2008 and 2015 (based on 1 user opinion)

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Community Tasting Notes (average 90.4 pts. and median of 90 pts. in 8 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by brigcampbell on 4/11/2013: Nice decent wine and my first Riesling from Austria. Enjoyable and no formal note. (1028 views)
 Tasted by wine strategies on 4/10/2013: PnP served non-blind, consumed over 2 days. Intriguing example of the varietal that imparts a deep sense of place, but also helps to make the case for just how noble the Riesling grape really is. This is not a wow wine, rather it's a wine that unfolds like a really good book, getting better and better by the chapter. Similar to all good books, this doesn't end with a big bang, some "ah-ha" meant to (finally?) grab your attention, instead it comes full circle, delivering a thorough study of the grape, time, and place. A wine to savor, to spend time with. Best on night #2. 12,5% abv, drink thru 2018 (1155 views)
 Tasted by oceanos on 11/28/2009 & rated 92 points: Wonderful wine, definitely ready to be drunk, dry smooth, some minerality and fruitiness (may have lost some of its definition). (1501 views)
 Tasted by silton on 9/27/2009 & rated 90 points: I'm getting some paraffin off the nose as well as stones and a wash of white fruit. The palate is, for my tastes, too centered on a flavor of brown leaves, along with pear and dried grapefruit and the elements from the nose. I agree with a previous note that this is both dry and elegant overall, but just not a wine I'd want to wait 15+ years for. It is showing a bit longer and broader today compared to yesterday, which was somewhat disappointing (vacu-vinned in the fridge overnight). Good, but not really special unless you dig the aged petroleum or earth notes or the transparent minerality. I can think of a number of salad courses to serve this with. (1557 views)
 Tasted by Eric B on 3/27/2009: Riesling revelry at Gabiela's (Gabriela's Portugese Cuisine): Aromas reminiscent of a viognier / marsanne blend i recently had. flavors were acidic lemon and a bit of petrol. (2437 views)
 Tasted by Reyman on 12/28/2008 & rated 91 points: Very elegant and dry with a nice, stony minerality along with notes of pear and apple. This has aged nicely and seems ready to me. (1155 views)

Professional 'Channels'
By Jon Rimmerman
Garagiste (6/18/2008)
(Kirchmayr Riesling Altenberg) 1990

Dear Friends,

Now for something completely different...

When traveling in Austria it is always a treat to stumble upon an aged bottle of Kirchmayr Solist at a local restaurant. This is one label you can purchase off a restaurant wine list with great confidence - if they have an old vintage it's bound to be first-rate. Why? The odds are it was just released by the winery, even if it's from the 1950s.

If you are looking for top-quality library stock and you are into Riesling, you may want to pay special attention here. Kirchmayr is one of the most unheralded sources for Austrian Riesling (and Gruner) for one simple reason - they don't release the wine until it is ready (and that could be 20-30 years). They hold back stock of their very best lots (single vineyard only) and keep them for at least ten years but typically 15-20 in the baroque cellar of Seitenstetten (a monastery). In the case of the early 1970s wines, it was 30 years before they were released and they sold out in a blink. Only wines with what they would consider to be "extra-ordinary depth and ageing potential" (emphasis on the hyphen between "extra" and "ordinary") are candidates for this regimen and they pass over 95% of their stock each year and settle on maybe 5% that fits their requirement for a Solist bottling (the name of this special library stock). If there is a question as to the longevity, the vintage is passed over completely.

This is natural winemaking and tradition on par with Giacomo Conterno or even Valentini. Only large, old wooden casks are used, with native yeasts from the Seitenstetten: "Spontaneous fermentation and vinification in large wooden barrels are essential components of the philosophy of the winery where longevity and natural elegance are among the highest criteria". All of the Solist wines, regardless of vintage, have a sheer brilliance of definition about them (in an olfactory and gustatory sense) - they are comparable to any of the most admired wines in the world and are a downright bargain for what they are (new releases from Austria cost more than this and you will have to wait 20 years to get this type of complexity).

Every year, Kirchmayr tastes representative bottles of each vintage lying in the cellar (back 20, 30, 40 even 50 years) and the determination is made if any will be released. They may release 5, 10, or maybe 20 cases from a vintage and then leave the remainder for another decade to release a small amount again. A very interesting method but it is the tradition in their family and one the new generation will not alter. Original cellar-stock of this magnitude is always exciting but something this unusual gets the oenophile's blood racing just a little bit quicker.

The latest set to be released by the winery includes two venerable vintages of the 1990s - 1993 and 1990 (many would argue two of the best vintages in the last 20-30). The wines are sublime - period. These are not for those looking for a nice, easygoing experience - they are wines of soul and solid rock that can take your breath away for their razor-sharp direction and verve. The 1993 is slightly richer from the off-dry element but the 1990 is so on-point it's tough to pass up. Both have aromatics that are near-perfect for aged Austrian Riesling and you can get lost in the nose alone. Both vintages also reflect their site place (Weinviertel and Wachau) and are ready to drink now. Both are VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

ONE MINISCULE SHIPMENT ONLY with perfect provenance:

1993 Kirchmayr Riesling "Loibenberg - Konig Altwein" Solist (Wachau) EXTREMELY LIMITED
180 bottles released by the winery (for the world) - if you see this listed anywhere else, I would be shocked if they have more than one bottle. Slightly off-dry and all the better for it:

Kirchmayr: "The wine from 1993 had a lot of fruit and elegance, accompanied by a harmonious acidity. Richly complex in character, the wine is developing aromas of grapefruit, dried quince, acacia-honey, a wonderful ripe aroma, succulent, fantastic minerality spice on the palate, winning in its harmony and elegance; great charm, delicate dense structure, full-bodied; the wine has a perfect acidity to sugar and to fruit balance; long lingering finish; semi-dry; a sophisticated wine."

1990 Kirchmayr Riesling "Altenberg" Solist (Weinviertel) EXTREMELY LIMITED
120 bottles released by the winery (for the world) - ditto what I said above and even rarer than the 1993. Think 1990 Clos St. Hune is good (at $300-400/bottle)? Try this bone dry example approaching it's twenty year anniversary:

Kirchmayr: "In 1990, The wines had harmonious acidity and pleasant fruit. Typical notes of a matured Riesling, dried fruits, stonefruit, white flowers, clearly defined; harmonious interlacing of acidity, a distinguished dry wine."

Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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