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 Vintage2007 Label 1 of 6 
ProducerKing Estate (web)
VarietyPinot Gris
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UPC Code(s)768675960127

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2008 and 2010 (based on 3 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 86.3 pts. and median of 87 pts. in 33 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by aajder on 8/24/2010 & rated 85 points: Fairly light straw yellow in color. The nose features subtle aromas of pear, apple, grapefruit, and orange blossom, with a hint of salty minerals. There is good fruit on the palate; however, it lacks concentration and richness. This Pinot Gris expresses its clean, pure character well with a short medium finish. (2153 views)
 Tasted by DuaneT on 6/26/2010 & rated 87 points: A very drinkable summer wine, though not particularly memorable. A honey & citrus taste, but with good acidity that makes the wine balanced. It's been a while since having it, but the 2008 vintage seemed a bit bolder (and better) than this one. (2235 views)
 Tasted by pocchia on 3/10/2010 & rated 87 points: Nice clear color, pretty, clean, bright nose with a bright, sharp clean taste. (2438 views)
 Tasted by kdubler on 2/16/2010 & rated 80 points: Was very disapointed with this wine. I have read many great things and maybe was just expecting too much. I think you can find many greater value Pinot Gris coming out of Oregon (2558 views)
 Tasted by azwino on 1/25/2010 & rated 87 points: Color - light, pale straw. Grapefruit and minerals. A bit acidic, but not over the top - skieser hit it on the head when comparing it to the Nobilo Sauv Blanc. Amazingly food friendly! (2388 views)
 Tasted by snaff on 12/24/2009 & rated 88 points: Very pleasing nose of light fruit and minerals. Soft tropical notes with a bit of pear. (1805 views)
 Tasted by armchairsommelier on 12/10/2009 & rated 87 points: The nose is a little tight . . . apples and peach. It did open up some after being in the glass for a while. Flavors of melon and apple, a little chalk, too. Light and crisp, easy to drink. Salud! (1845 views)
 Tasted by Steve Jones on 9/13/2009 & rated 88 points: Nice flavorful wine. Round, soft flavors. Acid a bit light but a very nice drinker. (2041 views)
 Tasted by mmurry on 9/12/2009 & rated 89 points: Pinots, Pinots, and Pinots! (Farpointe Cellar): The nose was heavy with tropical fruits - pineapple, and papaya mainly. There was also some pear, and a slight hint of crushed rock. The palate was almost the opposite on the nose. Mainly stone and pear upfront, with some very subtle tropical notes on the finish. (2179 views)
 Tasted by ewisor on 9/5/2009 & rated 86 points: A good Oregon Pinot Gris - albeit a bit bit pricey. (2134 views)
 Tasted by txfireman on 6/12/2009 & rated 80 points: Awful nose. Sour mildew at initial pour. Thought it was corked. Body is flat. Not much to describe except for taste of alcohol. Tannic and highly acidic. Finish lingers in a bad way like cooked metal and mineral. (2235 views)
 Tasted by hutch on 4/8/2009 & rated 88 points: Wine Marketing Tasting (Newport): Nice mouthfeel. A little richness. Well done. 88+ (2700 views)
 Tasted by esb on 2/15/2009 & rated 84 points: Fruity but not interesting. Flat on the palate and slightly sweet. Not fond of this but I guess it's ok, for what it is, although I don't see this as an attractive entry level wine. (2365 views)
 Tasted by skieser on 2/7/2009 & rated 86 points: 2007 is not a good vintage for Oregon Pinot Gris. This won't surprise anyone who lives in oregon, as we didn't get any respite from the rain in '07 until August. So I give King Estate big props for overcoming the vintage as well as they have. A bit thin, not nearly as round as the 06, with strong grapefruit flavors. This reminded me a lot of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc. Quite acidic for Oregon PG, but not harsh in anyway. Light melon notes on a medium length polished finish. Drank on the beach in Mazatlan. Would almost surely show a little better with temperature control. Will consider buying again at $13.00. (2492 views)
 Tasted by Erik12903 on 2/6/2009 & rated 84 points: like a more adult fruit salad, based only on white hard fruit - pear, guava and apple with some cream soda and light tangy citrus finish. (2405 views)
 Tasted by ey1294 on 12/8/2008 & rated 89 points: Light straw in color. Very light fruit, minerally nose. The fruit is fresh crisp pear, apple slices and minerals. A truly good Pinot Gris. King Estate does this wine so well, best out of Oregon, no doubt! (2354 views)
 Tasted by bubbachumps on 11/28/2008 & rated 87 points: Similiar notes to prior ct post, except I felt it was a pleasurable drink. Apricot, and a touch of minerals. (2335 views)
 Tasted by tommers207 on 11/27/2008 & rated 89 points: Had for Thanksgiving at a Mc Cormick and Schmidts in Irvine California. Light straw color. Nose very floral with apricots and mango. Mouthfeel was medium to light but that's what I'd expect from a Pinot Gris. Up front you get the apricot, mango and a little rose petal. The mid-pallete shows the minerality and a little citrus. Back end lingers for a bit but not that strong. Good acidity. Everyone loved it. (2159 views)
 Tasted by mclancy10006 on 11/27/2008 & rated 88 points: Fruit and light. Was enjoyed by the wife and family for turkey day and we would buy again. (2405 views)
 Tasted by ewineguy on 9/18/2008 & rated 87 points: This was a wine tasting evening at Coto De Caza Country Club. Joining me was my wife, and about 4 friends. The PG was a very pale yellow. It was served a bit too cold, at least in my opinion. As I warmed it with my palms, there was a slight appricot/apple essence to the aroma. It had no structure to it was so ever almost watery. On the tongue, some mineral and acidic feel. Not one I'd have in my cellar. (2270 views)
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King Estate

Producer website

King Estate winery in Oregon in this 2003 photograph.

Pinot Gris

From Pinot Gris Wikipedia entry:
Wines made from the Pinot gris vary greatly and are dependent on the region and wine making style they are from. Alsatian Pinot gris are medium to full bodied wines with a rich, somewhat floral bouquet. They tend to be spicy in comparisons with other Pinot gris. While most Pinot gris are meant to be consumed early, Alsatian Pinot gris can age well. German Pinot gris are more full-bodied with a balance of acidity and slight sweetness. In Oregon the wines are medium bodied with a yellow to copper-pink color and aromas of pear, apple, and/or melon. In California, the Pinot gris are more light bodied with a crisp, refreshing taste with some pepper and arugula notes. The Pinot grigio style of Italy is a light-bodied, often lean wine that is light in color with sometimes spritzy flavors that can be crisp and acidic. Although this wine can be very sweet, it will begin to lose its acidity when it is nearly ripe.

Pinot gris is considered an "early to market wine" that can be bottled and out on the market within 4–12 weeks after fermentation.
Varietal character (Appellation America)

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