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 Vintage2006 Label 1 of 8 
ProducerMcPrice Myers (web)
VineyardLes Galets
SubRegionCentral Coast
AppellationArroyo Grande Valley

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2008 and 2014 (based on 5 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 91.1 pts. and median of 91 pts. in 48 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by brigcampbell on 9/2/2013 & rated 92 points: The Wine Crew (FMIII in the OC): Wow, does this come out swing. Very dark color. Nose is dark plum and just a hint of fig and prune. I thought this might be way over cooked for me but its not. There's a huge chalky presence throughout the palate with spicey peppered black fruit. It's young, big, and brawny wine but very fun. (1282 views)
 Tasted by ruddy on 4/28/2013 & rated 87 points: Fair bit of heat, but otherwise good varietal character. Very spicy with good herbal/chaparral notes. Dark fruit, decent finish. Drink up. (1016 views)
 Tasted by ctjared on 4/4/2013: Wish I had more of this and it never changed from where it is today!!! Great blend of grenache and syrah. (1025 views)
 Tasted by dberan on 11/4/2012: - Garnet color and has flavours of black pepper with a long finish. (1228 views)
 Tasted by ctjared on 8/10/2012: Somewhat spicy and very fruity. beautiful nose of dark fruits and pepper. Medium to long finish. opening very nicely and drinking very well. (1287 views)
 Tasted by markbp on 6/12/2011 & rated 93 points: Ruby red color, some fruit on the nose but a little restrained. Medium body, delicious fruit with some slight astringency on the finish. Excellent! (1551 views)
 Tasted by gmbdds on 5/30/2011 & rated 92 points: Not decanted but ready to go right out of the gate. Aromatic and full-flavored. Red and darker fruits are delcious with spice, anise and bbq notes giving deeper interest. This never seemed overdone to me. (1332 views)
 Tasted by sbfireman on 2/20/2011 & rated 94 points: Heavy hitter the Dali.... Full throttle in your glass. Great deep purple (follow-up album to Machine Head....). No complaints here. (1621 views)
 Tasted by sweetdaddy on 1/29/2011 & rated 90 points: This was a monster. It was all gamey and sweet, ripe fruits on day 1 and showed a bit (a tiny bit) more restraint on day 2. Tar, creosote and super ripe figs covered in freshly ground black pepper. (1428 views)
 Tasted by bruce61 on 1/1/2011 & rated 88 points: The score is mostly based upon the second day. This wine, upon pop and pour at a restaurant, was HOT, disjointed, and virtually undrinkable. Given about 20 minutes, it became drinkable, but it was monolithic, and way too alcoholic. We took it home and I had a glass the next day. Now, there is a nice wine hiding behind the 16.2% alcohol. Don't get me wrong, it still was a big, plush mouthful of fruit, plum, and a good dose of pepper and spice, with more than a bit of oak (not some people's tastes); but it was thoroughly enjoyable the next day. Lesson learned: Give at least 12 hours of air to these wines! Had it been drinkable the first day, it would have been a 92. (1648 views)
 Tasted by Kingvino on 11/6/2010 & rated 94 points: EXTREMELY well made syrah. Absolute delish factor, loaded to the gills with flavor and layers. About 2 hours later, this wine SINGS. So dang good now, will be hard to keep my hands of the others. Might be time to peek in on the 07 as well. (1682 views)
 Tasted by Loren Sonkin on 5/30/2010 & rated 91 points: Some Rhone(ish) wines on a Saturday afternoon: Purple in color, opaque and bright. The nose is musty at first but cleans up a bit to show black raspberries and some cedar. Some VA on the nose. On the palate, cocoa and raspberries. Sweet and syrupy on the finish. This wine seemed to have a few flaws going on yet at the end of the day, its deliciousness won out. (2527 views)
 Tasted by jupiter33 on 4/26/2010 & rated 89 points: Simple fruit bomb with heat but delicious. (2064 views)
 Tasted by grafstrb on 3/25/2010 & rated 89 points: – popped and poured–
– tasted non-blind over 2-3 hours –

NOSE: dark nose; black cherry; sweet; oak; kind of simple.

BODY: lots of fine particulate matter; ruby-purple color of great depth; medium-full bodied.

TASTE: sweet (r.s.), yet also a tad bitter; concentrated dark fruits; mineral; oak on the finish; a bit fat and a tad hot on the long finish (55 sec.); full palate; not complex; 16.2% alc.; drink soon.

B: 50, 5, 12, 15, 7 = 89 (2196 views)
 Tasted by jupiter33 on 2/22/2010 & rated 92 points: Better on day one than on day 2 (2252 views)
 Tasted by Nanda on 2/20/2010 flawed bottle: Corked. But even still this had incredible richness and fruit. Bummer. (2243 views)
 Tasted by glaze3 on 2/6/2010: Checking in on this due to recent talk of MM wines falling apart. Very ripe dark fruits that are almost liqueur like with just enough acidity to hold it together. Not something I could drink more than a couple glasses of, but to those that like the style it is holding its heat pretty well and seems to have enough structure to go a while longer ( just hand your keys over to someone) (2313 views)
 Tasted by OneLastSyrah on 1/31/2010 & rated 92 points: 16.2% ABV. Deeply colored, black garnet, slightly translucent. Rish ripe berry liqueur with a hint of ripe tapenade. Framboise/red raspberry. Rich, a bit sweet, and hedonistic. Works well as a last taste of the evening. No need to hold these. (2395 views)
 Tasted by W.Simons on 1/24/2010: Concentrated and balanced. Only touches of alcohol peeking through. Long finish with smooth, fine tannins. Olives and black, smokey fruits. Much better integration and balance than I've experienced in recent 2007 releases from McPrice. (2314 views)
 Tasted by ultramarathoner on 1/10/2010 & rated 90 points: The best of the MMs I've opened lately and is holding up the best. Lush dark fruit with licorice and mocha. A little bit of acid and some chewyness to the tannins. No rush to drink this one. I'm enjoying this one quite a bit and maybe more than the last one. (2490 views)
 Tasted by sbfireman on 12/19/2009 & rated 93 points: Lovely. Finely integrated fruit. Deep and dark purple in color. Nice in the glass (2635 views)
 Tasted by Ekoostik on 12/19/2009 & rated 91 points: I was about to write another note on this wine, then I re-read my last one...pretty much mirrors my thoughts, very nice still too much oak, but a nice value. Hold for a year to see if the oak integrates, but I wouldnt wait too long and miss out on the gorgeous fruit. (2387 views)
 Tasted by Grape Stuff on 12/13/2009 & rated 93 points: 90 minute decant. Pure, awesome syrah. On the nose, great red cherry, tar, spice notes followed on the palate with plum, fresh fig, meat, wildflowers and a spicy blackberry, vanilla and subtly peppery finish with a hint of graphite. Complete, balanced and killer. Every Mcprice wine I have just furthers my belief in this winemaker. (this wine can easily go a few more Years). Outstanding. (2665 views)
 Tasted by vinotoad on 11/20/2009 & rated 93 points: WOW! Dark Fruit, smoke, earth & spice...this wine is BIG and beautifully balanced - Central Coast Syrah does not get any better than this in my opinion! (2533 views)
 Tasted by grafstrb on 11/17/2009 & rated 91 points: – popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over a few hours –

NOSE: loads of black pepper and dark purple fruits; roasted cow meat; oak; nice earthiness; hint of alcohol. Moderately intense expressiveness.

BODY: medium-full to full bodied; tons of fine particulate matter; purple color of medium-deep depth.

TASTE: lots of pepper; oak; a tad bitter; intense fruit (blackberries & plum) with juicy acidity; a bit alcoholic tasting on the mid-palate; well-balanced; medium-long finish (approx. 45 sec.); I would drink these in the short term.

B: 50, 5, 12, 17, 7 = 91 (2787 views)
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