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 Vintage2007 Label 1 of 9 
ProducerRivers-Marie (web)
VineyardB. Thieriot Vineyard
SubRegionSonoma County
AppellationSonoma Coast

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2010 and 2016 (based on 10 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See Rivers Marie Chardonnay B. Theriot Vineyard on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 91.5 pts. and median of 92 pts. in 98 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by ews3 on 1/20/2015 & rated 92 points: charming nose of putty, wet stone, lemon, and green apple with some white flower overtones. palate shows loads of acid, very light oak, and citrus and crisp green apple. finish is dominated by the citrus and acid (583 views)
 Tasted by Gregg G on 11/21/2014: I've seen the notes over time regarding oxidation and I believe TRB has gone on record to explain that O2 was introduced, unintentionally, during pre-bottling. Whatever the case may be, this bottle from magnum, was glorious. One of the best CA Chard experiences I can remember. Wonderfully aromatic with a profound balance of richness, acid and length. Lemon curd, with the occasional pineapple flavors and a very complex nose. It seemed very Meursault 1er Cru to me in character (think Matrot Perrieres without the premox). This bottle never let up over the course of the evening. I kept going back to it all night and with 13 people around, not a drop left. Divine stuff! (787 views)
 Tasted by gutt22 on 9/14/2014: 14.1% alcohol. This has aged nicely. Medium yellow color. Pretty nose shows some baked apple notes and a buttery wood edge. Certainly more mature than it was four years ago. Supple on the palate, with the acidity having mostly resolved. Tapers a bit on the finish. Nice stuff but not as good as it was younger. A- (1040 views)
 Tasted by VinoDiver on 8/25/2013 & rated 94 points: This was really good tonight with fresh Halibut, and sweet chili Brussels Sprouts. Wine has rounded out and is now a nice golden color in the glass. I'm not sure if it can improve (its great where it’s at), but I don't think it is in any danger either. (1761 views)
 Tasted by scott davis on 8/4/2013 & rated 91 points: Checking in on this one after nearly 4 years. Medium golden color, with light aromas of apples, pears, and a hint of spice. The palate shows beautifully maturing flavors that are very nicely balanced, with citrus fruit, brioche, and light vanilla bean notes. Plenty of life now, but I would drink remaining stocks. Very nice chardonnay. (1719 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 6/19/2013: Dark yellow, almost caramel in the glass which led me to believe it was oxidized, but the wine was excellent with good acidity and honey and pear notes. A very different type of Chardonnay that was much better than the younger Kistler chardonnays in flight. (1595 views)
 Tasted by sedation (yellowgas) on 9/23/2012 & rated 94 points: golden in the glass. beautifully balanced with nice tight acidity, honey citrus notes, and a touch of pear. it went amazingly well with lemon thyme roasted chicken. this really left me wanting more (2591 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 9/21/2012: Golden in the glass with sweetish white and yellow fruit notes, a touch of wood, good acidity and great balance, a lovely wine and drinking well now (2212 views)
 Tasted by pjhr on 9/1/2012 & rated 93 points: Simply delicious chard with similar tasting notes as 2011. I guess I lucked out with 2/2 killer bottles. Great with ziti carbonara! (1523 views)
 Tasted by Tel007 on 8/10/2012: A hint of oxidiation but not enough to be undrinkable. Must be lucky. Pretty tasty actually. (1509 views)
 Tasted by Burgundy Al on 7/7/2012 & rated 91 points: Another Saturday at Knightsbridge - mostly blind (Northbrook, IL): Dark golden color. Lots of ripe apple and pear aromas with good background spice. Same lush fruit on palate with very crisp character from lively acidity plus good minerality. An impressive Sonoma Coast chardonnay. (1906 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 6/22/2012 flawed bottle: Oxidized (1035 views)
 Tasted by gzim on 6/21/2012: I am going to pass on a write up, I think '07 was not the year for Rivers Marie Chard... (1016 views)
 Tasted by S. Lorin on 4/13/2012 flawed bottle: Oxidized, bought on winebid - clearly the seller knew this - may he/she burn in h*ll, future buyers beware (1300 views)
 Tasted by fredb on 1/31/2012: Gold color with some haze. Sweet aromas of peach, butterscotch, and apricot. Palate has sweet apricot and peach preserve with some orange marmalade and marzipan notes that suggest this bottle is over the oxidation edge, which is disappointing given the age - for a '97, that would be fine; for an '07 it is premature in my book, even from California. Some strawberry and lemon notes come into the finish, which is medium in length. In stark contrast to the previous bottle which was fresh and on the other side of the line. Drink up. (1622 views)
 Tasted by madeiradog on 1/28/2012 & rated 90 points: Chef's Table at the Pearl Dive Oyster Palace: An initial wave of sweet tropical fruit and hazelnut hits but followed by a decaying finish that has a hint of nutmeg and oxidation. Definitely not gone, but I would drink up sooner rather than later. (1953 views)
 Tasted by WetRock on 1/13/2012: Definitely showed some of that oxidation on the nose making this smell like a well aged but not over the hill Cali Chard. It showed more in between on the palate with a mix of young lean Chard characters and notes of oxidation. Not gone but clearly in line with some of the bottles showing an issue. This would have drank alright if the palate was integrated so the oxidation was melded. (1727 views)
 Tasted by JFish on 1/10/2012: After reading some discussion about this wine on WB I dug one of my two out to try. Chilled, popped and poured. A bit too cold at first - I like my whites a little cooler than room temperature. The wine is golden in the glass. The nose is primarily of butterscotch and pineapple. And it is similar on the palate, with some tropical fruit notes. Juicy acidity bursts in the mid-palate and it stays lively for a Lon finish. This must be a good bottle, without the oxidation others have noted. I'll hold my remaining bottle in the hopes it is from the same barrel. (1848 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 1/9/2012: This has proven to be a real chameleon of a wine. This bottle is actually racy, with some nuts and citrus, and is very compelling. Fresh and vibrant. Last of my four, and every one of them has been very different from the others. As an update, this is pretty much shot on day 2. (1783 views)
 Tasted by atun53 on 12/20/2011 & rated 88 points: Bronze in color. Still a lot of acidity and citrus and minerality, no oak. Tasted more like a white burg then cali chard. Finish started to fall apart towards the end of the night. Seems like its on a decline. (2034 views)
 Tasted by pjhr on 11/18/2011 & rated 93 points: Wonderful nose with citrus, mineral, and a hint of oak which carries to a delectable palate and finish with refreshing acidity. Drinking beautifully now! (2172 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 11/13/2011: Pop and pour. This wine has aged significantly IMO since my last bottle, which was 14 months ago. I would concur with the comments about the color, as it pours now a golden/bronzy hue. Aromatically, it smells a bit aged too, with kind of a poached apple nose. The palate tastes fine, although I would be hard pressed to guess this to be a wine only 4 years old if served blind. Shades of banana, pineapple, with a thicker weighted texture. Reminds me a bit of a late harvest wine, all things considered. There is some acidity still here, to go with the lemon curd but I would say to drink these now if you have them, as these are not going to age any better, perhaps the opposite. This is my last one, I am doing it with some cod tonight and will put some chill to it for a crispening effect. (2483 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 11/6/2011: Nose is actually quite nice, showing a bit of pineapple, but not seeming as advanced as the last bottle. On the palate, an interesting combination of lemon chiffon and tropical fruit, but has a bit of an odd chalky finish with some prominent acidity. Better than the last bottle, but not sure this has any upside potential. (2270 views)
 Tasted by jwebtx on 10/27/2011: Developed. Drink now. (2296 views)
 Tasted by Anonymous on 10/27/2011: Light-medium gold color. Somewhat tropical, seems a bit advanced. Fruit seems to be fading a bit, acidity prominent. Not bad, but not what I had hoped for. (2249 views)
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Professional 'Channels'
By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, May/June 2009, IWC Issue #144
(Rivers Marie Chardonnay The B. Thieriot Vineyard Sonoma Coast) Subscribe to see review text.
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (4/8/2011)
(Rivers-Marie Chardonnay B. Thieriot Vineyard) Light medium golden yellow color; lanolin, botrytis, apple, hazelnut, butternut nose; creamy textured, intense, tart citrus, tart apple, ripe lemon palate; medium-plus finish  93 points
NOTE: Scores and reviews are the property of Vinous and RJonWine.com. (manage subscription channels)

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2007 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay B. Thieriot Vineyard

2007 Rivers-Marie B. Thieriot Chardonnay Sonoma Coast—120 cases, 13.9% alcohol, 100% new French oak 3.18 finished pH. I keep writing that down to become more comfortable with it. We can’t say this is a dead ringer for white Burgundy but we’ve heard the comparisons from the dozen or so folks who’ve tasted it. It has liquid mineral, honeyed, lime zest, brioche and white chocolate qualities that suggest it might not be from California until the power of the wine takes over in the finish. The nose can go from fully open to reticent very quickly suggesting it will need some time in bottle to settle down. It was fermented in 100% new wood to tame the acidity and it is barely evident in the wine. The wine was finished in stainless for 2 months after 10 months in oak and bottled without fining or filtration. Because of the pH, malo did not finish until August of last year so the wine was allowed extra time to development as a complete wine compared to the Pinots. We are extremely excited to be making Chardonnay from this illustrious vineyard located directly across the street from Summa.


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California is one of the most diverse wine regions in the world, with almost 100 grape varieties grown in over 100 viticultural areas, including dozens of ­different microclimates and soil types, as well as a very individualistic set of ­winemakers, many with international experience, which adds to and deepens that diversity.

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