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 Vintage2008 Label 1 of 4 
ProducerLoring Wine Company (web)
VarietyPinot Noir
VineyardShea Vineyard
SubRegionWillamette Valley
AppellationWillamette Valley
UPC Code(s)896641002004

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2010 and 2014 (based on 17 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 89.2 pts. and median of 89 pts. in 105 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by galewskj on 3/12/2014 & rated 89 points: A decent fruity new world pinot. (1698 views)
 Tasted by rdfech01 on 11/30/2013 & rated 91 points: Fresh nose of blueberry and spice. Equally fresh and bright fruit on the palate with a pleasant edginess. (1728 views)
 Tasted by GMGnyc on 11/29/2013 & rated 92 points: didn't get enough of this at thanksgiving dinner but what I had was terrific. definitely a powerful pinot but also quite beautiful and elegant. wish I had more. (1721 views)
 Tasted by lab_rat on 7/29/2013 & rated 92 points: The nice surprise of the evening, with a lot more balance and restraint than some of the CA-based LWC Pinots. This will guide my Loring purchases for years to come. A terrific wine. (2204 views)
 Tasted by khmark7 on 5/29/2013 & rated 90 points: My first 2008 Oregon Pinot Noir. I waited on these due to the tannic nature of the vintage, and it shows in this wine. Aromatic upon opening, this shows not only Brian's style of winemaking but also the tannic character of the vintage. Instead of the red fruits on the front of the palate this displays black fruits on the back of the palate. Drinking well today, I wish I had tried this in it's youth to see how the fruit tasted. A serious well made wine. (2398 views)
 Tasted by peternelson on 4/21/2013 & rated 90 points: EWG Oregon Pinot Dinner at Roy's (Roy's Hawiian Cuisine): Blackberry, big, ripe fruit with raspberry aromas; bold dark fruits, medium tannins, medium acidity, still young. I thought this was good, no blatant oak, and will probably improve over a few more years. (1319 views)
 Tasted by jasonh on 4/21/2013: EWG Tastes Oregon Wines - April 21, 2013 (Roy's Pasadena): Peter popped this at the end of the night. I like Brian's wines but for me this was out of sorts on this night. I found it on the shrill side with a fair amount of heat as well. Might just be in a bad place. I have had a few 08s that are not working right now. (1534 views)
 Tasted by underwds on 2/13/2013 & rated 88 points: Meh. Muted fruits. Nice body and mouth feel, but mostly earthy and woodsy. It's a good wine to drink with food because of the acidity and tannins, but doesn't (for me) have a lot of character.

3/15/13 Similar observations: all fruit and wood. (1353 views)
 Tasted by dsgris on 2/1/2013 & rated 91 points: Medium ruby, strong fruity nose, lilacs. Dry, perfume, bold fruit of ripe cherries, too jammy for my palate, others may like this style, but I prefer a spicy Syrah to a floral Pinot. I will let this sit capped for several days to see how it develops. Some of the acid is starting to show, there is hope. A night later, the acid is balancing the bold fruit nicely. The floral has morphed into iodine, ripe cherries. I can live with that! A couple more nights on the counter, last glass, very nice balance, fruit with acid, soft tannins. Give it time! (1278 views)
 Tasted by kkleg on 11/7/2012: - Violet color - This might contain Oregon grapes, but it's definitely a Loring wine. While I usually enjoy the California Lorings, I expect something different when I drink an Oregon wine. This tastes more like a Russian River wine than a Willamette Pinot. Good stuff, but nothing special. Not sure it will improve with age, but it's possible. (1302 views)
 Tasted by JDRFoster on 8/30/2012 & rated 89 points: Very enjoyable Oregon Pinot, mixed fruit, earth, spice, medium body and finish. (1575 views)
 Tasted by Martin Redmond on 7/25/2012 & rated 89 points: Dark ruby color with red cherry, raspberry, cedarwood, and slightly earthy aromas. On the palate it's light-bodied with fine-grained tannins, good acidity, and ripe raspberry, cranberry, cherry, and spice flavors. Long finish. 14.7% alcohol (1711 views)
 Tasted by domco on 6/25/2012 & rated 85 points: Like the bouquet, the rest is just ok. Loring just doesn't do it for us. Muted flavors, a bit tart, alcohol coming through. Got these for a great price, but will probably continue to pass going forward. (1632 views)
 Tasted by Bob in NC on 6/22/2012 & rated 88 points: Not our favorite Loring. Generally muted flavors. (1593 views)
 Tasted by peternelson on 6/18/2012 & rated 90 points: Dark ruby; good earth tones, blackberry-cherry fruit; hefty body, but well balanced and not hot. Oregon Pinot does well in Loring's hands. (1437 views)
 Tasted by bpj87 on 4/14/2012 & rated 86 points: Transparent ruby red color. Nose of sweet fruit. Candied dark fruits, a touch of strident alcohol, and cola on the smooth, somewhat hollow palate. I used to derive great pleasure from this style, but the 2009 Hudelot-Noellat Bourgogne of last week was so much more tensile, fresh, and alive. (1736 views)
 Tasted by JFish on 4/3/2012: Quick TN. Unscrewed and poured. This wine surprised me based upon other Loring pinots I've had in the past. Though dark and a bit riper than most of the Oregon wines I drink on a regular basis, this was nicely balanced showing a purity of the darker red/purple fruits. No noticeable oak or heat. A little earth, spice, and pepper (which at first, if blind, I would not have guessed pinot). A nice wine, on its own or with pepperoni pizza. (1885 views)
 Tasted by air guitar & pinot noir on 3/29/2012 & rated 91 points: A bit restrained on the nose. Soft, ripe plum with some dustiness. Gains some focus and clarity in the glass. Some elements of white pepper, spice and moderate oak. Not overly fruit-driven and does not present the elements of Shea. Presents itself as Californian vs Oregon. Not overly ripe but still presents pure fruit. Not as acidic as some of Brian's Californian efforts. (1770 views)
 Tasted by DaveZack on 3/25/2012 & rated 92 points: Got this bottle from the winery for $23.46 during a pre-release futures special pricing event (if my memory serves me correctly).
Brian does it again!
This is a fantastic Pinot Noir. The bouquet is absolutely gorgeous, exhibiting beautiful floral elements, along with typical Oregon Pinot traits, such as dark fruit, plenty of earth, and suggestions of spice and oak.
Brian Loring is easily my favorite Pinot negociant in California (a winemaker who buys grapes and/or must to complete the winemaking process); a LWC Pinot is guaranteed to be delicious, well-priced, and a bargain as the wine relates to its price-to-quality ratio.
This is a rich, dark, brooding, creamy, delicious, well-balanced Pinot Noir. Up-front, there's an abundance of dark fruit (plums, black cherries, and blackberries), along with creamy oak and tannins, earth, tons of spices (pepper and other herbaceous notes), all complimented by a long, lingering, elegant finish.
Brian sources his grapes from some of the best Pinot vineyards on the West Coast. He extracts fantastic depth-of-flavors from his purchased grapes and somehow/someway assembles world-class Pinots. I've never had a LWC Pinot that wasn't at least VERY good; most of them are FANTASTIC. This wine earns an EXCELLENT score on a price-to-quality ratio.
We paired this wine with a corned beef and cabbage/carrots dish, assuming that an Oregon Pinot would be fairly light-bodied and delicious and elegant. This wine ended-up being much more substantial than we would have assumed. Though it paired well with the corned beef, this is such a serious, dark, creamy, extracted Pinot that I would recommend pairing this wine with serious beef dishes (a ribeye smothered in Kosher salt and freshly-cracked black pepper, curried lamb shanks, etc.).
No matter how you turn the Stelvin screw cap (LWC Pinots are always enclosed with Stelvin screw caps; as any serious wine lover knows, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!), you canNOT go wrong with a Loring Pinot. As usual, job VERY well done, Brian!! (1836 views)
 Tasted by cbbrown3 on 3/9/2012 & rated 90 points: Decanted about 45 minutes. Medium ruby red color. Black cherries, raspberry, baking spices, forest floor, vanilla and some white pepper on the very nice and interesting nose. Medium body with some ripe tannins and very nice acidity. Nice tart fruit and spice on the palate with a slight herbal note coming in on the backend, nice earthiness and spice adds a lot of flavor. Decent length on the finish, but this is the weakest part of the wine. Could use a bit more oomph on the finish, leaves you wanting a bit more. All said, I like the change of pace this provides. (1885 views)
 Tasted by Rich S on 3/7/2012 & rated 91 points: Dark garnet color. Dark red fruit, somewhat candied, and some earthy notes on the nose with a little bit of heat coming through. Dark raspberry and black cherry flavors on the palate with a hint of vanilla. Medium bodied, juicy mouthfeel and strong finish. No real trace of alcohol on the finish as some others have noted below. Definitely on the riper side of Oregon pinot but on the lower side of ripeness compared to Brian's Cali pinots. I think this was the perfect middle ground and we enjoyed this a lot. (1893 views)
 Tasted by topher18 on 2/13/2012 & rated 84 points: Nice cherry nose, with bright acidity, but a little dull on the palate for a Loring.
color 5/5
nose 7/10
taste 13/20
balance 6/10
finish 3/5 (2067 views)
 Tasted by bg3034 on 2/8/2012 & rated 89 points: PnP through Nuance Wine Finer. Bright cherries on the nose. On the palate, definitely a modern style, but not "over the top". Cherries and raspberry. Fruity, but not over the top. Not subtle, but very approachable. Enjoyable on its own. 89+ pts. Aloha! (2059 views)
 Tasted by rickspicks on 2/2/2012 & rated 89 points: I expect Loring wines to be super-ripe and super rich, and this one certainly fit that profile. Big nose of black fruit, earth, and spice. I am going to copy gutt22's notes "In the mouth, I fully concur with the notes that say this isn't distinguishable from the Loring Pinots from California. It doesn't have much Shea Vineyard character at all. Rich black fruit, some spice, and a touch of earth. Good acidity and a juicy finish." No way I would have guessed it for an Oregon pinot - simply too rich, ripe and juicy. Well made, but not at all my style. (2109 views)
 Tasted by J @ y H @ c k on 1/28/2012: Gave to wife to bring to baby shower. No formal note but she said it was good. (2158 views)
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By Gregory Walter
PinotReport, Issue #63 (2/28/2010)
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Loring Wine Company

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Pinot Noir

Varietal character (Appellation America) | Varietal article (Wikipedia)
Pinot Noir is the Noble red grape of Burgundy, capable of ripening in a cooler climate, which Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will not reliably do. It is unpredictable and difficult both to grow and to vinify, but results in some of the finest reds in the world. It is believed to have been selected from wild vines two thousand years ago. It is also used in the production of champagne. In fact, more Pinot Noir goes into Champagne than is used in all of the Cote d'Or! It is also grown in Alsace, Germany, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, and so forth, with varying degrees of success.

Shea Vineyard

Shea Vineyard was first planted to wine grapes in the late 1980s. Today Shea Vineyard is a 200-acre property with 140 planted acres. 135 of these acres are planted to Pinot noir vines and the balance is planted to Chardonnay.
The Shea vineyard is in the Yamhill-Carlton District just west of the Chehalem Valley. The fruit is sourced from three small blocks, one of which is planted to the Pommard clone, one to the Dijon 114 clone and the last to Dijon 777 clone. Soils are primarily of the Goodin and Melbourne type which are sedimentary in origin. The three blocks range in elevation from 450 to 600 feet and were planted in 1989. The wine from this vineyard has a complex array of aromas and flavors including black and red fruits, particularly blueberry, spice and earth. Approximately 725 cases are produced. The vineyard is owned by Dick and Deirdre Shea and managed by Javier Marin.

Shea Vineyard is a 200 acre vineyard in Yamhill County, Oregon, owned by Dick and Deidre Shea. It is, by almost universal account, the most highly regarded vineyard in Oregon.
Shea sells grapes to some of Oregon's best wineries, and the vineyard has a reputation for producing some of the best Pinot noirs in the world, from such winemakers as Ken Wright and Mike Etzel of Beaux Freres. Shea planted the original 100-acre vineyard in 1988 and 1989 on its own roots, but has been systematically replanting with grafted vines over the past few years in response to phylloxera.

Read more:http://www.northwest-wine.com/Shea-Wine-Cellars-Block-5-Pinot-noir.html#ixzz16KKRMLJ


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