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 Vintage2000 Label 1 of 42 
ProducerDomaine de la Romanée-Conti (web)
VarietyPinot Noir
SubRegionCôte de Nuits
AppellationRichebourg Grand Cru

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2010 and 2020 (based on 7 user opinions)
Wine Market Journal quarterly auction price: See DRC Richebourg on the Wine Market Journal.

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 93.6 pts. and median of 94 pts. in 33 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Burgundy Al on 2/28/2015 & rated 93 points: La Paulée de New York Gala Dinner (Metropolitan Pavilion - New York NY): Tasting, brief note. Tasted alongside 2000 LaTache. Lot of red cherry and berry aromas and flavors starting to gently mature. Spice is the star of the show, and that will most likely keep getting more interesting with age. (1104 views)
 Tasted by steinersing on 1/23/2015 & rated 94 points: Another great DRC 2000 experience. Wonderful relatively early drinking wine, with spice and intensity, lots of sophisticated red fruits. Perhaps not overly long and deep, so think can be drunk comfortably now. (887 views)
 Tasted by MatthewF on 11/1/2014: Popped, pored and drank over a hour. Ripe red and black crushed berry fruit with brown baking spices galore. Great sweet fruit quality. Palate was very giving and the same fruit flavors came through. Well textured with a very long finish. A very seductive wine. (1010 views)
 Tasted by Paul S on 7/8/2014 & rated 93 points: 2000 Burgundy Grand Cru Dinner (Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck): A fitting end to a great night. We should have really popped this a bit earlier, maybe even popped it into a decanter for a short time, because it was a bit tight when first served and only started opening up slowly in the glass just as we were about to leave. Still though, I thought this was very good. The nose was classic DRC, with dark cherry and blackberry tones seasoned with drifts of sweet spice and patted down with earth and brambly herb. Still a bit tight, but clearly starting to open up into secondary notes. It was excellent on the palate. Rather less tight than the nose, it showed gloriously pure dark cherry flavours spiked with gentle spice notes and garlanded with floral shades on the midpalate. It felt very complete, with plenty of presence and depth. Great length on the finish too, with some of the herbal notes picked up on the nose wed to pinpricks of spice. However, unlike some of the wines we had earlier in the night, this was clearly not quite ready. It still had a slight chew from sinewy tannins and juicy acidity. While already quite open, fresh and giving, there is clearly some way to go in development. I would give it 4-5 years more at the very least, and a few years longer than that if one is patient. Not the greatest Richebourg, let alone the greatest DRC Richebourg, but it should be very good when it hits peak drinking. (2778 views)
 Tasted by Jeremy Holmes on 5/7/2014: There was some discussion before the event about blending the bottles together where we had multiples, I strongly advised against it and was glad we didn’t. The first bottle of Richebourg was ever so faintly tainted by TCA. It flattened the wine’s detail. The second bottle was excellent. It was stacked with red and black fruits and had aromas of smoked meats and aniseed. It was full and sweet with good depth of flavour and finished with sweet, spherical tannins. (2074 views)
 Tasted by coremill on 4/7/2014: First time I've had DRC. Lots of stems on the nose, with florals and ginger and baking spice and a twiggy suggestion, along with beautifully pure black raspberry fruit, and just a touch of creamy oak in the background. Truly captivating, I could still smell this hours after the glass was empty. In the mouth it's rich and velvety but elegant and midweight, perhaps not showing the true power you'd get in a great vintage, but it's quite open and drinkable now with extremely refined tannins. Fantastic wine, one of those cases where the hype turns out to be correct. (1943 views)
 Tasted by cooberp on 4/6/2014 & rated 93 points: A dynamic, forward, potent wine that flitted back and forth between three clearly demarcated facets. First, a generous helping of ripe, "pure" black raspberry and some cranberry fruit--this was very far from a generic, anonymous "mixed berry" experience. Next, a V8 juice/ready-for-harvest vegetable garden side that carried a whiff of perfume; this presumably comes from some stem inclusion. And finally, a sweet spicy element that I'm told is a signature of Vosne-Romanee: cinnamon, vanilla, a bit of whatever goes into that crumbly top layer of Drake's coffee cakes. This is just as distinguished in the mouth, where it offers great heft and body without a hint of heaviness; a fat, voluptuous texture; a seamless journey from first sip down the palate to the aftertaste; and a refreshing jolt of acid. This wine didn't offer any "new" flavors or scents I found unfamiliar, but it just dialed them up to an intensity level I hadn't previously experienced. Burgundy is not my preferred region, and while my score is surely far below those of my enraptured tablemates, it is the highest mark I've ever given a Pinot Noir. (1728 views)
 Tasted by Burgundy Al on 12/24/2013 & rated 93 points: Popped and poured, then consumed over dinner over a couple of hours. Started with alluring and classical Vosne baking spice aromas that remained front-and-center throughout. Mature red fruit and reduced mushroom on nose and palate as well, that picked up density over the course of the time open. Like most 2000s that we keep thinking are at their peaks, this comes across as forward and balanced, but it just kept improving in glass, so I expect it will continue to improve in the cellar as well. Thank you, Kevin and Jamie! (2271 views)
 Tasted by Argrath on 11/14/2013 & rated 98 points: Lovely redfruited, perfumed and majestic nose. Almost ridiculously spicy. Powerful. The herbs intermingles perfect with the spices. Extremely complex, generous and archetypical burgundian GC. Minerality that reminds of gun-powder. No meatiness, so this is well-deveolped but not totally mature. For us, this is in a perfect drinking window - others would like them more animaly mature...
Full body, concentrated, but ready palate. The forest floor is powerfully present. Perfume, indish bazaar, woodland. Plump and majestic in the "masculine" school. But how it combines the richness with elegance! An intense acidity and fruit makes for a splendid grip. Perfume and forest in parody combination.
Presented by me, the group first went to Chambertin, due to the power and majesty. Told that it lacks a bit of iron and earthiness for a Chambertin, they came to Vosne-Romanee after a bit of hinting.
It is hard to rate a wine like this. For DRC veterans, 98 is probably a bit high, due to the rather weak vintage. But since this was only my 4th DRC ever (2001 Echezeaux, 1993 Grand Echezeaux 3-5 years ago and 1989 La Tache more than 10 years ago), 98 Points is what it gets. For me this ranks among the 10 or 20 best wines I've tasted. It met the expectations. Purchased in 2003, the prices were also more reasonable at that time. I remember paying something like Euro 200. (1642 views)
 Tasted by 83AJ on 8/16/2013 & rated 94 points: cloudy, maybe a bit young, but the center of this wine is amazing. I mean center, intense fruit as if you are tasting directly from the vine.
60 min in the decanter and its off to the races. yes others have reason to say to much $$ for this wine, but I say toast up and enjoy...this is special juice. (1933 views)
 Tasted by BradE on 2/22/2013: Drunk side by side with 00 La Tache, and this simply smoked the LT. Deep, rich, a Richebourg through and through. WOTN for most. (2640 views)
 Tasted by Keith Levenberg on 7/14/2011 & rated 92 points: Wednesday Night Burgundies (Bar Boulud): On the first sip this seemed very similar to the 2006 but with more length of flavor, an extra little layer of stuff on the back end. As I sat with both glasses, though, that extra little layer seemed to make all the difference as it seemed to crank up the salty meatiness of the wine to a level of expressiveness that sharply contrasted with the reserved personality of the '06 - it became evocative to the point where there was almost something Northern Rhone-like about it. I think several people had this down as their favorite wine of the night and it certainly had a readiness to it that many of the others didn't, even if it's not a top example of DRC Richebourg. (5807 views)
 Tasted by swyang on 1/2/2011 & rated 92 points: very high pitch, yet very firm core of red and dark small fruits, fresh leather, coffee beans, in a stunning bright texture. Still very, very young, and quite vibrant, but not nearly ready, in my opinion, as the magic hasn't started to get into its gear. Over the years(10 years from now on ) this will be speaking with soft, delicate, yet with precise verbs, and expressions. By then, oh this will be 'killing softly' with its words... (4828 views)
 Tasted by AJ72 on 12/5/2010 & rated 88 points: I have had some really lovely wines from this Domaine over the years but I must confess. I am not a fan of the "house style" which sees varying levels (usually high) of whole bunch ferments. D.R.C La Tache is an incredible wine no doubt and in my experience rarely shows the stems due to the outstanding terroir. Of the other wines I've had to me it detracts rather than attracts. This wine again showed a fairly pleasant perfume but I find the stalky almost ashtray like character unattractive. Don't get me wrong, this is a classy wine and due to the endless accolades heaped on this Domaine I must be in a minority. "You get what you pay for" is a well coined phrase in life but not always true for wine. Fifteen years ago I began to navigate the worlds best wines wanting to know which ones really are the best? To me there are many more spectacular wines around at a fraction of the cost. I can feel the stage getting pelted with bottles, fruit and all manner of things so time for me to get off. (5049 views)
 Tasted by Bunch on 8/15/2010 & rated 96 points: Light, orange color, seems initially to be a bit struck by age. Nose restrained, but reveals notes of autumn leaves, horse, underbrush, assorted red berries, raw mushroom and a hint of nuts. Palate, definitely more fat and full-bodied compared to the RSV. Wow, the finish, powerful and very long with a lingering aftertaste of ground cumin and candied tangerine peel. After 2 hours. Tons of flavours start to develop in every direction: Notes of wild boar, celery, dried porcini, underbrush, candied citrus fruits, hazel nuts, strawberries and cool mint.

Would be a perfect match with wood pigeon and wild porcini mushrooms. After 4 hours. Exact same development as the RSV. The wine has now finally come together regarding the fruit, and has completely let go of the initial signs of age as we often see with older, fine Burgundies that initially seems age struck but after 3-4 hours start to shine like you would never have imagined. Nose dominated by fat red berries, chocolate, tangerine, sea shells, cool mint and pronounced hazel nuts. This wine is singing now without loosing its profoundness and undefinable DRC quality. Bravo! (4507 views)
 Tasted by PeterH on 11/20/2009 & rated 94 points: the '00s are drinking great. (5242 views)
 Tasted by DAN BAILEY on 7/23/2009: Drunk at Ledbury DRC/Leflaive dinner. Darker fruit profile than the 98 served alongside it. Still some tannin on the finish but gorgeous, vibrant and deep mid-palate. (4792 views)
 Tasted by reichken on 7/23/2009 & rated 93 points: Leflaive & DRC Dinner (The Ledbury, London): Clear purple wine, strawberries and sweet cherry candy on the nose. vibrant in the mouth as the acidity rolls in with the fruit. lots of high notes and length to this one. the tannins are a bit boxy. all in all this wine is in a really nice place right now but surely has a long life ahead of it. (5373 views)
 Tasted by Richard Jennings on 2/13/2009 & rated 93 points: Martin Weiner Burgundy Extravaganza (La Tache, Richebourg, Bonnes Mares, Clos de la Roche) (Chez Weiner, Westwood, California): Cloudy, bricking light medium raspberry red color with clear meniscus; intriguing tart red fruit and tobacco nose; tart red fruit, tobacco and mineral palate with depth, needs 5 plus years; medium-plus finish (6445 views)
 Tasted by Wim de Leeuw on 2/7/2009 & rated 90 points: 2000 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg (Frankrijk, Bourgogne, Côte de Nuits, Richebourg Grand Cru) Kleur: Robijnrood, subtiel oranje randje. Aroma / bouquet: Geparfumeerd. Prachtig primair fruit: bosaardbeitjes, aalbessen. Prachtige boerse en stallerige tonen. Meest interessante neus van de line-up. Subtiel hout / venkel en vanille, sigarenkistjes. ongebrande cacaoboon, ster-anijs. Subtiele kruidigheid. Smaak / Afdronk: Volle maar toch subtiele aanzet, klein zoetje, behoorlijk prominente zuren, prachtig ronde tannines. Niet onaantrekkelijk in de mond maar na de prachtige neus toch een peu'tje teleurstellend. Algemeen / potentieel: 50 + Kleur: 5 + Aroma / bouquet: 13 + Smaak / Afdronk: 15 + Algemeen / potentieel: 7 = 90/100 (5131 views)
 Tasted by gorm on 10/3/2008 & rated 93 points: Very complex and deep wine with fresh and good fruit in combination with good complexity. Good balance. Didn't really make an lasting impression. (5002 views)
 Tasted by BlumJ on 3/18/2008: My first DRC. Deep Brick-red color. Powerful nose of soy, meat and ferrous notes. Later on, I got some spice. Silky, yet muscular mouthfeel. The flavors ranged from deep-red fruits to savory, (pleasantly) herbal notes. Restrained sweeteness. Toward the end of the bottle a rush of minerals came out to play. (5341 views)
 Tasted by Dave Dalluge on 7/31/2007 & rated 95 points: Kitchen Tasting Group Tribute to Brad England (La Belle Vie): The intense and expressive nose offers an exotic melange of deep red fruit, mushroom, earth,lilac, and dried flowers. Already showing complexity despite its boisterous youthfullness. Really impressive. The red fruit still dominates the almost primary taste. A touch of oak is discernable. This has great balance, just enough tannic structure, and finishes with a persistence and deeply satisfying finish. This is a great showing for this wine tonight (wish I had a few more bottles). (6414 views)
 Tasted by Siggy on 7/31/2007 & rated 93 points: Tasting Group Dinner - DRC Thank-You For Brad England (La Belle Vie, Minneapolis): Very ripe, with a powerful nose of crushed blackberries and roasted coffee. Massive, tannic, and a but burly at this point in its evolution. Like the other 2000s we tasted tonight, the secondary characteristics are well-masked by the fruit. Still, this seems to have great raw material, and I suspect the finesse inherent in this wine will reveal itself after 5+ more years. (6378 views)
 Tasted by psmith on 4/20/2007: Graduation wines (Columbus, OH): Deep red fruit, floral, and earthy notes. High-pitched nose with typical Richebourg power. Really tight palate not giving much up. Obviously needs time, but a promising and enjoyable bottle. (6276 views)
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By John Gilman
View From the Cellar, Nov/Dec 2008, Issue #18, 2000 Red Burgundy: A Greatly Underestimated Vintage
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Burghound, 1st Quarter, 2004, Issue #13
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Vinous, March/April 2003, IWC Issue #107
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Burghound, 1st Quarter, 2003, Issue #9
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By Stephen Tanzer
Vinous, March/April 2002, IWC Issue #101
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By Allen Meadows
Burghound, 1st Quarter, 2002, Issue #5
(Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg Grand Cru Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Allen Meadows
(Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg Grand Cru Red) Subscribe to see review text.
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (2/13/2009)
(Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg) Cloudy, bricking light medium raspberry red color with clear meniscus; intriguing tart red fruit and tobacco nose; tart red fruit, tobacco and mineral palate with depth, needs 5 plus years; medium-plus finish  93 points
By John Kapon
Vintage Tastings, Other Notes and Scores (7/24/2008)
(DRC Richebourg)   92 points
By Bill Nanson
Burgundy-Report (3/1/2003)
(Romanée-Conti Richebourg) Colour is perhaps, not so dense as the Romanée Saint-Vivant, but a similar shade of cherry. Beguiling and persistent, the deep red and black cherry nose shows just a little kirsch at the top end. There’s good acidity, and forward, though controlled tannins. There’s also a richness to match the volume you experience in the mouth, but somehow on tasting, this wine seems less involving than the others; gorgeous aromatics though.
By Lyle Fass
Rockss and Fruit (2/6/2003)
(DRC Richebourg) Powerful aromatics. Raspberries, exotic asian spices, minerals, clove, blackberries. Very deep and layered nose. So dense in the mouth with powerful extract and intense flavors of red and black fruit skins. Beautiful balancing acids. A hint of tar lingers on the finish. Incredible clinging length.
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Varietal character (Appellation America) | Varietal article (Wikipedia)
Pinot Noir is the Noble red grape of Burgundy, capable of ripening in a cooler climate, which Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will not reliably do. It is unpredictable and difficult both to grow and to vinify, but results in some of the finest reds in the world. It is believed to have been selected from wild vines two thousand years ago. It is also used in the production of champagne. In fact, more Pinot Noir goes into Champagne than is used in all of the Cote d'Or! It is also grown in Alsace, Germany, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, and so forth, with varying degrees of success.


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Les vins de Bourgogne (Bureau interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne) (and in English)
Burgundy - The province of eastern France, famous for its red wines produced from Pinot Noir and its whites produced from Chardonnay. (Small of amounts of Gamay and Aligoté are still grown, although these have to be labeled differently.) The most famous part of the region is known as the Cote d'Or (the Golden Slope). It is divided into the Cote de Beaune, south of the town of Beaune (famous principally for its whites), and the Cote de Nuits, North of Beaune (home of the most famous reds). In addition, the Cote Chalonnaise and the Maconnais are important wine growing regions, although historically a clear level (or more) below the Cote d'Or. Also included by some are the regions of Chablis and Auxerrois, farther north.
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