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 Vintage2008 Label 1 of 10 
(NOTE: Label borrowed from 2007 vintage.)
ProducerKing Estate (web)
VarietyPinot Gris
DesignationSignature Collection
UPC Code(s)768675960127

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2010 and 2011 (based on 8 user opinions)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 88 pts. and median of 88 pts. in 55 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Wineasaurus Rex on 5/4/2012 & rated 88 points: Holding up, but losing some crispness. Still has a soft mouth feel without the heaviness of overoaking. Amazing with Indian food - the cumin and coriander blend with the citrus of the wine to create an unbelievable new taste. A great patio wine, but sturdy enough to put with a spicy meal. It's fading, so drink it if you have it. (1457 views)
 Tasted by Ron Van Holland on 12/4/2011 & rated 87 points: What a difference a year makes. Simple fruit forward, almost flat, with some sweetness. A short finish lacks the youthful citric crispness this wine once had. Understandably a bit past its prime. (1815 views)
 Tasted by bvanbower on 11/19/2011 & rated 87 points: Citrus flavours, melon nose, pleasantly paired with crab cakes (1608 views)
 Tasted by nvexplorer on 11/4/2011 & rated 88 points: Always excellent. Seeded fruit, citrus, and bit of floral. Crisp and fresh. (1871 views)
 Tasted by wineshaman on 2/27/2011 & rated 88 points: Nice nose of lemon and cream, simple palate with citrus notes, not too sweet, went well with whole rock fish and roasted root veggies. (2265 views)
 Tasted by sunalsorises on 2/21/2011 & rated 88 points: A bit sweet on the finish at first. Went well with food. Fruit developed as it warmed. Very good. (944 views)
 Tasted by WG198 on 2/11/2011 & rated 88 points: Bright, straw colored and crisp. Hints of pear and some green apple. (1611 views)
 Tasted by tdooley67 on 2/8/2011 & rated 85 points: Wife scored this one (and drank most of it). Definite citrus flavor. Aftertaste similar to the sweethearts I've been popping at the office... Pucker Up! (1022 views)
 Tasted by Ron Van Holland on 1/30/2011 & rated 89 points: White fruit and light citrus nose and flavor, rather delicate, not tart. Short finish with notes of arugula -- sort of a built-in palate cleanser. Paired nicely with a dinner of wild-caught salmon, brussel sprouts, and baked yams. Simple and pleasant, but with more complexity than most PG. (1699 views)
 Tasted by rbrater on 1/30/2011 & rated 86 points: Fruit forward, good tartness and balance. (1729 views)
 Tasted by BlindontheVine01 on 1/20/2011: This Bottle went to our First "Bring a Bottle to Share" event in our new home in the City!!! (1765 views)
 Tasted by muskie on 12/19/2010 & rated 92 points: plenty of fruit. some grapefruit, makes me think why i don't drink more pinot gris! (1831 views)
 Tasted by pnwsun on 10/2/2010: drank over several nights. didn't lose anything the last night. a slight hint of fruit up front with smooth finish. was nice but not 90 points worth. (2053 views)
 Tasted by jeremy_ross on 9/28/2010 & rated 87 points: Light straw color, very clear. Smells like cantaloupe. Crisp, fruity attack followed by citrus, melon. Clean finish w/ nice fruit. Well made. A flawless, but simple wine. (1160 views)
 Tasted by wineshlub on 9/20/2010 & rated 88 points: Fresh, clean aromas of grass and lemon. Palate shows minerally apricots and pears, short apricot finish. Very attractive up front, slightly marred by some flabbiness, and the short back end. Having said that, this is still a very nice wine. My guess is that this isn't going anywhere and the time to drink is now.

FWIW, this goes very well with tomato sauce and cheese. (2180 views)
 Tasted by BSpdx on 8/29/2010 & rated 90 points: A winner every year and no different with the 08. Would highly recommend. (2314 views)
 Tasted by dssinger on 8/19/2010 & rated 85 points: Tasty as always (200 views)
 Tasted by RobertDwyer on 8/10/2010 & rated 91 points: For my palate, this is such a fantastic new world white wine. Generous peach and pear aromas and flavors. A touch of crisp acidity and an overall flavor profile that's utterly enjoyable. Great wine to cool down a spicy dish. Highly recommended. (2900 views)
 Tasted by Alekos on 8/9/2010 & rated 89 points: Very good. (2481 views)
 Tasted by dkoontz on 8/9/2010 & rated 86 points: Nearly clear. Key lime on the nose. Lemon chiffon and mild minerality on the palate. Nice mix of acid and minerality. Dry with a short finish. Went well with and in a lemon garlic cream sauce with shrimp over pasta. (1288 views)
 Tasted by jeremy_ross on 5/29/2010 & rated 88 points: light straw color, licorice, peach on nose. citrus, peach, allspice, white pepper, sweet deliciousness up front, transitioning to tart fruit flavor for a nice finish. (2629 views)
 Tasted by enorrbin on 5/16/2010 & rated 89 points: Medium/full bodied, not as crisp as most PG, citrus and tropical fruit. Very good. (2762 views)
 Tasted by ezsobre on 5/11/2010 & rated 84 points: Flatter and less crisp than previous outing. Lacking a proper acid backdrop to hold together, so that citrus elements don't integrate well. Not sure what all the fuss is about. (2762 views)
 Tasted by dssinger on 5/5/2010 & rated 84 points: Very dull; better the second night (199 views)
 Tasted by Ron Van Holland on 4/18/2010 & rated 88 points: Practically clear with hint of yellow color. Delicate nose of stone and faint apple. Light/medium body on a dry (not bone dry) palate with medium acidity. Flavor of citrus mélange with some ripe apple and nice minerality. Medium finish fading to mild citrus rind (think gentle Alsatian). ...Two days later and appealing structure still intact. Simple wine but somewhat distinctive for this grape that in other hands seems to offer so little. (2822 views)
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King Estate

Producer website

King Estate winery in Oregon in this 2003 photograph.

Pinot Gris

From Pinot Gris Wikipedia entry:
Wines made from the Pinot gris vary greatly and are dependent on the region and wine making style they are from. Alsatian Pinot gris are medium to full bodied wines with a rich, somewhat floral bouquet. They tend to be spicy in comparisons with other Pinot gris. While most Pinot gris are meant to be consumed early, Alsatian Pinot gris can age well. German Pinot gris are more full-bodied with a balance of acidity and slight sweetness. In Oregon the wines are medium bodied with a yellow to copper-pink color and aromas of pear, apple, and/or melon. In California, the Pinot gris are more light bodied with a crisp, refreshing taste with some pepper and arugula notes. The Pinot grigio style of Italy is a light-bodied, often lean wine that is light in color with sometimes spritzy flavors that can be crisp and acidic. Although this wine can be very sweet, it will begin to lose its acidity when it is nearly ripe.

Pinot gris is considered an "early to market wine" that can be bottled and out on the market within 4–12 weeks after fermentation.
Varietal character (Appellation America)

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