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 Vintage2009 Label 1 of 4 
ProducerJemrose (web)
VineyardEgret Pond
SubRegionSonoma County
AppellationBennett Valley

Drinking Windows and Values
Drinking window: Drink between 2011 and 2016 (based on 1 user opinion)

Community Tasting History

Community Tasting Notes (average 89.4 pts. and median of 91 pts. in 36 notes) - hiding notes with no text

 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 4/28/2013: Opened 2 days ago, have about 1/2 bottle left that has been sitting in the fridge. This is pretty well at this stage, with anise, tangerine, lime and a moderate plus amount of honeyed texture. (2899 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 8/16/2012: Drank through dinner last night. Paired with traditional Sopa Azteca and then with Ahi Tartare on a bed of diced avocado. Fairly consistent with my last note from October 2011, although this is my 6th bottle and I will say this one really showed the best of all. This isn't to say I didn't like the previous bottles but I am intending to convey that the further age of the wine is adding to the experience, making it even better. Lime, mandarin orange, orange oil, anise, honey in the texture and lively acidity. Ageworthy? I'd say yes, given the acidity, so drink now through I would offer 2016. (4139 views)
 Tasted by *Vine* on 8/7/2012: Popped and poured. Medium-light yellow gold hue. Immediately upon pouring, complex aromas simply leap out of the glass and show as notes of orange blossom, lemon zest, peach slices, fresh vanilla bean, anise, and subtle spice with perhaps just a touch of heat. Lifted florals and mineral notes develop with further aeration. Medium-light body with nice concentration. On the palate, the upfront fruit flavors are almost wickedly intense and cover the gamut of stone fruits along with more than just foray into tropical territory, all of which is complimented by a note of grain (wheat, perhaps) and an impression of minerals. The acidity is pronounced and almost biting, no doubt...but with a variety like Viognier, it works in congruence with bold fruit and lush mouthfeel to heighten the overall impression.
All-in all, just singing at present. Open one up if you have 'em! (4015 views)
 Tasted by yofog on 7/14/2012 & rated 89 points: Some real finesse here, and a perfumey nose that I liked quite a bit. High-acid and taut, I can also see this aging for a bit, 5+, 10 might be pushing it. (3600 views)
 Tasted by MotoMannequin on 6/17/2012: 106º today and needed something cold, light, crisp, and cold, but wanted something special. "Special" and "white" don't normally intersect in my cellar, but recalling a great tasting with Jim Mack and Russel Bevan last spring, I grabbed one of these from my cellar and put it on ice.

Pale straw color. Nose of honeysuckle, white peach, and flowers. The floral aspects carry onto the palate, with apricot and lychee, followed by lemon curd through the mid-palate, giving this a crispness with good balance of acidity. Just a kiss of French oak seems evident on the finish, with a vanilla beak creme brulee - this could use more time to integrate - but just when you think it's done a 2nd wave of flowers come through and carries a very long finish. This last aspect gives the overall impression of nice complexity, probably the best CA Viognier I've had and the only one that rivals a good Condrieu. (3569 views)
 Tasted by salil on 3/30/2012 & rated 91 points: A much better bottle than my last (thanks Jim!) with bright floral and mineral notes around a core of fresh peaches and citrus fruits. Medium weight with a sense of real purity and freshness to the flavours, bright acidity and impressive length. (2810 views)
 Tasted by Richard Jennings on 3/25/2012 & rated 91 points: 2012 Rhone Rangers Grand Tasting: 151 Wines Rated (Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, California): Light yellow color; floral, lifted, honeysuckle, tart peach nose; tasty, tart peach, baked peach, honeysuckle palate; medium finish (2824 views)
 Tasted by salil on 3/9/2012 & rated 83 points: Dunno what happened here, but this was very different from what I remember from previous experiences (and unlike any other bottle of Jemrose Viognier I've had); really ripe, tropical and heavy, without any of the brightness or acidity I've found here before. (2095 views)
 Tasted by indiscriminate palate on 3/8/2012 & rated 78 points: Despite all but giving up on California viognier, Jemrose came highly recommended. I have no idea why. Upon opening, it was a clumsy, alcoholic mess of apricot, pineapple, orange peel, and fruit compote, but with no delineation or purity. The palate, while nicely acidic, finishes with very bitter grapefruit and alcoholic heat. After a day, the wine calmed down some, but the nose and palate were more a fruit-loops-brand-viognier than a more subtle, pure expression of the grape. (1894 views)
 Tasted by awilliamson4 on 2/14/2012 & rated 92 points: My first Jemrose wine. Popped and poured. Almost opaque in the glass. Really crisp light wine. Grapefruit, mica, stone fruit were the predominant features of this wine. I was really into this as I refilled twice. It was warm here yesterday but this wine will really shine in the spring/summer here in Dallas. Perfect afternoon outside wine. (2304 views)
 Tasted by silton on 2/11/2012 & rated 90 points: Nicely contoured full spectrum Viognier with a bit of shimmer. Good buy under 30. (2214 views)
 Tasted by *Vine* on 2/7/2012: Popped and poured. Medium-light straw/gold hue. Forward, interesting aromas of stone fruits, orange zest, shaved fennel (or anise?), honeysuckle, and stoney minerals. Medium-light body, nicely concentrated. Flavors on the palate show a kaleidoscope of fruit flavors with notes of ripe grapefruit, peach cobbler, apricot, golden delicious apple and fruit cocktail syrup. Zesty acidity keeps everything precise and focused while also lending an impression of minerals behind the fruit. Lengthy close with a touch of subtle tannins (!). Just delicious, and hard to say how well this will age but best bet is to drink over the next 1-2 years.
This has to be one of the best examples of domestic Viognier from California...if you love the variety, be sure to try it! (2424 views)
 Tasted by budman on 1/6/2012 & rated 91 points: Crisp, with peach and apricot flavors. Excellent wine. (2684 views)
 Tasted by isaacjamesbaker on 1/1/2012 & rated 92 points: My girlfriend gave me this bottle for Christmas 2010, so I thought, why not drink it with her on New Year's Day 2012? I've loved Jemrose syrah, and I'm glad to report that the viognier is phenomenal. The color is light gold. The aromas show banana peel, lemon, circus peanuts. But there's also this light, crisp aroma that I love, which reminds me of lemon water. Plush fruit on the palate, mango, pineapple, orange rind. There's wonderful acid to keep it fresh. This wine really opened and changed with time to show nougat, honey, banana peel and marmelade. The freshness and intensity of this wine is really amazing. I absolutely loved this viognier, and it went really well with some chicken and veggie stir-fry with peanut sauce. . (2665 views)
 Tasted by budman on 10/30/2011 & rated 91 points: Consistently excellent!!!! (3042 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 10/29/2011: Tasted blind next to the 2010, which has been in bottle about six months. The 2009 to me is a bit softer, lighter palate weight and intensity than the 2010. Orange blossom, fennel, with good acidity and balance but not of the intensity of the 2010. (2990 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 10/9/2011: Drank very well. Banana, peach, apricot, some mint and nice note of anise with the acid to help balance it all out. A hint of sweetness adds to the mix, too. Drinking great now. (2963 views)
 Tasted by KenK on 9/18/2011 & rated 91 points: Nice wine showing delicate aromas of orange blossom and pear.
Palate was rich with good concentration in pretty round style. Comes accross juicy and almost sweet with plenty of stone fruits like peach, fresh plum, and nectarine. Good finish. A solid wine, don't see this improving, but good drinking currently. (2500 views)
 Tasted by budman on 9/17/2011 & rated 91 points: Peaches, pears, and a touch of orange. Very complex and enjoyable. (2302 views)
 Tasted by budman on 8/26/2011 & rated 91 points: Wonderful nose and palate of apricots, and some orange zest. Fantastic bottle. (2248 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 7/30/2011: Bottle #3 so far. Opened last night, impression wrote following afternoon. The tangerine is really prominent at this stage, along with a sour lime and hint of anise seed. Medium plus bodied and really no sweetness to speak of. Just a good laser point of orange and green citrus that infuses the wine. I can also see where Richard J points out the nectarine--I think that's a good descriptor, although think nectarine that has a nice zip to it. This ought to age well, given the backbone expression I find in this bottle. (2417 views)
 Tasted by Screameagle on 7/16/2011 & rated 91 points: A terrific viognier that is certainly in it's prime. Definitely one of the better viogniers I've tried. Wish I had more than one bottle left. (2409 views)
 Tasted by Richard Jennings on 7/12/2011 & rated 91 points: Sonoma in the City Tasting: 220 wines tasted from 72 producers (Westin St. Francis Grand Ballroom, San Francisco, California): Lifted, ripe peach, nectarine nose; ripe pear, ripe nectarine, peach palate; medium-plus finish (3472 views)
 Tasted by Richard Jennings on 3/27/2011 & rated 91 points: 2011 Rhone Rangers Tasting San Francisco (Fort Mason, San Francisco, California): Floral, peach nose; tasty, creamy textured, tart peach palate; medium-plus finish (3066 views)
 Tasted by Frank Murray III on 3/18/2011: Tangerine, apricot and green apple all mix together in a nice refreshing and clean viognier. No new oak, no additions--just pure and straight. (2394 views)
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Professional 'Channels'
By Josh Raynolds
Vinous, May/June 2011, IWC Issue #156
(Jemrose Vineyard Viognier Egret Pond Vineyard Bennett Valley) Subscribe to see review text.
By Jeb Dunnuck
The Rhone Report, California in the spotlight!, Issue #6 (11/30/2010)
(Jemrose Viognier Egret Pond) Login and sign up and see review text.   89 points
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (3/25/2012)
(Jemrose Viognier Egret Pond) Light yellow color; floral, lifted, honeysuckle, tart peach nose; tasty, tart peach, baked peach, honeysuckle palate; medium finish  91 points
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (7/12/2011)
(Jemrose Viognier Egret Pond) Lifted, ripe peach, nectarine nose; ripe pear, ripe nectarine, peach palate; medium-plus finish  91 points
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (3/27/2011)
(Jemrose Viognier Egret Pond) Floral, peach nose; tasty, creamy textured, tart peach palate; medium-plus finish  91 points
By Richard Jennings
RJonWine.com (8/22/2010)
(Jemrose Viognier Egret Pond) Nice apple, peach nose; very tasty, apple, peach palate; medium finish (stainless steel and neutral French oak)  92 points
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