IMW Annual Champagne Tasting

Christie's Auction House, NYC
Tasted Monday, August 30, 2010 by ews3 with 611 views


I attended the second session, mid-afternoon. Always a great tasting, with the big names - Dom, Krug, Bollinger, etc, but also some growers I don't know. The tasting room had been set up with auction artwork from Christie's, so it was almost like being in a small art gallery! Walking in you had to navigate through all the antique furniture, step over antique rugs -- a great place to hold a tasting!

Flight 1 - Blanc de Blancs (15 Notes)

A nice selection of BdB -- the Mumm de Cramant is my most familiar and was one of my favorites of the group. The '95 Heidsieck stood out as well, though it didnt hit the highs I might have expected for it.

Flight 2 - Non-Vintage (22 Notes)

A wide range of NV champagnes, a few growers showed nicely and some of the large houses came out near the bottom. Bollinger is my reference in this group. I missed the Krug MV...

Flight 3 - Rose (15 Notes)

The Dom Rose was my favorite of the tasting, and overall, the Roses showed extremely well. There are few wines that are as beautiful to look at in the glass as a Rose champagne.

Flight 4 - Vintage (17 Notes)

Some that I would expect near the top did well (Krug, Dom, etc) -- The Gimonnet was a nice surprise and a wine I will seek out. I was disappointed to not see the Clos des Goisses represented, as the last IMW tasting was where I tried that for the first time...

Flight 5 - Dose (3 Notes)

These were a nice way to end the tasting


My second time at this tasting and it really is one of the best -- people all know their stuff and it's very relaxed.