Wildman 2009 Burg Tour

Tasted Thursday, February 10, 2011 by hutch with 740 views


Some amazing wines were present at this event, with both the whites and reds showing beautifully.

Flight 1 - Christian Moreau (5 Notes)

Wonderful wines, as always. I think for my money, I'd go with the fantastic 1er Cru Vaillons, but the Les Clos seems to always be my favorite, and was one of the top whites of the day.

Flight 2 - Chateau de Fuisse (8 Notes)

Some great Pouilly-Fuisse here. The Vieilles Vignes was a stunning wine, and one of the best whites.

Flight 3 - Olivier Leflaive and Potel-Aviron (13 Notes)

I'm not usually that much of a fan of Olivier Leflaive, but these wines really shone in '09. I was amazed at the AC level wines. The Corton-Charlmagne would have to be the top white of the day.
Potel's wines were also fantastic, from the juicy and fruit Julienas and Fleurie, to the others with more depth. The Morgon in particular hit it out of the park.

Flight 4 - Jacques Prieur (8 Notes)

While I enjoy the wines, I'm always left a little puzzled with these wines after seeing the prices. They are terrific, but I don't know how anyone could recommend them given the prices they fetch. But obviously many people have a different reaction.

Flight 5 - Domaine Faiveley (14 Notes)

While I kind of shrugged with the whites, some of the reds were magnificent. I haven't had the wines of Faiveley in a couple years, and they seem much more open and less tannic then they used to be. The three grand crus were really rocking it, and the Corton was my 2nd favorite wine of the day after Rousseau's Chambertin.

Flight 6 - Domaine Armand Rousseau (4 Notes)

These wines are so good, I've been looking forward all year to trying them again from last year's tasting. Unbelievable stuff. The Chambertin might be the greatest Burg I've ever had the chance to try.