Rudi Weist German Tasting (presented by David Bowler)

Tribeca Grill
Tasted Monday, May 22, 2006 by Mlermontov with 1,549 views


A HUGE thanks to David Bowler for letting me attend! It was trully both a pleasure and an education.

General Notes:
1) excellence of quality throughout the tasting
2) producers who took care to watch the balance were able to create majestic wines with great acidity (Zilliken TBA has 14g acidity! and apparently his auction TBA is at 17 grams!!!!!!) - but those who didnt ended up with fat wines ala '03. will those slim down? i think so but buyer beware.
3) when borytis hit it was clean - amazingly clean - you cant taste it in the wine almoust at all - none of the heavy peach and bitterness on the finish anywhere (the only wine that showed any botrytis openly was the Von Hovel QBA...i know QBA! ...)

Saar/Ruwer seems like the winners in '05 - at least from my palatte. the 2 tastings i've been to so far Zilliken, Von Schubert and Schloss Saarstein have impressed me with the ir elegance and balance. But this takes nothing away from great winemakers elsewhere - Haag's, Weils, Basserman Jordans and others wines are gems! so thats just a generalization.

Best of tasting goes to the Zilliken Lineup - they hit it out of the park on this. A TRUE HOMERUN.
Most improved - Wegeler - some serious wines there that impressed me a lot.

others of note:
Fritz Haag (and Lieser - since its the same hand of Wilhelm Haag)

ok now to the notes

Flight 1 - Dry wines (12 Notes)

Flight 2 - Semi-Dry (9 Notes)

Flight 3 - Wegeler (7 Notes)

very impressed with the wines here. the two spatlese were a sure BUY

Flight 4 - Von Hovel (4 Notes)

Great collection although very backward wines. lots of stuffing but will need time.

Flight 5 - Mönchhof (5 Notes)

Flight 6 - Karthäuserhof (5 Notes)

Flight 7 - Schloss Lieser (5 Notes)

Flight 8 - Fritz Haag (8 Notes)

pleasure to talk to the man himself. that just adds another layer of understanding to the wine! A pleasure!

Flight 9 - Zilliken (8 Notes)

What a great guy to talk to! A real treat and the wines - HOMERUN!!!!!

Flight 10 - Bert Simon (6 Notes)

Flight 11 - Robert Weil (6 Notes)

Flight 12 - Franz Künstler (5 Notes)

Flight 13 - Schäfer-Fröhlich (6 Notes)

Flight 14 - Gunderloch (7 Notes)

Flight 15 - Pfeffingen & Von Buhl (8 Notes)


Thabks again to David and Rudi. and Gentelmen start your walets!