Three Dinners

Tasted Sunday, October 16, 2011 by Dave Dalluge with 427 views


Craig Vanderah has arranged three great dinners recently with mostly the same group of people (including Siggy, Leo Sioris, Jimmy Sioris, and Dave McMahon, and me). I didn't really take notes, but thought I would put the list out for other attendees to comment on.

Flight 1 - Jimmy's House (10 Notes)

Jimmy cooked a beautiful grilled lamb dish that paired superbly with the CdP.

Flight 2 - Craig's House (12 Notes)

Chef Nita cooked a killer tasting menu that paired really well with the wines.

Flight 3 - Dave's House (13 Notes)

I grilled some steaks (Manlin style) and added a few side dishes.


All three dinners were a ton of fun. I can't wait for the next get-together.