Lunch at Kingyo

Kingyo, Marina Square
Tasted Thursday, December 8, 2011 by Paul S with 255 views


Yet another lunch at Kingyo, this time a send-off for Jonathan along with Alex and Kelvin. What a good lunch it was too. Food was great, as always, but the wines were wonderfully paired as well, starting with a Muscadet and a stunning old Aussie Riesling, pausing for a rare old 1981 Daiginjyo sake, and ending with a Moscato. A great treat.

Flight 1 (3 Notes)

  • 2007 Domaine de la Pépière (Marc Ollivier) Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Granite de Clisson 92 Points

    France, Loire Valley, Pays Nantais, Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine

    Very young, but this very nice - just about a perfect pairing with Sashimi. It had an attractive nose of ripe lemons and limes, a touch of fresh gooseberry and then plenty of oyster shells and chalky minerality, all very seaside-ish aromas. Very nice. The palate was about as good as one can imagine a young sur-lie Muscadet being. Opening with tons of minerality, the wine showed deep layers of chalk and flint undergirding a fleshy mouthful of ripe lemons and green apples on the midpalate. It was super fresh, very vibrant and really grippy on the back-end too, so much so that you could almost imagine tannins on this as it exited in a lovely, tingly show of livewire acidity zipping through more seashelly mineral and juicy lemon flavours. There was a really nice je ne sais quoi with this wine. Still very young and a bit tight though, this should be beautiful in time. I am so glad I have two more in the cellar.

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  • 1993 Capel Vale Rhine Riesling 94 Points

    Australia, Western Australia, South West Australia

    This was an absolute stunner, both in terms of its quality as well as the its origins. We all thought it was either top-notch aged German or Alsatian Riesling, but could not quite place it - imagine our surprise when it was unveiled. Golden amber in colour, it had beautifully complex nose with a tiny bit of kerosene, a touch of earth, a bit of savoury soy scents, then caramel, toffee, honey and dried apricots and peaches, ripe kumquats and candied orange peel - a panoply of fragrant aromas all gently unfolding from the glass. The palate was gorgeous too. Feminine in its grace and elegance, it tasted as if it once had sugar but had gone dry, dancing across the mouth with absolutely lovely, pitch perfect balance, almost on tiptoes I thought, with a wonderful focus to its delicious fresh flavours of orange blossoms, honey lemon and kumquats and just that a hint of soy in the background. All this led into a long, graceful finish laden with minerality. Midweight rather than powerful, but it had was perfectly resolved and wonderful complexity - absolutely brilliant stuff that was delicious with a range of Japanese food. A bit of a misnomer to call it a "Rhine" Riesling of course, but if all Aussie Rieslings age so well, I do not care what they are called - they should be bought up and kept by the dozens.

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  • 2010 G.D. Vajra Moscato d'Asti 90 Points

    Italy, Piedmont, Asti, Moscato d'Asti

    Another 375ml, this was even better than the last bottle. The lovely nose with is perfumy aromas of white flowers and peaches perfectly framed a fresh, lively palate where more white peach danced around the mouth with bits of fresh lemon and sweet floral notes. A brilliant Moscato, which combined balance, depth and even a bit of complexity and structure with the sweet, fizzy fun one normally gets from such bottlings. Beautiful when drunk with fresh mangoes.

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