Grab Bag Tasting @ my place

Tasted Tuesday, May 11, 2010 by jkoenen with 152 views


An evening with Thijs and a mixed bag of wines.
Wines served single blind.

Flight 1 - At the diner table (2 Notes)

Started off with a last serving out of yesterday's bottle of La Pointe 1998 which was still nice, sumptuous and earthy. Tannines have thickened, fruit a bit subdued now.
Then also:

Flight 2 - Flight #1 (4 Notes)

After we did the dishes, we sat down and evaluated 4 whites

Flight 3 - Flight #2 (3 Notes)

Then 4 reds, the fourth being the remains of last nights' Trotanoy 2001

Flight 4 - Flight #3 (1 Note)

At last, a night cap


Not very lucky this night, having 3 flawed bottles...
Personal WOTN: 1990 Weins-Prüm Prälat Auslesee
Other wines to look out for: Von Buhl's GG's