Anteprima Chianti Classico 2013 & Toscana IGT (50 TN inside!!)

Firenze (Italy) - Stazione Lepolda
Tasted Monday, February 18, 2013 by quaglia with 755 views


Third year for me at this great event. The success of the formula is testified by the presence of an increasing crowd, still well managed by personnel and organization (at least going very early). As usual TN are listed in tasting order and refer strictly to the tasted bottle, in not-very-confortable conditions. This year I reserved my afternoon to some Tuscany IGT tasting!.

Flight 1 - Chianti Classico (17 Notes)

Despite some producers' opinion (probably depending on their specific setting), 2010 is a very good vintage. Many 2010 Classico are better than the 2009 Riserva and, infact, some 2009 Riservas were not produced.
2011 Vintage was just bottled for the event and will not be in commerce until next November. Their tasting is very tentative.

Flight 2 - Chianti Classico Riserva (17 Notes)

Was not a great event for Riserva. 2009 vintage was not outstanding (some producers will jump this vintage) and 2010 not ready, just bottled and in commerce next year or later. Oh, well, there some beautiful exceptions, like Castello di Verrazzano, Fonterutoli and Fontodi!! For 2010 vintage Antinori was surprisingly ready, while the 2008 Volpaia Casanova was outstanding.

Flight 3 - Toscana IGT (15 Notes)

Toscana IGT has become a great basket, varying from 100% Sangiovese to 100% Merlot or Cabernet and all in between. In the new trend, not all of these wines are intended to be GREAT or for long ageing, and producers are starting to refers to some wines as LITTLE Tuscan (compared to the SUPER tuscan). The reason is just the willing to escape the tight DOCG rules. In this wide variety of possibilities, the oenologist skills makes the difference, much more than the terroir or the variety. Great attention IMHO must be paid to the price, not always strictly related to quality. The best two I rated..have no Sangiovese inside.