Knightsbridge 2011 Burgundy Tasting and Sale

Northbrook, IL
Tasted Sunday, April 6, 2014 by Burgundy Al with 600 views


With all the chatter about the 2011 vintage in Burgundy, particularly for red Burgundy, our friends at Knightsbridge thought it was time to open 100 bottles of 2011 Burgundy and have a tasting for 100 of their customers. To start...I mostly like the vintage.

I probably tasted 50+ red 2011s last summer in Burgundy, then even more than that last month at La Paulee. Last summer the wines were very fresh, forward and expressive. I thought they were almost as forward and charming as 2007s when tasted June/July 2013, with slightly more structure. Based on last month and this Knightsbridge tasting, I think the structure has become more pronounced and the wines will need more cellar time than I initially thought. Most are still good, transparent and accessible, but the wines have changed.

A small percentage of the reds (15%? 25%?) do have a somewhat bitter or green trace. I have no real opinion or insight related the ongoing ladybug/pyrazene discussion, other than my observations that the "green" character is (1) far less pronounced in 2011 vs 2004, (2) far less common in 2011 vs 2004, and (3) seeming to emerge later for 2011s (many months after bottling) vs 2004s (shortly after bottling).

Flight 1 - Red Burgundy (56 Notes)

Tasted all the reds to start.

Flight 2 - White Burgundy (17 Notes)

Then the white Burgundy.