SOBER Tasting

JG's place
Tasted Tuesday, May 15, 2007 by trankin with 383 views


Another oustanding tasting put on by JG. All wines tasted blind, except the Prum.

Flight 1 - A lovely starter (1 Note)

Flight 2 - Round 1 (2 Notes)

Flight 3 - Round 2 (2 Notes)

Interesting how several really well-trained palates absolutely loved the Coche-Dury, while I really didn't like it. Sure had a ton going on, but most of what was going on didn't really interest me. Not sure if my palate will grow to like those or not (sort of hoping it won't - will save me a few $$).

Flight 4 - Round 3 (2 Notes)

Second time with a Dervieux. Definite find for me.

Flight 5 - Round 4 (2 Notes)

Flight 6 - Round 5 (2 Notes)

3rd time around with the 70 Montrose. Continues to impress me. The Mayacamas was a first for me - a beautiful wine.