Chevillon Dinner, 1990-2002

Lupa Restaurant, San Francisco
Tasted Monday, July 27, 2009 by drwine2001 with 432 views


This was a tremendous opportunity to taste a range of bottlings and vintages from this iconic Nuits producer. For me, the wines fell into a nice bell shaped curve, with 2 standouts at both the high and low ends (leaving aside the tragically corked bottle of Cailles), and a bunch of wines in the middle. Many thanks to everyone for contributing a wonderful mix of bottles to this event. I have noted the wines in the order in which they were poured and apologize for their somewhat sketchy nature.

Flight 1 - Warm Up Whites (3 Notes)

Flight 2 - Chevillon and One Friend (12 Notes)

Flight 3 - Dessert (1 Note)


A couple of thoughts:
1. I have not had Les St. Georges for quite some time so it was great to have the chance to go through 5 vintages of this wine. The 2 vintages where it was paired with the Vaucrains really showed a sleeker, finer side to this cru compared to that big boy.
2. The 1993 wines from multiple producers just keep on blossoming, continuing to go from strength to strength.
3. As with many '02s I've had recently, even this top of the line Chevillon showed surprising approachability.

Needless to say, an enlightening evening.