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2004 Clos del Rey Côtes du Roussillon Villages

Red Blend more

1/20/2015 - NineteenEightyTwo Does not like this wine: 70 points

Opaque rosewood color. This is a big, oaky, vanilla-saturated fruit bomb on both the nose and the palate. I'm usually not too prissy about a wine being a bit "internationally" styled, but this is preposterous; the wine is totally unbalanced and aggressive. The palate tastes like jammy acetone, as though someone dumped a bottle of nail polish remover into a bucket of grape juice. My remaining two bottles will be "gifted" to people I loathe. Drink never.

  • Comment posted by cliffkol:

    2/21/2015 6:10:00 PM - Hi there,
    If you found this bottle to be corked, maybe it should be notated as "flawed"? Instead of "drunk" with a 70 rating? Just saying .....


2008 Brick House Pinot Noir Les Dijonnais Ribbon Ridge


12/31/2014 - cliffkol wrote: 93 points

A fine, delicious wine from Brick House. Deep, layered, complex flavors. Silky tannins, elegant flavors. Wonderful! (Steve loved this wine)

  • Comment posted by cliffkol:

    1/4/2015 7:16:00 AM - Arthrovine, yes this wine is ready! Still fairly forward cherries so can definitely handle more time though. A feminine wine: soft flavors and silky texture. So it's best if you don't serve with heavy dishes, as with most pinots. Can use an hour air. As I mentioned tannins are silky, fine.


2008 Clonakilla Shiraz - Viognier

Canberra District Shiraz Blend, Syrah more

7/21/2014 - cliffkol wrote: 91 points

Spicy, floral notes. Bright, flavors of strawberries and dark fruits, earthy. Slight sweetness. Medium body. Tannins are integrating; can use a little more time to soften and mature. The spices and fruit combine into a mouth filling long finish. Very nicely done.

  • Comment posted by cliffkol:

    7/22/2014 3:12:00 AM - pclin: agreed! But there are some truly wonderful and amazing Aussie Shirazes. Hunt them down, they are worth the effort!


2008 Viña Salceda Rioja Reserva

Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo more

4/19/2013 - cliffkol wrote: 88 points

Tobacco, leather, earthy. tannic, mouth filling. dark fruits. At Paco Meralgo Tapas Restaurant in Barcelona

  • Comment posted by cliffkol:

    2/24/2014 8:27:00 PM - I am jealous. Wish I was there!

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