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2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary

Napa Valley more

11/22/2014 - bonedoc wrote: NR

Welchs grape juice, sweet, residual sugar, overripe. To a serious wine drinker, this is almost undrinkable.

  • Comment posted by bonedoc:

    11/26/2014 7:16:00 PM - Mikefiend: your choice of words suggests, and your wine description confirms your ignorance in wine, as well as a lack of class. We are all entitled to our opinions.


2006 Kistler Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast


10/9/2013 - bonedoc wrote: 88 points

Fairly disappointing for a kistler. I overrated this wine in the past, but really never liked it. Frankly, hot, bitter, and lacking acidity and fruit - pinot Noir should not be this way. It's not a bad wine, just not up to Kistler standards.

  • Comment posted by bonedoc:

    10/9/2013 7:52:00 PM - I, too, have been drinking Kistler for quite a while, and agree with you on their typical style. However, I don't think this bottle was an off-bottle. Of the six or so bottles I've drank of this wine, they have all seemed to be inferior in fruit, character, and style. Kistler had overdone their wines for a short period of time (although I cannot tell you which years), then pulled back more recently over the past several years to create more balanced, acidic and delicate wines. This 2006 could represent a failed, flawed style that they tried and abandoned.


2009 Ramey Chardonnay Platt Vineyard

Sonoma Coast more

8/6/2013 - bonedoc wrote: 94 points

Compared to Ritchie, a little more rich and buttery in style. These '09 Ramey chards are top notch.

  • Comment posted by bonedoc:

    8/9/2013 10:00:00 AM - interesting - thanks so much for your comment. First of all, we LOVE your chardonnay's (Ritchie, Hudson, Platt) - they're absolutely outstanding... thanks for being a great winemaker! I haven't tasted all of them together under the same conditions, which is probably what I should do prior to commenting but that was my interpretation by memory from recent consumption. Do you host visitors? my wife and I may be coming out in September.


2003 Bodegas y Viñedos Alión Ribera del Duero

Tempranillo more

7/10/2013 - bonedoc wrote: 94 points

Excellent concentration of dark cherries, pomegranate, sweet softened tannins, nicely structured and youthful.

  • Comment posted by bonedoc:

    7/10/2013 1:30:00 PM - Not young, but youthful in that it has the structure and fruit to last another 5+ easily.


2005 Copain Syrah Garys' Vineyard

Santa Lucia Highlands more

3/16/2013 - bonedoc wrote: 89 points

Dusty flavor hides cranberry/cherry fruit. Barely an 89 pt wine.

  • Comment posted by bonedoc:

    3/17/2013 7:07:00 AM - I don't know the answer, but the "dustiness" that hid the fruit may have been stems. Regardless, I'm not betting this has enough fruit to wait it out.

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