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1999 Bernard Levet Côte-Rôtie La Chavaroche

Syrah more

11/25/2014 - Hodby wrote: 93 points

Medium-dark red color. An unusual mineral-laden nose, something I can't quite identify other than olive brine and squid ink,but that's not quite it either. Much wood fire smoke, floral elements (esp violets), raw beef. On arrival, steady medium tannin and lifted acidity (vivacious). Flavors strong of olives and brine, smoked beef, hint of menthol. Finishes long, dry, herbal and floral notes strongest at the end. My wife said this reminds her of winemaker's take on a Talisker Scotch whiskey, as a wine. She may be on to something. It's exciting at any rate. Bottle #7 of twelve.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    11/25/2014 2:05:00 PM - Thank you for this note. How much air/decant time did you give? I'm opening the same wine tonight.

    And I've often compared Vieux Telegraphe to Lagavulin.


2001 Domaine de la Janasse Châteauneuf-du-Pape Vieilles Vignes

Red Rhone Blend more

11/5/2014 - Ibetian wrote: 80 points

From a new case, but another poor bottle. I'm very experienced and have a large cellar. I'm usually within 1 standard deviation of CT score. But this wine is just barely acceptable. Nose of stewed prunes and alcohol. Usually the nose is more than half the pleasure, but in this case the wine is better if you hold your nose. Palate is ok, smoothe and drinkable. This might be the worst wine in my cellar and certainly the worst QPR. I'll never buy another bottle from this producer, and dread the task of drinking/dumping the rest of this case.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    11/5/2014 8:29:00 PM - Love your notes. But this is Janasse. It's spoofed. I sold all my '01 Janasse years ago.


2009 Cayuse Syrah Armada Vineyard

Walla Walla Valley more

10/5/2014 - gzim Does not like this wine: 86 points

In a word, very spoofilated.
Yes, I find some Northern Rhone like characteristics... but not in balance.
Very ripe fruit, some nice olive tapenade and a touch of white pepper but in a flabby disjointed way. It did not seem to have the framework to carry this very ripe fruit into a balanced finish. Needs much more structure.... Interesting, but not for me.
Does not seem to be worth near the pricetag.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    10/6/2014 8:44:00 AM - Cayuse? Spoofilated? What a shock.
    "Flabby" . . . "needs more structure" . . . Amazing how people pay so much for these wines.


2012 Turley Zinfandel Kirschenmann

Lodi more

5/12/2014 - doubledoc wrote: 92 points

There was just a touch of heat to the day when we left Valencia in our rented fiat. Four of us in the car, Wifey at the wheel, and our friends E and M were in the back seat while I manned the tape deck in front. We started with some pavement, then moved into parliament funkadelic and then finally settled on dead 5/8/77, which neither of the ladies in back had ever heard.

We had just left the city limits on the autoroute when the road switched from a six lane urban artery to a two lane road through the hills mainly used for trucks and goats.

Bright cherry overtones from the schnapps we were passing around the car mixed with the leathery and chocolatey mota that filled the car with its thick and heavy scent as we smoked it. Light and high noted, we developed a routine. We'd speed up to the dieziocho wheeler in front of us, chuck some schnapps, and then gun it in the lane next to the truck around a blind corner yelling and screaming en espanol until we passed the truck and were back in our lane. My wife would yell at us as being immature, and we just drank more.

Spent 3 nights sleeping in a car in pamplona. bulls. running. sangria. M got lost in pamplona in a drunken rage and we found her the next day. somebody took a dump next to the car we were "staying in".

Show: 5/8/77. Finesse. Power. Classic, but not the best you've ever heard. People will talk about this in the future.

Wine: a little heat, bright red fruits with a deep mocha/chocoloatey/leathery/tobacco/zinfandelly tannin, a little acid (like the dead!)

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    5/12/2014 8:05:00 AM - Love this tasting note.
    5/8/77 is pretty damn good. The night before, in Boston, perhaps you think is better?


2009 Domaine Maume Bourgogne

Pinot Noir more

12/20/2013 - Pknut wrote: NR

This wine continues to please. I love the purity here, and the sheer drinkability. The nose is terrific and enticing from when the cork is first pulled. This may be my QPR champion of 2013.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    12/25/2013 4:25:00 PM - Jonathan, thanks for your comments. Be on the lookout for this at Zachys sales. Tremendous value. I'm also in NYC and hope we can open some bottles together.


2009 Ca' du Rabajà Barbaresco

Nebbiolo more

6/30/2013 - Pknut wrote: NR

Nice wine. The fruit is pure and ripe, mostly red cherry and red berry notes, fleshy and substantial in terms of palate presence and weight, yet refined, well-defined and contained. Young, primary, forward, juicy, yet also silky in texture. Takes on some darker tones overnight, a bit of a balsamic quality and a bit of a bitter aspect to the fruit. This is a very pleasing wine that straddles well the divide between forward fruit and good definition. A ridiculous bargain at the sale price, I should have bought a case when Levenberg suggested this.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    12/2/2013 12:42:00 PM - Tgood, thanks for letting me know about this deal. Decent price for a quality wine.


2000 Château Lanessan

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend more

11/17/2013 - MRichman wrote: NR

Mature, broad, herbal fruit. Not particularly exciting or energetic, but a fine, mellow Bordeaux. Decent but oaky finish. Not falling off a cliff, but certainly not going to get better from here.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    11/18/2013 10:20:00 AM - Matt, thanks for this note. There was an on-line discussion about Lanessan and I posted that the 2000 Lanessan was boring, much to the disagreement of others on that board. Your note echoed my thoughts about this wine. It's a $20 Bordeaux that tastes like a $20 Bordeaux, ten years later.


2006 Mastroberardino Taurasi Radici

Taurasi DOCG Aglianico more

11/11/2013 - Pknut wrote: NR

Decanted for about an hour. Very focused and distinct notes of cinnamon on the nose; I can't recall a clearer expression of cinnamon spice in a wine that I've had. On the palate, this is starting to soften texturally and it's not the tannic and structured wine that I expected. But, as the structure has yielded, it hasn't really developed that much complexities around the black fruit. Enjoyable, but I would hold another couple of years and see what emerges. Jon H brought this to dinner at Tutti's.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    11/12/2013 7:42:00 PM - Stefan, I wish I had better insight to offer, but my crystal ball isn't very prescient when it comes to Aglianico. But, I don't think that the softening of texture means a decline. There is also room for development of secondary qualities to the palate. I'm hopeful for improvement rather than decline. Thanks for your question.


2001 Stefano Farina Barolo

Nebbiolo more

4/16/2013 - Pknut wrote: NR

I recall buying this cheap (~$25) from Zachys around ten years ago, and going through many bottles, including with C. Dodd on Shelter Island. I recall a light bodied, floral, pink strawberry-fruited Barolo, young and tasty and well-received by Chris. I knew back then that this was not a powerhouse Barolo, but I decided to age a bottle to see what would happen.

The result is evidence as to why not all wine should be aged. The first thing I noted was that the formerly light bodied, pink hued, strawberry fruited wine is now considerably darker in color and profile. The palate is now darker, shows earthy tones and some oak, as well as an impression of coffee grounds. It also shows just a hint of heat damage. But more generally, the wine is soupy, muddled and lacks precision. I actually found little reason to drink this wine.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    6/8/2013 9:03:00 AM - Vanpe, you may be right. I bought the 01 Farina at around the same time as other Italians like 96 and 97 Marcarini La Serra Barolo, all from the same source (Zachys) and many of those Marcarini bottles have shown signs of heat damage. On the other hand, when the Farina was a young wine, it was terrific. Perhaps the evidence of heat damage is more pronounced with age.


2008 Domaine Louis Michel Chablis 1er Cru Butteaux Vieilles Vignes

Chardonnay more

12/13/2012 - Pknut wrote: NR

Opened this to compare/contrast with the 2008 L.Michel Butteaux (non-VV) that I opened a few nights prior. This VV has an entry of minerals, acidity and a touch of cream. After some air, the nose is totally neutral, with just a hint of apple fruit. Dry palate, more reticent than the Butteaux, with more dry extract on the finish. After four hours, pure, very pure, very smooth and not showing much cut, very smooth, not bracing, rounded sides, not fat, nicely contained, smooth, more like Puligny than Chablis. Overall, a lot like the Butteaux in its smooth sides, and lack of cut, but somewhat more underlying extract. Is there a significant distinction between the VV and non-VV? Not really. This VV maybe shows more depth in addition to the extract, but I believe, once again, the L. Michel wines are early maturing. I'd drink the Butteaux now, and I don't think this VV presents much evidence for substantially longer cellaring.

  • Comment posted by Pknut:

    12/17/2012 10:13:00 PM - Frank, no, I have not tasted any of the 2010s, but, like you, I ordered many of them, including Michel's Sechet 1er, which I am looking forward to tasting. Please post your impressions of the '10s when you open them. Happy holidays.

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