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2010 F.X. Pichler Riesling Smaragd Dürnsteiner Kellerberg

Wachau more

5/15/2012 - Keith Levenberg wrote: 98 points

Pretty aromas like some kind of aloe-scented cream, but they don't even begin to prepare you for the tour de force that comes when you taste it, which is a bona fide "holy crap!" experience. I don't think I've had any 2010 Austrians yet so I was bracing myself for an acid bomb like so many 2010 Germans, but that's not the case here -- this is expansive and generous, with a dense, enveloping flesh that kind of feels like the Batard to Steinertal's Chevalier, but even with all that richness of material it seems to buffer something glittery and glistening underneath. "Complexity" is too pedestrian a term for the endless and indescribable details the fruit leaves in its wake, but it seems to combine stuff on the sunnier side like fresh spring greenery with something more dark and primal, closer to the dirt and soil and whatever earthy stuff you might find underfoot. I've been reading the Drops of God manga lately which employs this recurring melodramatic trope of metaphorically transporting the characters into some foreign landscape whenever they taste a particularly transcendent wine; if that was to happen here it would be one of those expansive Rocky Mountain vistas with towering evergreens, lush forestry in the foreground and icy mountainpeaks in the distance like the kind of thing you'd see in a Bob Ross painting. Anyway, it's hard not to be in awe of this wine.

  • Comment posted by slaughterer:

    5/28/2014 7:44:00 AM - Amazingly well-written tasting note. Convey your enthusiasm for this tour de force wine.


2001 Yarra Yering Shiraz Underhill

Yarra Valley more

2/12/2014 - JulianSkeels Likes this wine: 94 points

I'm impressed. From my experience Yarra Yering needs at least 10yrs, ideally 15yrs, like a decent Bordeaux - and this is yet more proof. Double decanted for 90mins and cooled down, and the wine lasted for another 4hrs in the glass without fading much (I had work calls...). Very elegant and nothing like a typical Aussie shiraz, this has only medium body and is noticeably lighter with wonderful balance and freshness from the slight acidity and a gorgeous nose of white flowers and taste of almost Burgundy (Musigny-like) sweet but not sickly red fruits, with a soft and lingering finish tending towards only slight eucalyptus. Only 13% alcohol and absolutely no heat, just great aromatics and freshness. Silky tannins. Really wonderful and bags of life left. Try double-decant and cool-down 2hrs next time and serve in either burgundy glasses for the mouthfeel or narrow-top spanish/hermitage glasses to savour the aroma. Drink now-2025. The good news is that people drink this producer far too young and write off the wine and 'green' and 'tannic' before if blossoms... meaning that gems like this can be picked up with 10-15yrs of bottle age for only $45/bt.

  • Comment posted by slaughterer:

    2/12/2014 9:13:00 AM - Really a thoughtful review of a wine I am interested in but never bought. Thanks.


1995 Château Angélus

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend more

5/12/2013 - slaughterer Likes this wine: 98 points

Best showing of this vintage Angelus ever. Much fatter, almost goopy black cherry fruit flowing into all corners of the palate by comparison to drier, tougher, leaners showings. One gets a real sense of substance and power here, of 1st growth caliber. There is also a blackberry component that emerges on the back end, as well as wet clay, sand, sage, mint and some waxy stem and skin component. The tannins are quite substantial and gripping still, and might be a bit too much for some drinkers. 2 points substracted from perfection for the fading in the decanter--rarely does Angelus show the best when first opened, and then recede or go to sleep within a few hours decant, as was the case here. Quite simply, the wine's gutsy, rock-star performance upon opening showed a little fatigue after screaming its lungs out on the stage for an hour. Kind of like a middle-age Scott Weiland in 2007-2009--mighty voice for 1 hour on stage, and then diminishment as the drugs and divorce and depressive aspects of his mania rise to the surface.

  • Comment posted by slaughterer:

    9/23/2013 6:52:00 AM - The Weiland comparison is precise and justified.

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